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Latest 1.3.7 Stable Released!

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New Features:
- Responsive front-end layout - The component can now be viewed properly via mobile devices.
- Addition of new MyFolders Feature for employers, allows employers to organize/manage jobseekers profile more effectively.
- Save/Group Jobseeker profile into specific folders(i.e. KIV, For Interview, Experts Lists).
- Save search result(s) into MyFolders for later accessing.
- Rate & provide remarks to individual Jobseeker or applicant(s) based on employer's evaluation.

Existing features:

  1. Jobseekers can sign up based on membership just like Employers do and Admin can put the system in free mode.
  2. Jobseekers can set their resume as Featured
  3. Jobseekers can link their Video Resume from Youtube and Google Video
  4. Jobseekers pay for applying to jobs.
  5. The system can receive anonymous job application from guests and send email to the employer.
  6. Google Map added to the job detail page.
  7. JoomBah Feeds similar to JomSocial Activity Stream has been added and the following activities from JoomBah are streamed. a. Jobseeker apply to a job vacancy b. Jobseeker update his profile c. Employer post new jobs d. Employer update his profile e. Employer views the jobseeker's profile
  8. List of companies / company directory page has been added.
  9. Job detail and Company Profile page has a new layout with Google Map.
  10. Company Name and Jobseekers name are hidden respecting the user's privacy settings and many more...

There are 3 main reasons to go for JoomBah Jobs.
1. Subscription for Employers
2. Subscription for Jobseekers
3. Job Alerts for Jobseekers

JB Jobs has been developed to fulfill the needs of one full-fledged, power-packed, less bug component which take care of complete Job Recruitment System.

Please visit for more details.

Excellent Support

Posted on 20 August 2014

I must admit that myself and developers I have used have had various problems with Joomla. However, when a problem occurs there response is very fast and very professional. They put in the extra effort until, as a customer you are satisfied!

Hey all, I really love this component and have used it for many years, I have some reviews below.

1. An updated CSS design would be so much better than fighting with old-style table formatting that comes stock in this component package, in order to make this component work with many templates you need to spend hours re-writing this part of the code to validate it for responsive means or to update it to any current standards/templates.

2. So far there doesn't look there will be any support for Joomla 3.0 at all, which is a total shame, official Joomla 2.5 support ends this December 2014 so this component by then will be useless. I have been hoping so much that this was going to happen, I would have even paid for it!!

3. Features missing that would be outstanding: Geo/Google Maps Job search/display, professional looking freelancer profiles/employer profiles (not the standard Joomla one, or CB/JomSocial either), better CSS use throughout the component (design, buttons, fonts, etc.), valid code, responsive design, etc.

4. Support (for the pro version) has been really good for this component, when I needed answers I got them, when I needed help I got it, te forum is very helpfull too, though for all future would be purchasers I suggest you don't bother wasting any money on a component that needs serious updating for 2014

joombah jobs board

Posted on 09 August 2013

Excellent extension, great with joomla 2.5 but does not work with joomla 3. contacted support told me they are not doing updates for joomla 3. So please do not waste your money if you intend to use joomla 3. Shame i would only be to willing to pay for new subscription

I did a lot of research on job board extensions before deciding to go with Joombah Jobs, and I am so glad I did!

It has everything that we were looking for in a job board, plus a helpful and timely support forum. I had several questions related to issues specific to my site, and the support team promptly helped me with each one. My job board site looks beautiful and is easy for members to use!

Frankly, this extension is worth much more than what they charge for it. I looked at so many other job boards, in addition to those that are not Joomla extensions, and some of them cost over $600, even without all of the features that Joombah Jobs includes.

My only suggestion to improve Joombah Jobs would be to add a bulk job upload feature for employers. I think that would give you guys an even bigger edge than you already have.

Again, love the component! No complaints here, thanks again!


Posted on 25 March 2013

This is a brilliant extension for recruitment boards, full featured and fairly easy to customise the php for dedicated tweaks. Developer is always helpful and even sent me the code changes for a recent security update so I could simply strip in the new code without having to do a core update. Highly recommended. Well done!

I always do research before i get extensions to make sure the one i end up picking is A) Stable B) has good support and C) functional to my liking.. Joombah Jobs has hit all 3!

It is very feature rich with very flexible options.. very easy to set up and looks modern and professional.

Although you could get errors or bugs from time to time, they very seldom depending on what you doing or IF you know what you doing.

You can pay for a 3, 6 and 12 month subscription which is not recurring.. with those subscriptions, you get friendly, helpful support in the forums where if you have an issue, it is solved as quickly as possible :)

I am very happy with this extension and i wish Joombah Jobs all the best! Well worth the price!

At first glance this looked like a really great extension, but unfortunately it has a fatal flaw. Recruitment best practice includes tailoring your CV for each job application, unfortunately this extension does not allow that, as the CV submitted is overwritten once the user changes their CV even after submitting the job application.

The same happens with the cover letter. The support for is also not great, as I've encountered major problems after a recent upgrade but my issues has still not been addressed several days later.


Posted on 07 March 2012

The support is great, there is a bit of a time difference but generally the support issue is resolved!!

Overall great component and a great purchase!

Really Good component

Posted on 03 March 2012

I like this and considering the price its definatly value for money.Although the themes I think are a little shabby.

I havnt found any unusual problems.

Note to review below. Just goto group manager in the JOOMLA user group. Take note of the ID number and then go back to JOOMBAH component setting > global and enter the ID number in the USER GROUP area.... I think they should have made this clear as it took me 2hours to work this out myself!!

User registration Buggy

Posted on 20 February 2012

We bought this extension after the amount of reviews we read. Set up is very easy and everything makes sense.

Upon a new user registering everything goes fine and they are sent a confirmation email (like we wanted). They then click on the email to activate their account - again no problem.

The problem comes from the fact that once they have activated their account they should be able to log in, right? Well that doesn't happen because Joombah refuses to attach any user to a group. I have checked the settings umpteen times and I can safely say it is not my set up.

I have tried getting a user to sign up without Joombah installed and it works no problem. Do the authors have any ideas?

JoomBah Jobs

1.3.8 Stable
JoomBah Team
Last updated:
Dec 17 2014
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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