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The AJ Simply Jobs Board component makes millions of jobs from accessible and totally integrated on your own Joomla Website!. You can easily transform your website into a powerful Job Search Engine, or alternatively you can choose to hide the search functionality and create a Job section (or multiple sections) showing specific Job Listings that always have jobs that are relevant to your web content.

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All you have to do is providing your own Job-a-matic account (It's FREE to join) so can start taking full advantage of their revenue program for clicks on sponsored jobs and jobs posted through your Website.


  • SEO Friendly (auto-generated meta-tags, description, keywords and page titles)
  • Jobs from 24 Countries to choose from
  • Google Ads integration
  • Search Filters to predefine job searches or allow visitors to filter out their job search.
  • Localization-ready! Text Labels are editable as parameters and come with default values corresponding to the language spoken in the chosen country.
  • Tons of parameters available, tips & tricks included on the back-end allow you to create a very unique job search website.
  • Page Caching fully integrated with Joomla's own caching system.
  • Much more...


Re-skins Simply-Partner job board to your template.

Ease of use

Outdated instructions. No ability to tweak formats without going into .css (and the code is not user-friendly either).


One friendly contact, but clearly not interested in fixing extension issues.



Value for money

Would have been worth it if it saved me any time, but it wasted my time instead. This is yet another orphan extension.

I used this to: Starting a job board.


Really this is just a few canned searches. You can set up the Simply Hired widget for free without this.

Ease of use

Easy enough to install and setup


No response from the developer re my concerns below. Well, I waited about 6 weeks..


Don't know - didn't use it.

Value for money

Very poor unless you are in the US. Simply Hired don't do pay per click partnering with non-US companies.

I used this to: I don't. I bought this on the understanding that, as advertised, I could create a revenue stream by hosting a jobs board. After quite a bit of backwards and forwards with Simply Hired, I found out this is not the case unless you are in the US. Just a waste of time.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this extension. It was very easy to install and configure. Very powerful and flexible.

Also, the support from the developer was outstanding! I would highly recommend this extension (or any others) from Luis Murciac!

This extension works as described. It is easy to install and use thus giving you an opportunity to create your own niche job search site in matter of minutes. On top of that Luis ( developer AJ Simply Jobs Board PRO ) is also providing a fantastic support to help you with any questions you might have.

This is an excellent component for those looking to build job portals or websites within minutes. I can't say enough about the support team. I was having a challenge making the component work due to my site's compatibility problem. I contacted support and within minutes Luis Murcia contacted me and helped me to fix the challenge. I appreciate the support as they spent a lot of time and happily modify the component as per my site's needs. I LOVE AJ Simply Jobs Board PRO! Thanks Luis Murcia!

I want to thank Luis for the tremendous support that he provided to me while installing and configuring this component.

I am new to Joomla and struggled with the installation and configuration. Luis was very patient in providing me with screenshots and written instructions.

Finally, he offered to log-into my development site and set it up for me. He even included some menu examples to help me further customise the configuration.

What can I say.....Brilliant!

As for the does exactly what he says it does.

Thanks Again Luis!!

Purchased the Pro Version, well worth the price, this component provides an elegant tie to the job-a-matic system provided by simply hired. Within minutes had a very detailed job board online with niche positions and categories thanks to the documentation, not to mention it generates revenue. Also needed a small customization Luis was extremely fast responding - a simple must have!

Very Nice!

Posted on 04 October 2012

We have worked with Jobamatic since 2007 and have developed a number of job sites using various methods.

Was very pleased to find this AJ Simply Job Board Pro. Very easy to install and configure and it presents well, while handling all the Jobamatic API stuff in the background.

We've had a few questions while setting up our new site with AJ Pro and the developer was quick to answer and provide detailed instructions each time. Highly recommend!

Really good extension

Posted on 28 September 2012

First of all it does what it says!

This is one of the best component which I have purchased for my Joomla sites. Easy to install and to set up, working fine and the most important thing for me is that the support is excellent!

