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wizAffiliates is a complete solution for tracking your affiliates, payments, revenues and more. As an integrated solution into the many Joomla shopping solutions, now it is easy for purchases to be made and the affiliate tracking is completed in real time. Here are a few of the features available:

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*Unlimited Levels of Affiliates
*Affiliate status control (active, inactive, approval pending, decommissioned)
*Revenue and sales status
*Statistics and reports for affiliates and administrator
*Ability to move affiliates as needed
*Integrated into (in alphabetical order) AEC, Akeeba Subscriptions, CBsubs, DMS, HikaShop, JoomShopping, NiceMemberships, PayPerDownload, RedShop, Tienda and Virtuemart
*SEF Friendly URL's for the affiliates
*Multiple payment types
*Banner Ads (text, jpg, gif etc.)
*Revenue tracking
*Traffic reports
*Edit preferences

Easy Installation and Easy Administration:
Wiz Affiliates is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use. The search engine friendly (SEF) links make it easy for your affiliates to build an affiliate team.
For example, your affiliates can create a link such as as their affiliate link. Your affiliates will be able to forward that link, download one of your banners (with their affiliate ID added to the code) and post it on their website to drive traffic to you and have the traffic added to their affiliate link.
Also when it comes time to purchase products, wizAffiliates is nicely integrated into VirtueMart which is the free shopping cart solution for Joomla!
We have integrated the flow between VirtueMart and Wiz Affiliates so it seems flawless. The back end "look and feel" for the administration presents a standard joomla presence and the installation time is completed in just a few minutes.
Wiz Affiliates lives up to the name as it is a "wiz" to create many affiliates..
The flexibility and configuration make it simple and automated with multiple payment gateways available from papal to credit cards for both the Virtuemart shopping cart and the wiz affiliates.
Wiz Affiliates automatically:
Tracks and provides reports for visitors and sales
Logs the affiliates commissions for confirmed orders (or reverses the commission when the order has been cancelled or refunded)
Notifies affiliates via e-mail when orders are made
Helps the affiliates market and advertise by providing links, banners and advertising material such as product and category ads (automatically generated from your VirtueMart records)
Easy URL links that the affiliate can create
Fully customizable payment methods managed by the administrator, and many other features.
Wiz Affiliates was created as the best-in-class solution with integration into multiple shopping carts including Virtuemart with unlimited affiliate levels. Backed by technical support and ongoing maintenance.

(VirtueMart was used as an example, all cart integratio

I have been trying to find a good affiliate extension for my website. I purchased another product and it looked great. Bells and whistles but couldn't hold up. Thought I was going to have to find my own team and pay big bucks for a product that worked. Saw Wiz Affiliates and figured why not give it one more try. They surprised me. Didn't expect the customer service to be great. Not used to that level of service and integrity in dealing with purchasing software online. These guys went above and beyond the level of service I expected to receive. The product itself integrates well with my website and tracks activity most pleasingly. Even had a problem with ordering the service and before I could complain they sent me the product in my email and answered all of my questions to pure satisfaction. The software even updated just fiend without problem when I upgraded my Joomla version, which I was honestly afraid of complications. So what can I say bad about these guys? Nothing. Customer Service is fantastic and I got my answers almost immediately and they worked with me until completely resolved and I didn't even purchase their plan for customer service. I can say that these guys offer a level of professionalism you rarely find on the net and I highly recommend their services. I hate to do this but I have to give a bad review to another company I got similar software from that was the opposite of these guys. All I can say is I am very pleased with this company so far. :)

great tools available for marketing, affiliates, can offer affiliates commissions on not just banner links and registration rewards but also easily offers commissions to affiliates for referring to other content on several other common joomla components. very creative, simple but complex features, not a single bug but most importantly.....great, quick, very enthusiastic and helpful. buy it

I must say that this is a great component. It offers various supplements and is very flexible. But the most important thing is that the support is outstanding. If you have a problem or want to ask any questions, please respond quickly and in detail.

Very satisfied!

Great Support

Posted on 19 December 2012

We purchased this extension for a client through Jvitals and got caught in the middle of the transfer to the new owners. However I have to say that the new owners of the extension have bent over backwards in giving us support. We now have it up and running and all seems to be going well so far.

I chose this component as a solution to integrate affiliate tracking with Nice Memberships as advertised in the product description.

After countless support requests, jVitals still does not know whether this works or not (which it clearly doesn't). 2 months later and they are now refusing to answer queries with anything except "We are being taken over by another company aren't developing or supporting the product."

I am now in the process of applying for a full refund. Avoid at all costs until they or someone else decides to support it once again!

Owner's reply: Thank you for the feedback. We are the new support team for wizAffiliate and you can expect excellent support from now on.
In response to your question, yes, wizAffiliates works with Nice Membership.
Our apologies for the delay. Please contact us on our forum at and we will help you solve this outstanding issue.


Posted on 15 March 2012

well worth it. easy to set up, fast reply on issues in the forums and no ioncube crap.

Awesome Extension!

Posted on 17 February 2012

I've tried other affiliate programs and this one is is definitely tops in my book. I love the multi-tiered aspect of this affiliate. That, along with the great support made my experience with wizAffiliates great.

It works perfect

Posted on 16 February 2012

Easy to install. Automatic linking (I use Hikashop). Support great! Fixed a small problem running very fast!

I miss some documentation, but the forum works very well.

Simple and efficient

Posted on 02 December 2011

Easy to install.

I had a few questions related to the configurations and didn't had to wait forever to get the answers.

I'm using wizAffiliates with Hikashop and works well. Even if Hikashop has his own affiliates system I prefer wizAffiliates because of the unlimited (multilevel) affiliates system. Also I can create as many commissions categories as I need and assign affiliates to those categories.

I think it worths paying the price for the features and the support provided.


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Nov 19 2014
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