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Joomla Administration Brand Remover is a free **plugin that allows you to easily remove the logos and texts from **Joomla Administration Panel, and gives it a different, cleaner look and feel.

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An Administration Plugin to remove Joomla Administration Branding

The Joomla Administration Panel has logos, headers and footers programmed by default. In personal projects, this is not an issue, however, sometimes web professionals that use the Joomla platform, require that the Administration Panel looks more professional and less cluttered.

That is why I created Brand Remover Administration Plugin, Try it now! You'll find it extremely useful. Just by enabling the plugin, you will get a completely clean Administration Panel.

Do note that Administrator Brand Remover Plugin isn't intented to replace Joomla Branding, but only to disable it.

What are the benefits of this Plugin vs an Adinistration Template?

Well, this is a plug & play plugin, there is no need to configure or hack any files, just install and enable, you will have a profesional Administration Panel with the click of a button.

Is there any support?

Of course, we offer FREE support for the Joomla Community, plus paid support options. But most likely, you will not need any support, since this plugin is as easy to use as it gets.

Can I give any suggestions to improve?

Please do! We want to improve this plugin, so it can be usefull for all the Joomla Community.

###Un Plugin de Administración para quitar las Marcas y Pie de página visibles de la Administración de Joomla Joomla Administration Brand Remover es un plugin gratuito que permite remover facilmente los logos y textos del Administrador de Joomla y darle una vista distinta. El panel de Administración de Joomla tiene los logotipos del proyecto, encabezados y pies de página programados por defecto. En proyectos personales, esto no representa mayor contratiempo, sin embargo, en ocasiones, los profesionales web que utilizan la plataforma Joomla, requieren que el panel de Administración no tenga marcas ajenas a las del cliente o proyecto en el cual están trabajando. Es en estas ocasiones cuando Administration Brand Remover es de enorme utilidad. Con sólo habilitar el componente tendrás un Panel de Administración completamente limpio de la marca y logotipos de Joomla. Nota: Este plugin no esta pensado para reemplazar las Marcas de Joomla por otras, sino deshabilitarlas.

Awesome plugin *****

Posted on 14 January 2015

Gives a really clear interface

Ease of use

just install and enable....Done.... You can add additional CSS


I called the developer. He was absolutely helpful.


Not needed

I used this to: Every Joomla installation. I had this on every Joomla installation for J2.5. Now I was desperate for the same plugin for J3.x. It was not published very well and it was in Spanish, but they have it for Joomla 3 as well, and cheap!

Really happy with the plugin :-)

very good work

Posted on 04 February 2014

love it.

I'm waiting for next version that compatible with joomla 3

Owner's reply: Hello, thank you for installing my extension and also for making such a nice review about it.

The next version, compatible with Joomla 3.x is now published on our site.

Please if you have any suggestion about our products contact us: http://emkt.mx/especialistas-joomla-mexico.html

-Fernando Arturo Martínez Aguilar

Works Great!

Posted on 27 August 2013

Very simple and clean. I was able to install and configure this within 30 seconds.

My installation was for 2.5.14

Owner's reply: I'm glad you like our extension.

I worked really hard to make it simple and easy to configure.

Please if you have any suggestion about our products contact us: http://emkt.mx/especialistas-joomla-mexico.html

- Fernando Arturo Martínez Aguilar


Posted on 29 June 2013

Removes all branding with the click of a button. Thanks for not charging $30 for such a plug-in, it is truly appreciated. Don't let the Spanish (or Portuguese?) worry you, install, enable, and done.

Owner's reply: Thank you a lot for your review.

I'm working on a website redesign, so the extension description and everything is accesible in english.

Remember, even if the extension description is written in spanish, we do offer english support.

Please if you have any suggestion about our products contact us: http://emkt.mx/especialistas-joomla-mexico.html

- Fernando Arturo Martínez Aguilar

Wonderful extension

Posted on 15 May 2013

A very good tool for developers and service providers. Easy to install and no need to configure, just enable it and voila!!!

Install and works in no time and with no problems. It does what it promises easily and I love the CSS customizing option it has, making possible to alter the design anyway I want. Thank you very much to the developer!

It is very usefull simple plugin when you develop sites for your clients.

I think it will be great to integrate option to use own logo instead default logos.

Any way, thanks for this free plugin.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review.

It's an interesting feature request, I'm working on a new version and I'll make sure to include this.

Please if you have any suggestion about our products contact us: http://emkt.mx/especialistas-joomla-mexico.html

- Fernando Arturo Martínez Aguilar

Awesome little mod

Posted on 23 March 2013

This is an awesome little mod and easy to install. Is doet what it says it does!

It would be awesome to have this as in an administrator style. Nice and clean.

It's nice to have a different look in the backend of joomla with a click of a button and it's looks nice and what's good is that all the coding for changing the look is in the plugin area which makes it easier to change the look.

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Administration Brand Remover

Fernando Arturo Martínez Aguilar
Last updated:
Mar 18 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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