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MultiTier is an advanced online marketing tool for Joomla based websites which allows you to create your own affiliate network and promote your website (bussines) fast and easy.

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MultiTier will help increase your web sites traffic volume. You can reward your affiliates on a different basis.

With a multi-tier affiliate program your affiliates are not only rewarded for sending you traffic, but also for sending you new affiliates who then send you traffic.

J MultiTier supports per click, per page view, per affiliates brought, per registration. Each affiliate can support one or all types plus different types of bonus.

Bonus commissions can be given to affiliates for a number of page views, number of clicks, new affiliates reffered or new registrations.

J Multitier offers your affiliates unlimited number of banners, text links and email creative.

J MultiTier offers numerous advanced reports on a daily basis to help you measure affiliates performance.

Send Marketing Emails in HTML or Text format to your affiliates.

Compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x, 2.5.x and 3.x

Worst experience

Posted on 15 January 2015

Not sure what the use of this functionality is. It's definitely not an affiliate program.

Ease of use

Quite confusing


Super bad. Although it says money back guarantee be guaranteed that you WILL NEVER get your money back. Not even after 2 days.



Value for money

Well what can I say if I spend the money and I can't use it. Worthless right?

I used this to: I would not recommend buying this extension at all. The demo looks nice but the money back guarantee is only a scam to let you pay because you will never get your money back. After 2 days I requested my money back but he refuses. And Paypal doesn't grand money back for software.


Posted on 10 October 2011

My experience has been very successful with the company. A very professional. You can easily build an affiliate program. Can be translated into different languages​​, even those who do not programers . I had a problem when running the software, and I received professional service courteous and reliable.

I hesitated because the previous response, but I'm glad I went with my gut.

In short good and recommended

I purchased this extension because it was exactly what i need. But after installing it i found that it has so poor documentation that i'm not able to figure out how to make it work. It has a lot of features and settings that is hard to understand without documentation.

After requesting more detailed documentation and tutorial, i've got answer from developer, that it all will be implemented in new, upcoming version in couple of weeks.

Five weeks is passed, there is no new version. I contacted developer again regarding new version, and this time he didn't say any words about the new version, only directed me to very poor, old help section on their site.

I thought it's not fair to promise new version, and not keeping this promise. So i contacted this developer again, but this time trough PayPal. Right after that this developer blocked my IP, so now i can't even access their website.

Overall what i want to say, is that this extension lacks documentation, and i had not so pleasant experience with the developer of this extension.

Will be glad to write a new review if developer will provide detailed documentation or new version (as promised)

(I have few years experience with Joomla, and easily working with a lot of advanced extensions)



Paid download | Site Access | Popa Alexandru
3 reviews
User Extranet is a Joomla! extranet component that gives the possibility to create a private client area. Create protected files and folders and allow access for your Joomla! users to a private and secure downloads area. Set permissions that a certain group or individual Joomla! user has to a file or folder. Features like alerts, messaging, staff, ftp synchronization, advanced reports will give you more power over your extranet. EASY TO CONFIGURE User Extranet is intuitive and well designed making it easy to use. Full-featured but no need to be an high level trained person to choose the right settings for your extranet. Actually no need to do nothing else than install and run. So simple since the optimal configuration is already set for you. FILE MANAGER Create protected files and folders and allow access for your Joomla! users to a private and secure downloads area. Options like move, copy, delete, add multiple files, FTP synchronization, folder alerts were implemented to save your time and make things easier for you. FTP SYNCHRONIZATION When files you want to add are too large to upload via extranet backend, pass your server limitations by uploading files directly to FTP and update folders content with one single click. ALERTS Users will be automatically notified when a new file or subfolder is added to a certain folder. Set alerts for each folder apart and choose which are the extranet users will be alerted. MANAGE PERMISSIONS Decide which are the folders a user or a usergroup can access in the secure download area and the actions can be made on the files inside these folders ( view, edit description, download, delete, add new file ). USER GROUPS Categorizing users is useful when you send mass messages, add multiple users to staff, set folders access and so on. STAFF Absolute control over your staff. Few clicks requires to add or remove one or more extranet administrators. For each staff member you can decide which are the extranet sections he can access in backend and which are the actions he can take on each section of your Joomla! extranet. Staff feature is optional and you can easily disable it from Options. ADVANCED REPORTS Detailed reports of all extranet downloads. View files were downloaded, download location ( Administrator or Site ), user and download date. Filters helps you to view downloads in a certain period of time and/or for one particular user, file or folder. MESSAGING Communicate with your users or staff sending messages can be read on Messages section or email. Mass messaging feature is also available. Check the full list of features here:
Virtue Affiliate

