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An intuitive Drag and Drop layered slider for Joomla! Easy to use drag-gable slider on layer timer controlling the transition. Powerful inline style editor, help you create CSS driven style in seconds.

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Flexible, intuitive and user friendly banner slider for Joomla! 2.5, 3.0

YESlider is a banner slider extension for Joomla! It is the only visual banner slider editor for Joomla! YESlider is developed by the Yeedeen(First Temple) team and designed by DesignerSandbox. DesignerSandbox is the creator of DS Banner Slider, one of the most popular banner module in Joomla! extension listing. Both team had one goal in mind, we want to do a revolution banner slider editor where designer, developer or even web master can easily drag and drop to the position that they want. On top of that you can easily save the style for later use. With this amazing YESlider (Banner Slider Extension for Joomla!), with no HTML knowledge needed you’ll have the power to design your own slideshow in minutes. Our user experience team had study and test on the slider canvas editor for months, our goal is to make this slider easy to use, so all level of site builder out there can make any slider in minutes. If I were you, I will look no further (because there’s none). I would start create my new slide now!

Our goal for this component.
- NO Coding Needed
- Drag and Drop
- Dynamic Resizing (inner layer will dynamic resize accordingly)
- Mobile Ready
- Instant Style Editing
- Video Support (Vimeo and youtube) more to come
- Amazing Controls
- HTML5 & CSS3

Browser Support
YESlider been verified in the following browser
- Safari 4+,
- Chrome 4+,
- Firefox 3.6+,
- Opera 10+, and
- IE7+.
- iOS and Android devices are supported as well.

The demo are ready for you to play around with.
This is the frontend demo view

Login: demo
Password: demo

Note: The demo site will reset every day


Its the best banner solution. One can create amazing sliders that works cross platform on all browsers :)

Ease of use

Very easy to install and use!


Great support. After a short delay I recived the fix for the links that were not working on mobile browsers. Now its working like a charm :)


There is no documentation but the interface is user friendly and user does not feel the lack of documentation.

I used this to: Banner management.


This is one of the best slider extensions I have used, on par with commercial versions.

Ease of use

I did not have any problems figuring out how to use and create animations. The demo slides are very useful for learning.


I am shocked at the low score this has on JED. I can only guess people are not reading the documentation or looking at the sample slides.



Posted on 21 March 2015

Just wanted to pop a thanks for a great extension, truly impressed!

Ease of use

If you read what is required it couldnt be more easy.

Problems.... No support

Posted on 08 August 2014

I liked the demo so I installed the component on a clean Joomla! 3.3.3 site - what a mistake that was!!

BE WARNED: There is NO support whatsoever for the free version. You can view questions in the forum, but you cannot see the answers (if they are answered!) without a subscription.

This would not be a problem if the extension works straight out the box, but it doesn't!!

These are some of the major problems I have found;

1) Cannot create a new slider - the button is missing!!

2) Even though it says changes are saved, they are not.

3) Cannot delete layers, the only one you can delete is the one you've just created. Selecting a layer and clicking the dustbin does nothing.

4) Couldn't uninstall the component either due to a manifest file missing, so had to restore my site from a backup.

So, in summary... if you want an extension which doesn't work, cannot uninstall or get support for, then this is for you. It had promise, but the execution is poor.

Owner's reply: A1) Cannot create a new slider - the button is missing!!

R1) This is a logic we followed the Joomla article creation guide, where you will need to create a New Category before adding new slide to the component, but we will fix this in the future version where the category will be included.
A2) Even though it says changes are saved, they are not.

R2) Sorry if you have trouble using YESlider, can you give me some insight on how this happen, we are here to help. Even the forum is for support subscription customer only, you can reach me at or our lead programmer
A3) Cannot delete layers, the only one you can delete is the one you've just created. Selecting a layer and clicking the dustbin does nothing.

R3) If you can contact me and give me access to the back panel, and we can have a look and quickly fix it for you. And sorry if you are having trouble with the slider. But we don't see the problem you are having, can we know what browser and platform are you using?
A4) Couldn't uninstall the component either due to a manifest file missing, so had to restore my site from a backup.

R4) We had tried to uninstall in our local and dev site, but both seems working, maybe some file is missing during download or upload? We will have to have a closer look, if you can give us some access we can help you with the fix.

great extension

Posted on 10 July 2014

very good extension, functional, powerful, easy to setup and easy to use, so many options need time to understand how to work on the web, if there are language pack available to update will be awesome.

It is NOT free

Posted on 28 March 2014

I haven't downloaded this yet because I discovered that you don't seem to be able to without subscribing to one of their Subscriptions. A minimum of $35 Thus free it is not.

It may be an excellent component and I would like to try it but I do seriously object to being misled.

Owner's reply: The Extension is absolutely free to download. Step1 register at
Step2 go to the download section and download the YESlider Free version.

Only registered user can download the free extensions. This is the only requirement to download the free version.

Please have a look closely at our site and you will find the Free download.

Best of all SlydeShow.

Posted on 24 January 2014

I finally found a tool that will make a big revolution for joomla designers.

Best of all SlydeShow.

and other extensions of YEEDEEN are also great. recomento for quality and support.

This one of the best slider out, very flexible and with great features. Not to mention the support was first class.



Free | Editors | YEEDEEN
8 reviews
YEEditor is fun and easy to use, intuitive user interface with drag and drop feature, you and your clients is going to love it. Usually for an experience html content editor to edit a page similar to the iMac page at will take around 30 – 120 minutes, but now with YEEditor it only take less then 3 minutes. Page building have been so easy, you will be shock to see how it work. YEEditor had a built-in template system, where you can save it as a template for later use. You and your clients can now build page much faster, you can create template for your client and all they need to do is filling out the content. Isn’t this a dream come true, no more messy coding. Because YEEditor are powered by bootstrap, the most popular responsive grid system developed by twitter. Your content will look good no matter they are desktop or mobile.
c m p e


Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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