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Listbingo 3.1.0, a classified site builder, is compatible with Joomla 3.x. Once you meet Joomla 3.2 and Listbingo 3.1.0 requirements, you can install, administrate and implement the latest version of Listbingo. Since its first debut in 2010 AD, Listbingo has undergone several changes and modifications using user feedback as guidelines. You can now download Listbingo 3.1.0 and experience the most rewarding classified web application ever.

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Listbingo 3.1.0 comes with :

Responsive design: Listbingo implements responsive web design, making your Listbingo site accessible on all screen sizes.
Multiple Categories – Site users can post an ad to multiple categories, to increase the visibility of their ads.
Related Categories - It lets the items posted in a certain category be displayed in the search results of other related categories.
Guest posting- Now new site users, in hurry, do not need to register for posting an ad, they can simply use their email addresses.
Template Preview – The effects of changing parameters in templates can be viewed using Preview button. Preview button is available on the post form as well as in widget section at the backend.
Multilingual – By using Falang, a Joomla! Extension, you can present your site in multiple languages. The Listbingo site will show language selectors at the frontend and Falang plugin retrieves the data from the database of the selected language.

Outstanding Features of Listbingo 3.1.0

Optimized SQL queries, Image and page caching
Drag and drop widgets, installable extra fields, category based template
Automated mail templates, ad types and conditions
Powerful search, image management, multiple ad posting schemes
Flag, bad words/email filters, spam protection using Captcha, Private messaging system
Profile management, Gravatar support, templates
Quick start, where you can install Joomla and Listbingo at once

Listbingo 3.1.0 is highly customizable, scalable and flexible. Yet, it is light enough not to affect your site’s performance, thanks to the optimized SQL codes. In order to get your site up and ready for business - Listbingo incorporates several FREE add-ons and modules that come intact with the downloaded zip which helps you accomplish essential site functions.

We have developed Listbingo, so that it is easy for everyone to use it. Do not be afraid with its comprehensive nature, we are sure that you will love its simplicity and efficiency. Moreover, we have prepared up to date documentations for your help.

You can extend your Listbingo by using addons. There are several add-ons, which you can use as per your needs. You can find them
However, if you feel that the features provided by Listbingo and its addons/modules do not meet your requirements, feel free to contact us at - . Our proficient developers can simply develop that feature for you.


I use this component with various modifications, which them always be able to create.

Ease of use

This application has many different options to customize the system to your needs, everything is clear and intuitive.


The best part of all this, is to have people who are always willing to help.


The documentation is sufficient and because of this you start quickly understand the component functionality.

Value for money

I am very glad that I just picked this app for my needs.

I used this to: Advertising website, which offers the animals, and to prevent the sale of animals from puppy farms.

List Bingo Review

Posted on 08 March 2015

This extension had some useful features like the ability to add fields, decent paypal integration (via addon), a nice dashboard to manage ad

Ease of use

Pretty straight forward.


Good if you let them log into your server and do what every they want to do.


None that I know of.

Value for money

Bugs will cost you. Even basic words like "Favorites" were spelled wrong.

I used this to: Tried to use this for a clothes swap site but it was just too buggy. They logged into our server and tried to fix them, but it just didn't preform well. Thousands of dollars of support time later we just gave up on it.
Owner's reply: Dear Jr,

Its disheartening to get this type of review as we are continuously trying to give support and improve our products to our valued customers in every way.
We have also all the documentation in our site with manuals of each addons and core component along with knowledgebase.In some cases we need users
login credentials inorder to see the conflict with other components or if there are issues with the settings of Joomla or our component Listbingo classifieds.
Please let us know via tickets,mail or forum if there is any issues we definitely try to solve it if it has come from our component.

Lbclassifieds Team


Listbingoo component has all the functions you need to build a real and professional classified website. It has plenty of useful add-ons that can make your classified website smart and fun. You will have a lot of options and create you website the way you want and need.