Virtue Affiliate

Paid download | VirtueMart extensions | Popa Alexandru
16 reviews
Virtue Affiliate is the complete affiliate solution for Joomla and VirtueMart! Easy to install and to use, Virtue Affiliate is the perfect component to manage your affiliate network! Some of Virtue Affiliate features: - unlimited number of affiliates - multi-level marketing ( unlimited levels supported ) - admin and affiliate e-mail notifications - option to turn your users into affiliates - traffic reports ( affiliate, referrer, banner, ip, country, browser, os, commission, date ) - orders reports ( order id, affiliate, referrer, banner, order value, order status, commission value, date ) - flash chart for traffic and orders reports - reports can be exported in .csv format - reports can be deleted without affecting affiliate balance - messages, you can write to your affiliates or read messages from them - 4 commission types: commission per Click, commission per Order, commission per Product, commission per Category - each commission type can be set as fixed or/and as percent - you can manage affiliates from back-end area ( add affiliate, delete or modify affiliate's details ) - you can give different commissions to your affiliates - 4 built-in Payout Methods: PayPal, MoneyBookers, Bank Transfer, Check and option to add how many Payout Methods you want - in the Payments section you can see Payments History and Pending Payments also - affiliates can be paid whenever you want with any amount you want - 5 banner types: image, text, link, product, category - you can manage banners as you wish ( publish, unpublish, resize, add new, delete etc ) - you can edit front-end layout - detailed Help section - in the Settings area you can set: cookie lifetime, affiliate registration fields, affiliate approvement ( manual or instant ), if you want to be notified when someone applies for an affiliate account, Terms of Service, Affiliate Login page message, Signup page message, footer content, currency you want to use, number of digits displayed after decimal point for all amounts, flash chart dimensions and others - you have power to assign or deny affiliate's commissions - back-end and front-end language based on standard Joomla! ini language files easy to edit - 100% MVC structure follow - code easy to modify for advanced users Compatible with: - Joomla! 1.5.x & Virtuemart! 1.1.x - Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5 & Virtuemart! 2 - Joomla! 3.x & Virtuemart! 3
c m p


Paid download | Help Desk | Popa Alexandru
1 review
BeestoHelpDesk is a component for Joomla, a ticket support system designed to helps you manage your business effectively. Simple to use but full-featured BeestoHelpDesk will take you to the next level of managing your customer support issues. Handle helpdesk issues in a way you've never imagined before. EASY TO USE BeestoHelpDesk customer service is intuitive and well designed making it easy to use. EASY TO CONFIGURE Full-featured but no need to be an high level trained person to choose the right settings for your help desk. Actually no need to do nothing else than install and run. So simple since the optimal configuration is already set for you. STAFF MANAGEMENT Absolute control over your staff. Few clicks requires to add or remove a help desk administrator. Pick up a Joomla user from your users list to make him part of your help desk team. For each staff you have you can decide what actions he can perform or what ticket categories he's allowed to access. Make this even easier using staff grouping advantages, they can be split into two major groups, Super Admin - access to all features and categories - and Admin - you can limit features and categories. No time to set permissions for your staff? Solved too, thanks to the BeestoHelpDesk connection with Joomla ACL. KNOWLEDGEBASE Knowledgebase provides information, articles or answers to frequently asked questions. Unlimited knowledgebase articles and categories are supported. You can create category within category and so on without limitations. Your articles may contain also attachments and no limit here too. Add as many documents you want to your downloadable content attached to the knowledgebase article. Publish or unpublish content by article or by category. Enable or disable articles rating system. These are just few options that you have regarding knowledgebase section which can be considered one of the most important feature when we are talking about a support ticket system. NOTIFICATIONS E-mail notifications are sent when: - staff or customer add a new reply to the ticket - customer open a support ticket - staff open a support ticket as customer - ticket is assigned to some staff member - customer try to recover his ticket code Both staff and customer can access directly their tickets from e-mail notification. PREDEFINED RESPONSES Make your job even easier using predefined replies that staff can select and submit without typing the message. ADVANCED REPORTS Detailed reports of all help desk events. You can see new tickets submitted, opened or resolved in a certain period of time grouped by days or months. You can view also tickets and their replies grouped by ticket categories or staff, the last one giving you a clear picture of staff activity. Compatible with Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x


Popa Alexandru
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Aug 27 2015
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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