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Administration, Admin Performance

This Plugin strips text out of the rendered page.

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This is useful when you have many modules with the same name. You will be able to add a comment to the title that is stripped out when the page is rendered. This plugin is not limited to just modules. Anywhere you have the following type of comments will be removed:
{-- Any text here --}

Download iteration that works in versions 1.5-1.6-1.7-2.5 and now 3.0

The best

Posted on 02 April 2012

No complaints, one of the best, I use this on every clients website...... Thanks to developer.

Fabulous and Functional

Posted on 26 March 2011

Lightweight extension does exactly what it promises. Strips out any notes on the back end that are surrounded by a customizable tag. Notes are saved, but not visible on front end (not even editor panes).

Indispensable for adding back-end "editor eyes only" notations to article text, module titles, and other content elements. Nice work, Bigshot!

I've been using this handy little plugin for awhile now. I don't know how you can get by without it. It works, and I have never experienced any kind of problem with using it. Thanks to the folks at Bigshot for this!

Very Useful!!!

Posted on 10 April 2010

I'm just started to use joomla but this plugin is very useful from the start.

Thanks for the developer.

I can confirm what other reviewers have said. This plugin is incredibly useful and works absolutely perfectly. I have a school district client, with each building in the district having their own area of the site. Each building has similar modules, but each module point to their own content. Without this plugin, I was struggling to find which module went where (i.e. - 8 modules all titled "Upcoming Events"). You get the drift. Now, I can easily describe my modules, making my job (and my end user's) SO much easier.

Many, many thanks to Bigshot for this AWESOME plugin!!!!!


Thank you BIGSHOT,as Jazzi said you have created a brilliant plugin. I've been looking for something to strip comments for me for a while and you have helped a lot.

Michael O'Hare

Cities for People

Another brilliant plugin from Mr BIGSHOT! Just like his Google Analytics plugin this one is small, lightweight and performs perfectly.

This plugin will improve site load times if you've got a load of comments in your template files like me! My only concern was that it might strip out conditional comments - but it even handles that correctly!

Many thanks - can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)



Free | Multimedia Display | BIGSHOT Interactive
4 reviews
This plugin allows you to quickly add a flash banner, video, or other hosted or external SWF file to Joomla articles or to a custom HTML module. All parameters are optional. If you don't specify any particular parameter, then it is pulled from the default plugin parameters. In most cases, all you need is path to your SWF file and desired width and height. Some parameters can be ignored or overriden by the SWF file. Usage Syntax: {Flash=yourpath/yourfile.swf|parameter=value|parameter=value|...} The full list of available parameters: width - in pixels height - in pixels quality - low, medium, high scale - default, exactfit, noborder, noscale wmode - direct, gpu, opaque, transparent, window bgcolor - in #RRGGBB format base - base directory or URL if you need to resolve relative paths in the SWF file id - if you need to assign id to your tag play - true or false for AutoPlay loop - true or false for looping allowFullScreen - true or false menu - true or false for movie controls in Flash Player context menu Examples: Display a 728x90 banner test.swf: {Flash=media/flash/test.swf|width=728|height=90} assuming that file test.swf is located in /public_html/media/flash/ Same banner displayed from another domain: {Flash=http://www.somedomain.com/media/flash/test.swf|width=728|height=90} assuming that there is actual SWF file at http://www.somedomain.com/media/flash/test.swf Embed YouTube video: {Flash=http://www.youtube.com/v/ID|width=800|height=600} where ID is YouTube video id; to find an id for the video on YouTube, look for v= parameter in the URL for example, if YouTube URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHhYc3kJVgk&feature=g-vrec, then ID is RHhYc3kJVgk Podcast via JWPlayer: {Flash=players/jwplayer.swf?file=media/podcast.mp4&duration=150|width=400|height=24} assuming that you have file jwplayer.swf in /publichtml/players/ and file podcast.mp4 in /publichtml/media/ Thank you for using this plugin. Please visit us at thinkbigshot.com.

BIGSHOT Strip Comments

BIGSHOT Interactive
Date added:
May 05 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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