Ease of use

I found this component really easy to use. I had no expertise and succeeded to build my website without any problem.


Support is the most excellent thing. Support Team is really committed and helps you in whatever problem you may find. They are smart and gentle, ready to solve whatever problem you may have. It's like to have just your own team!


The documentation is really helpful and clear. It guides you step by step with instructions and images, so you do not have to worry about anything, even if you are a beginner (like me!)

Value for money

It's really worth more than the money you spend to buy this component, and even so, it is very cheap compared with the myriad of functionalities, add-ons, support and the possibilities you are given to build your own website.

I used this to: I use it for a website of classified announcements.

I Have Expert Support Subscription for more than two years and I have some very complex scenarios on my sites which I successfully implemented this Great Extension.

With so much addons which successfully integrates with the core and 3rd party extension like Jomsocial , you'll have the best in class software and if you run in a trouble , even if it is your fault or you have a complex solution , they're there to help you!

I recommend it to everyone need a classified directory!


I must say it is truly very excellent ad component, powerful and flexible, with all possible functions, very easy to modify parameters according to personal needs! the very best part is the level of support when I meet problem which I was unable to resolve - I've received fast and qualified assistance.I strongly recommend this product. It's worth the money.



Free | Real Estate | BRAINDIGIT
2 reviews
JEstate is a Joomla based real estate web application. It allows real estate property owners, agents, brokers, and property management companies to market their properties in the online domain. JEstate is one of the youngest real estate application, and perhaps for this reason technologically up to date. Please note that Braindigit IT solution, the company behind JEstate, has also developed Lbclassifieds web application. Hence the knowledge earned from Lbclassifieds software has been put into use in the JEstate application. JEstate is extensible. Users can add functionalities and features to the core JEstate by means of addons, plugins and templates. JEstate is aesthetically brilliant, functionally superb and performance optimized. Please do not take our word for it. You can try the community version of JEstate for free. Major highlights of Jestate: Responsive design: Jestate adapts to screen sizes, for a smooth site viewing and browsing. Extensible: By means of addons, templates and modules, you can add features and functionalities to JEstate. Robust Security: We have left no stone unturned to make sure that JEstate is highly secure. Company Creation: Real Estate companies can use JEstate to create an effective digital presence. Search Engine optimized: JEstate can use facilities such as meta tags and meta description to make sure that the ads are search engine friendly. Agent Assignment: A company can invite and add agents, who in turn can post items. Individual Ad posting: A property owner can also post his/her properties and thereby cut commission costs. Aesthetic Appeal: Quite frankly, we have not seen such a pretty real estate web application. This in turn helps generate traffic. Multilingual: Want to reach non-English audience, no problem, you can use FaLang Plugin in our component! Time Management and Working hours: A company can set its office hours for each day in the week using JEstate Other features worth Noting: Open house date and timing for potential property buyers can be set. Drag and Drop widgets, with direct impact on pages Powerful search that can save users time Access control level with Superuser having comprehensive control Automation: Mail settings for events, item suspension after a number of flags A single Quick Start which installs Joomla and JEstate at once. Unlimited Regions and Countries settings Can transact in any currency Extrafields, in case, you decide you need to add other fields to your page Profile management, ratings according to item post and/or item poster Page and image caching, optimized SQL queries Jestate can be configured to let items post for free or for a fee or as a subscription Jestate ad items can be provided extra status by using badges. Google AdSense can be configured to JEstate for revenue purposes. We have developed JEstate with an aim to surpass other similar extensions in terms of cost, features, flexibility, scalability and performance. We are proud to state that we are near to this goal. We want to make sure that digital real estate business experience is as smooth as possible. JEstate is built for bringing together property buyers and sellers. If, you think you have a better feature, function that we have left out, or if you need more information, do not forget to contact us at We have also prepared extensive documentations in order for you to learn how to use JEstate, so before contacting us, we hope you will go through our manuals. Most of your concerns are addressed in our manuals.
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