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JC - JoomListings is a professionally developed classifieds component that was built with you - the site owner - in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. Whether you are running classifieds for autos, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, real estate, jobs, or general merchandise, JoomListings component with Joomla! is the right package for you.

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~New Features for JoomListings V.2.5.1~

*Compatibility with Joomla! 2.5.x
*Quick JoomListings Installer, you can install all the plugins and modules in one click
*NEW: Help Documentation on JoomLisintgs extension is now available within the admin section of the component.
*NEW: JoomListings Social Plugin, now you have ability to share listing/Ad link on facebook, twitter, and social media web sites.
*Integration testing/QA/fixes with JomSocial version 2.6
*Integration testing/QA/fixes with Community Builder version 1.8
*Bug Fix: Upload and Download attachments in listing view
*Bug Fix: Listing counters / views
*Bug Fix: Delete button on my Ads view
*Bug Fix: Overall package assignments, relisting, and listing/package expiration
*Bug Fix: Report Listing violations drop down fixes

~New Features for JoomListings V.2.1.8~

  • Checkboxes, text area, flash up-loader as an extra field
  • Paypal Subscriptions for Packages
  • Listing Rating
  • Counts the number of views for each listing
  • Joomla 1.6 compatibility
  • Report Listings
  • Integration with Community Builder
  • Integration with Artio JoomSEF
  • Bold Listing additional upgrade option in package
  • Disclaimer/Privacy for Ads
  • Pedigree Module
  • Submit Classifieds to your Twitter account
  • Improved Expired Listings Handling
  • Improved Expired Package Handling
  • Additional level in Regions (Now we will have Region > Location > Neighbourhood)
  • Additional levels in categories
  • Packages can be assigned to specific categories or all categories
  • Messaging and email template bugs reported in forums (
  • Package and listing expiry bugs reported in forums (

~New Features for JoomListings V.2.1.7~

  • New front end template (jquery/CSS)
  • Google map integration
  • Unique IDs for Listings
  • Search Module For searching the Listings > Only listings With Images Option
  • Anti-spam protection for forms
  • Tags module (jquery based)
  • Images for sections and categories in the front end
  • Module to show sections/categories in menu

Very nice

Posted on 04 November 2013

It's really great when after purchase you don't need to spend hours for setup of the extension. I didn't get any problem with this extension. Listing is really very easy but have enough functionality to implement any listing you need. I had small conflict but support helped me out really fast. Support was professional and effective. Thank you very much for your component and help!

Service & Support

Posted on 01 December 2012

Being a novice to website design & development (I'm neither) I engaged a local developer to design my website.What should have taken 6 weeks has taken 5 months +...

Anyway about JoomClan, I bought the Joomlistings Plugin on 11 Nov 2012 & got my developer to install & train me thereafter. Installation was done, however there was an error code which Hassan of JoomClan fixed within 24 hours, bear in mind our time differences (USA & South Africa). After that there were still some "so-called issues" affecting my site... not familiar with the support ticket system I emailed Hassan & he responded promptly telling me that the "issues" were not bugs but training items. I advised my local developer & he responded that it was a Joomlistings problem. I contacted Hassan via email & again he immediately replied asking for my skype id... we skyped, explained & discussed the issues... long story Saturday 01 Dec 2012 he skyped me as my developer was not answering Hassans calls and he took me through the backend of site and trained me in a patient and professional manner for 49 of his precious & valuable minutes. My JoomListings is now working like a gem and I can now take my site to market. Further Hassan has insisted should there be any things I do not understand or forget, to contact him without hesitation for assistance.

In conclusion, all I can say " it pays in the end, to buy & work with the best in the beginning".

There are not enough stars on this review to express my appreciation of thanks to Hassan & Team JoomClan.

Guys you rock! I will certainly be using your services on my next Big Idea in 2013.

Good support

Posted on 14 November 2012

This is my first time that paid money any product. I don't any code to develop my website. Before I bought joomlisting, I thought how much they would support me when I got problems. It's really good luck for me that I paid my money with right product. Every time I met different problems, I always sent to them and got good news from them. They save my money because my template is not pro and had some conflit with it but I fix my template. Really Thank to Joomlisting.

IT is true that most people only write reviews when they not happy. I struggled to by this product off the site to start as its not clear where to download.

Installed easy no problems, but then, there is no documentation on houw to use it other than a single video. Yo can only get a support ticket if you give all the FTP and login details.

I only wanted to change the currency to GBP, I have been designing websites since 1994 so I am more than familiar with most things, however Joomlistings is very difficult to use, no help files and no email for support. I would not recommend it

I got this product for a client a couple of months ago. The product is VERY flexible, and met the complete desire that the website needs. Further more, I would like to add, that if you have no experience, with any coding. JoomClan, will help you, with any questions you may have. They aren't a group of people who just sell the product, and leave you alone! Amazing Product! Amazing Support! A full thumbs up for JoomClan! If you need a Listing, trust me, this is all your ever going to need!


Posted on 17 July 2012

It seems this product has been largely abandoned by the developer. There is no active support or community to assist site developers. Also, when trying to submit a "support ticket" (the only way to get help), the form didn't work. The Twitter and Facebook for the developer haven't been updated in a long time, and the web site makes reference to a version of the software being released that isn't available in the already needlessly hard-to-find downloads area.

This developer has lost interest in the product. Avoid it at all cost!

I've been using JoomListing now for a few weeks and am still learning my way around. While it seems easy enough to manage, I've had my share of problems but the support is everything I could hope for.

I just recently purchased Joomlistings. Everything was straight forward and easy out of the box. I had one minor issue, opened a ticket and got a response and fix within the hour. I have never received a reply that fast from any other extension..( Not knocking any other extensions of course) So hats off to the customer service!

Overall, this extension does what it says it does. It also integrates perfect with jomsocial. I would definitely recommend this product for the cost. Thanks!

Nice Job!

Posted on 09 September 2011

Great extension...I looked for quite a while to find a component that had all of the things my site required. Joomlistings was well worth the modest price!

I am an experienced Joomla, website builder and I highly recommend this component to anyone looking to build a classified ads website!

At first I was having some problems with this extension (due to my errors, not the extension's) and the support team fixed it right away. Several times I have called with questions and every time they have fixed it right away... plus they answer their phone!

Now that the support team has my site all configured I can't imagine having all the options I have without this extension. A very valuable extension for the classified's market!

JoomListings Listings/Ads of JomSocial's User

JoomListings Listings/Ads of JomSocial's User

Paid download | JomSocial Extensions |
0 reviews
JoomListings Listings/Ads of JomSocial User displays the user's listings/ads under user's JomSocial profile.


Date added:
May 08 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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