I've asked questions beyond the component's standard functionality and Luis always reply to me promptly.

Thanks for this great component and the support!

Excellent Component

Posted on 14 August 2012

This is one of the best and excellent component which I have purchased for my Joomla site. The component was very easy to install. It is working fine with excellent user interface. The support was excellent too.

I really appreciate there efforts for taking pain and answering all my questions beyond their component's functionality.

Good Job!!! Thanks for a great component and Support!

AJ Zazzle Marketplace

AJ Zazzle Marketplace

Paid download | e-Commerce Integrations | Luis Murcia
2 reviews
The AJ Zazzle Marketplace component enables you to sell your Zazzle products (and also refer other people's products) on your own Joomla web site. Zazzle takes care of all order fulfillment and customer service. So, whether or not you've created products on Zazzle, you can still earn money by referring customers. Zazzle will pay a referral fee of at least 15% for each sale you refer to from your own website. If other people refer your products, Zazzle will pay you your products' royalties. You determine the royalty amount when you create your product. Zazzle also rewards your efforts to boost your referral volume with the "Seller Incentive Program". It's free and easy to get started. Learn more at Zazzle Features: SEO Friendly (auto-generated meta-tags, description, keywords and page titles) 17 Countries (with corresponding language & currency) to choose from Google Ads integration Localization-ready! Text Labels are editable as parameters in the Menu Item Tons of parameters available to help you create a very unique product list that's relevant to your website. Page Caching fully integrated with Joomla's own caching system. Much more...
AJ Article Listing - AJAX

AJ Article Listing - AJAX

Paid download | Articles Display | Luis Murcia
5 reviews
For Joomla 1.5.x this module allows you to show smart (AJAX) drop down menus of: + Sections > Categories > Articles + Sections > Categories + Categories > Articles + Only Sections + Only Categories + Only Articles For Joomla 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5.x it allows you to show smart (AJAX) drop down menus of: + Categories { > Sub-Categories} > Articles + Only Categories { > Sub-Categories} + Only Articles Note that the concept of Sections was removed from Joomla! as of version 1.6+, and that's the reason why the AJ Article Listing module compatible with the latest Joomla! versions doesn't include Sections, instead you can create Categories and an multiple Sub-Categories for the same effect and alternatively they can be displayed in a Tree Structure that resembles the old concept of Sections if that's what you need. This Module Features: Rendering of Menus via AJAX. Caching control. SEF URLs if specified in the Joomla! Global Configuration. Allows you to display multiple instances of AJ Article Listing module on a single page. Option to include/exclude specific sections, categories or articles. Show or Hide submit button. Option for automatically cutting off long titles at a specific number of characters. Multiple Sort methods available. Vertical or Horizontal layout. CSS parameters in the module parameters to allow easy styling of the menus and the submit button. Multi-language support via easy editable labels in the module parameters. A parameter for controlling the way articles are listed, 1 or 2 columns, etc. Native JS functions (No 3rd party JS libraries/frameworks required). Much more... Make sure you check out the live demos...
c m

AJ Page Speed Insights

Paid download | Site speed | Luis Murcia
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The AJ Page Speed Insights module uses Google’s PageSpeed API to analyze the content of your Joomla! site, then generates suggestions and illustrative graphics so you can optimize and make your site load faster. The AJ Page Speed Insights module interacts with Google’s PageSpeed API which runs a number of diagnostic tests against a Joomla! web page, and analyzes the page's performance on a number of "rules" that are known to speed up page load time. The rules are based on general principles of web page performance, including resource caching, data upload and download size, and client-server round-trip times. They examine factors such as web server configuration, JavaScript and CSS code, image file properties, and so on. For each rule, PageSpeed gives a general score, using a simple red-yellow-green grading scheme, and suggests specific techniques for correctly implementing each rule. It also provides some automatic optimization of external resources included on a page, such as minifying JavaScript code and compressing images.
m l

AJ Simply Jobs Board PRO

Luis Murcia
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
Uses updater:
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