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A complete classifieds component suitable for all type of classifieds websites.

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Admin options

Jom Classifieds comes with a simple & powerful admin interface through which admin can perform the following tasks:

  • Add, edit and delete unlimited categories and sub-categories.
  • Add, edit and delete custom input fields(extrafields) for your categories.
  • Add, edit and delete unlimited countries and regions.
  • Add, edit and delete custom tag options.
  • Add, edit and delete membership plans.
  • Add, edit, delete and manage user adverts.

[+] options

  • Allow Guest users to post Ads.
  • List Ads based on Location.
  • Dynamic image optimization and performance tuning.
  • Allow Commenting on ads. The current version supports "Facebook" and "JComments".
  • Customize social share script.
  • Configure to display ads in multiple views(Grid view or List view).
  • Enable or disable captcha on the "contact advertiser" form.
  • Autopublish user ads (or) publish it only after your approval.
  • Limit images uploaded by the user.
  • Manage ad expire and delete durations.
  • Automatically send expiration alert to advert owners.
  • Cofigure to show Related adverts in detailed advert view.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • RSS feed.

User options

Advertiser options

  • Post adverts as guest user.
  • Add, edit, delete and manage adverts.
  • Ability to show "Google Map" of the advert location.
  • Ability to pay & promote(TOP AD) adverts.

Adverts visitor options

  • Search adverts using the vast amount of filtering options.
  • Ability to customize the adverts sorting order.
  • Comment on adverts.
  • Create favorites adverts list.
  • Contact advert owners.
  • Report adverts to site admin.

Responsive design

  • Jom Classifieds can work in both responsive & non-responsive layouts.
  • Responsive scaling in Jom Classifieds is 100% controlled by CSS.

Premium options

Using Jom Classifieds, site owner can charge their users to post adverts. The extension itself comes with built-in payment system and no third party extensions required

Supported payment plugins

  • Paypal
  • 2CO
  • Pesapal
  • Offline Payment system

Flexible menu layouts

Using Jom Classifieds component there are nine view options available.

  • Add new advert
  • All Adverts Layout
  • All Categories Layout
  • All Locations Layout
  • My Adverts
  • My Favourites
  • Single Advert Layout
  • Single Category Layout
  • Single Location Layout

Modules and Plugins

The extension comes with many deeply configurable modules working right out of the box

  • Jom Classifieds - Adverts
  • Jom Classifieds - Categories Menu
  • Jom Classifieds - Locations Menu
  • Jom Classifieds - Search

3rd party extensions support

Jom Classifieds works with :

  • Community builder
  • Facebook comments
  • JComments
  • Jom Social
  • Social sharing services (by allowing to enter the code)

SEF/SEO optimization

  • Intelligent Joomla core SEF router generate friendly urls without having to use any third party SEF extensions.
  • You can set meta data (meta keywords, meta description) for each category and advert.
  • Semantic HTML coding, follow standard that is official supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Option to build your own links structure.

What's new in 3.2.0?

  1. Multi drop-down list for Categories & Locations
  2. Compare items feature in Adverts module , Single advert layout, List & Grid view, Related Adverts.
  3. Recaptcha 2.0 version
  4. Custom Zoom option in Jom Classifieds Map Module

Note : For any assistance please send email to


Loads Fast, Categories, Sub-Categories, Extra Fields, Payment options, Add multiple locations, languages and Jclassify template is a must!

Ease of use

So easy and fast to add anything. Extra Fields, Categories, Everything is so easy, you will be so happy you purchased this extension, I was.


They answer fast and fix fast. A++. To me it matters if the support is good, we all know stuff happens or conflicts and they are to helpful.


Easy to read and understand

Value for money

I was debating on many different extensions and am so glad I chose this one, if you're debating, stop and just buy it.

I used this to: I couldn't be happier!


The functionality of JomClassifieds is virtually endless. You can have multiple listing and membership types. Recommended component.

Ease of use

Installation was easy and trouble free. Component, module and menu items were simple to configure.


I have requested support for a few things i.e. extra functionality or help fixing an issue and my requests have been answered very quickly.

Value for money

Considering the functionality it offers and support they provide this extension is great value for money.

I used this to: A paid and free based listing directory where users can submit and edit their own advertisements. I also had the component configured so that different user levels have access to different membership types and pay different rates for adverts.

Jom Classified

Posted on 10 August 2015

Component does not work well with URLs created with Joomla 404 errors. Creating pages with Locations or Category presents problems of 404.

Ease of use

Not easy. a lot of hit and miss.

Value for money

Not a good purchase

I used this to: My classifieds ads site but will no longer use it.
Owner's reply: I'm surprised on your feedback. Because, we didn't receive any support query from you event hough you had issues. Also, the functionality issues you've mentioned are just a joke, Because our component was installed in 7000+ websites and I've not heard any single complaint on Locations or Category pages with a 404 error. At first, You must have contacted our support team when you had issues. Then, you must think of giving such negative impressions. But, you didn't do this. Also, I found you've posted a positive review for our competitive component on the same day and time. This suspect us that you're our competitor. Think again before you penalise an extension developer because he decided to contribute his code to the software product you use for your business.


Posted on 04 August 2015

JClassify - superb template with plenty of features. I'm currently building my website on it.

Ease of use

Very user-friendly!


I normally don't write a review whatsoever. But I have to say the customer service is just amazing. I can't thank you enough.

Value for money

100% satisfied


Posted on 06 July 2015

simple and usefull plugin

Ease of use

I installed this plugin without helping


I haven't had any problems yet


Good and usefull documentation.

Value for money

good price

I used this to: I used plugin for my own website


A lot of function, exactly what you want for a ads site.

Ease of use

Very easy, even you are a newbie at Joomla!


Perfectly! Every email is replied as soon as posible, issues are fixing very quick and exactly.


Very good

Value for money

Quite cheap for a Extension like this.


10 + uses so far since I purchased this and Im coming up with new ideas everyday...

Ease of use

Very User Friendly... I have a 70 client using this on her own... Im very impressed with how easy it is to set up and configure...


UNGODLY SUPPORT!!!! above and beyond the call of duty for sure... I will highly recommend just for the support alone...


easily found info in the forums and if you cant find it there, the chat seems to always be monitored 5 times for me in the last few months..

Value for money

worth the $$ so far, great price points

I used this to: a variety of things including sponsor directory, kayak classified, staff directory, organizations we support directory, unlimited custom fields, even getting to the language files are pretty easy... all I have to say is GREAT JOB !!!

simply the best support

Posted on 03 March 2015

This is one of the most useful extensions I've used to date

Ease of use

super easy to use


Ok so I had an issue logged in to submit a ticket and pop goes the IM. Was so surprised to get instant support.


Great documentation and video tutorials

Value for money

bar none best value for your buck

Best I've seen

Posted on 06 February 2015

It has everything I wanted for my listing site

Ease of use

Very easy to use. I took me less than 45 minutes to configure it and started using i


Very nice team, they will help you when you anytime you need them. They even helped me to add images for the first time

Value for money

It is worth your investment, saves time..

Pretty good

Posted on 02 January 2015

I've scored it low on this category as its category ordering set up is horrible. Where is drag and drop? Tedious with lots of categories.

Ease of use

Also scored low because of reordering issues.


Fast support, though not as interested in upgrading on suggestion as some other developers. Seems their way or no way until a new version.


I think most things I've looked up have been adequately answered.

Value for money


I used this to: Classifieds ad site. With some improvements, this could be an A++ extension.

Jom Classifieds

Jom Classifieds
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Nov 19 2014
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