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Confident CAPTCHA™ is a picture-based CAPTCHA that stops spam and bots without frustrating your website visitors.

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Tough on Bots. Easy on People.
Website visitors simply click a few pictures on Confident CAPTCHA to prove they are human and not a bot.

Confident CAPTCHA is FREE. Use it to stop spam and bots on registration forms, comment fields, blog posts, logins, web polls and many other areas of your website.

Highly Customizable!
Website administrators can choose:
• The grid size and number of images
• The number of images users must click

Additional features:
• Optional: Earn revenue with CAPTCHA advertising!
• Fail open or Fail close
• International languages supported
• Mobile-optimized version available
• Audio option

Live Demo:

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Register to get API credentials needed to run Confident CAPTCHA on your site.

Easy to use documentation and video tutorials help you get Confident CAPTCHA running on your Joomla site in less than 5 minutes:

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So I followed the instructions, created an account, downloaded plugin, entered key yadda yadda yadda. enabled and nothing happened. Search for more instructions but came up with nothing. Looked at code and found huge API... not for me. the plugin should just work.

So I emailed contact us. got nice and quick reply saying this is self service but supply the details and we'll have a look.

waited a few days, nothing so I installed and followed instructions of another plugin that does the same thing. small code to add in php pages but it was cut and past into 2 files... all done

Sorry but it just didn't work as per promised.

Too complicated

Posted on 14 February 2012

Information required to sign up is too intrusive, looking for a simple plugin or module, don't have time to deal with api baloney.

Nice and simple

Posted on 12 December 2011

This is a very good CAPTCHA. It took only a few minutes to install and my spam stopped immediately. I would recommend this to anybody.

Would be nice if the author would develop this for 1.7 too.

Great Tool

Posted on 21 January 2011

I installed Confident Captcha and it didn't show up on my sites (history animation sites). I contacted their support and received an instant and very correct response. Works great - like it much better than word Captcha.

Instructions I received:

* Go to the administration pages, log in

* Go to Extensions tab, Install/Uninstall

* Install Confident CAPTCHA plugin

* Go to Extensions / Plugin manager (follow suggested link)

* Add API credentials, Save

* Enable the plugin (select then Enable)

* Go to Components / Contacts / Contacts, select Name

* Enter parameters:

* Name: Site Admin

* Alias: admin

* Contact Position: Admin

* Email: Yours

* Miscellaneous: Let me know what you think of our new CAPTCHA

* Parameters (right side): show Name, Misc., hide everything else


* Go to Menus/Main Menu, select Home

* Click the "Change Type" button

* Select Contacts, then Standard Contact Layout

* In right toolbar, select first entry in Contact "Site Admin - Admin", Save

* Logout, go to "Return to site Home Page"

* Admire your CAPTCHA

and you should be good to go. Would recommend, I had not trouble getting the plugin up and running.

Time will tell how the users take to it.

Too hard

Posted on 27 August 2010

It takes too long to complete the capatcha, and on top of that to download the plugin you have to go through a lengthy process to set up an account with the author.

All in all too hard.

Although it says there's an option for audio for the Visually Impaired, It seems that they forgot to put this on their sign-up page. I am visually impaired, and this is the only one that said there was an option for visually impaired people. When I went to sign up, I had to have a sighted person sign up for me because I was unable to see the image. Now, I'm going to try to install this and see if the option is there after downloading.

Confident CAPTCHA

Confident Technologies
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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