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Full Backup and Restore extension for Joomla and not only.

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XCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for Joomla! The purpose is to give users possibility to clone their Joomla installation and move it over the internet on any location!

XCloner 3.0 is a Joomla native extension as well as a standalone backup application!

XCloner can also be used as a standalone backup utility for any PHP/MYSQL site, so it can backup other sites running on Wordpress, Drupal and so on.


- Create full or partial backups based on your input
- Create simple or compressed backups based on your configuration input
- Possibility to create incremental backups, so you avoid the time limit problems on php script executions 
- Possibility to exclude directory and files from the backup, manually or through cron settings(AJAX powered)
- Create backups based on a cron task, created backups can be stored on the local server, remotely through ftp or emailed to a custom email account
- Possibility to run multiple cronjobs, based on different configuration files
- Ability to manage existing backups, rename/delete/move, publish to user frontend for sharing
- Possibility to clone any backup to another location, it can be done automatically by using the server ftp function or manually
- Send Backups to the Amazon S3 service
- Configuration area lets you choose on how to generate backups based on your server possibilities
- You can choose to create backups by  using only PHP, or by also using some server utilities to speed things up 
- Backup split option for systems with file size limitations
- Incremental database backups for large databases
- Send backup to the cloud, Amazon S3 supported

Restore Features:

- The generated clone of XCloner can be restored on a totally different server, with new server and mysql details 
- Restore both simple and compressed archives 
- Restore script is independent from the main component and Joomla and can be run on any host 
- Full restore of a clone made with  XCloner
- Ability to restore the original files and directories permissions
- Automatic re-write of the new host settings to the configuration file
- Ability to import the clone using either a ftp simulated sessions, or direct restore through php 
- Possibility to exclude database from importing
- Ability to restore multiple clones to different locations, and also restore multiple database backups from the same clone

Install Failed J 2.5.28

Posted on 10 February 2015


Ease of use

Dont Know ... install failed


Install Failed .... no remedy on the website.



I used this to: Joomla Migration


Posted on 19 October 2014

A really great component.

The standalone version is also awesome.

It even correct the custom hyperlinks i configured in my articles. Freaking awesome!

I never bother to write a review for any apps in my life, but this component saved me so much hassle and time to move my client website from staging to production servers with so much ease!!!

great component

Posted on 21 May 2014

i use this component on joomla site php 5.2 and have to migrate to php 5.4


I've tried various backup components over the years, but this is the easiest to use and worked more smoothly than any of them. First impressions, it's the best available.


Posted on 10 February 2014

Thank you for such a great extension and much needed one that is clear and precise in instructions, documentation and ease of use. Bravo to you!!!

When I was a backup of my joomla site, all OK,

But went to restore the site, my server found a malicious attack and blocked the domain.

I'll tried for twice and the same. The technical support unblocked my domain.

I must say this extension has to take the lead , way ahead of other similar counterparts which tend to wards more of monetizing their products than functionality. This should be product of the year. ;)

Great Extension

Posted on 04 December 2013

Great work! It works perfectly. Using it on Joomla 3.2

Great component

Posted on 30 November 2013

This thing is amazing and it works well.

Highly recommended.

Thanks guys

XCloner-Backup and Restore

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Apr 23 2006
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