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JS Jobs for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the internet where jobseekers can come to view the latest jobs and apply to them.
JS Jobs allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and jobseekers can upload their Resumes.

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JS Jobs for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the internet where jobseekers can come to view the latest jobs and apply to them.
JS Jobs allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and jobseekers can upload their Resumes.

Highlighted Features

* Easy, simple with power.
* Latest design.
* Responsive layout.
* Separate resume form for user and visitor
* Google maps api for job
* Radius search on GeoCoordinates
* YouTube for job
* Applied resume can export to excel
* Meta description for job
* Meta Keyword for job
* Enforce un-published job by number of x days
* Resume export as PDF
* Admin can change field ordering of company, job and resume
* Custom fields for company and job.
* Email templates
* Stats
* Multi-themes
* Search Engine Friendly URLs
* Multi-language support
* JoomFish support
* Change the css easily
* Modules
* Plug-ins
* and more ...


* Control panel for employer
* Packages for employer
* Save time with flexible and powerful resume search interface
* Search resumes by application title, name, nationality, gender, availability, category, job type, salary range, education, experience
* Save resume search
* Build companies profile
* Upload a company logo
* Departments
* Jobs management
* Meta description & Meta Keywords for job
* Google map for job
* YouTube video for job
* Shortlist candidates
* Send email to employer when job seeker apply to a job
* Professional display of job searches and resumes
* View job applied resumes with number of applied resume
* Download resume file
* Resume export to PDF
* My stats
* My purchase history
* Notification on company approval / rejection
* Notification on job approval / rejection

Job Seeker

* Control panel for job seeker
* Package for job seeker
* Job listing by categories
* Job listing by company
* Job listing filter by location, category and job type
* Save filter for users
* Search jobs by title, category, job type, job status, salary range, shift, experience, duration, publishing date, company and location
* Save job search
* Resume manager (resume form, upload resume file, resume editor, image upload)
* Allow multiple resumes
* Cover letter manager
* Allow multiple cover letters
* View my applied jobs
* My stats
* My purchase history
* Notification on resume approval / rejection


* Administrator control panel
* Manage job types
* Manage job status
* Manage shifts
* Manage companies
* Manage departments
* Manage jobs


I used this component for last two years form previous version, it does all the functionalists as stated on features list. but it luks SEO

Ease of use

Very easy and simply


The developer Ahmad Bilal almost there at every request.i thanks him


it luck more

I used this to: for last two years


The extension is loaded with functionalities sadly I only use a fraction due to my specific needs

Ease of use

My website is for a recruiting agency and adapting this extensions for my needs has been easy. It offers far more than I need


Support has been excellent. Specially because adapting it to my needs needed more knowledge than I posedded


This is the only part I find that could be improved. Most things are self explanatory but more information is welcomed

I used this to: The extension is designed as an online recruitment billboard. My website is for a recruitment agency which has slightly different objectives, namely not disclosing the Employer's name. This is feasible but needs some working around.


Very happy with the functionality of this component, There is actually far more available than I need for my website now.

Ease of use

Takes a little time to become familiar as there are lots of options available, but once you get to grips, it's great.


Ahmad comes back quickly and has corrected a couple of small bugs


Good documentation available and forum is helpful too.

I used this to: Our recruitment agency has upgraded the jobs engine to use JS Jobs. I'm happy with the support and look of rate competent. Fully responsive for mobile screens and that was important to us. We bought the paid version and I'm happy to recommend it. 10/10!

Very good

Posted on 20 December 2014

works well, even with conflict with other components that use on my website.
but support was very supportive

Ease of use

very easy to use with your control panel with multiple features

I used this to: The js jobs is a fantastic extension, I am very satisfied with the js jobs. The support was available, wherever needed,
all questions were answered by Ahmad Bilal,
congratulations to all.

This extension works really well and is quite intuitive for both admins and users. You don't need to be nowhere near an expert to get it running.

The support is also excellent, Ahmad quickly resolved a couple issues I had.


This is my first ever review on any Joomla Extension. The most important thing while using a Free/Paid Extension is "Customer Support" and this will be unfair if I do not mention the great Support from the team of JS Jobs especially Mr. Ahmad Bilal.

I would rate this component as excellent because of two reasons.

1) Firstly, Free version has been provided to install and test.

2) Secondly, the paid version is also of great importance as it gives lot of features. Installation & support services from JoomSky team is great.

In any problem, their team Immediately responds to my email. I strongly recommend to use JS Jobs as Job Board for Joomla customers. Best of Luck for JoomSky team members.

I was caught between giving this an honest 4 stars or a 5. Decided to give it full marks as it is the best on the joomla market and I have purchased every single one. (no joke)

There is room for improvement of course but this is the first where I feel that they have actually thought about the real life requirements of the recruitment sector instead of just bashing out code.... like most have done! Not sure why I discovered this last, could have saved myself a lot of money.

Like I said, not perfect but damn this is the cream of the crop.

One point is I do not like the ACL setup. If register as a employer I do not expect to see the jobseeker control panel at all. They have given separate group ID, but will have to manually configure soon as I learn how this joomla ACL works.

keep it up and will try some other extensions from these guys soon.

We purchased the pro-version. I know this is a review for the free edition, but I wanted to tell Bilal thanks for the great component. Thanks for all of your assistance, we love the new changes and always look forward to the upcoming updates. Well worth the money for the pro-version!!!!! Thanks from PCC!

The support from the developers has been fantastic, they reply to our questions quickly and professionally. Also great component and easy to use. Highly recommended!

The efforts of the developers are commendable to have offered part of the project for free. The free version does more than what some others are charging fees.

JS Autoz

JS Autoz

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2.5 3
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Are you looking to increase your car dealership's online presence and attract new customers? JS Autoz help you online presence Major features -Easy Installation -Vistor/user can add vehicle -User can edit vehicle -Radius search on GeoCoordinates -Multiple image support [Admin configurable] -Automatic image upload, resize, and thumbnail creation -Support for youtube video -Support for google map api -Unlimited Custom Options Fields -Multi currency formatting support -CAPTCHA -Tell a friend -Meta description for vehicle -Meta Keyword for vehicle -Basic Hit Counter per Listing -Sale Pricing -Built in search -Search Engine Friendly URLs -Buyer can search vehicle by radius -Stats Seller -Seller (visitor) can add vehicle -Seller (user) can add vehicle -User can edit vehicle. -A comprehensive vehicle from -Add unlimited images [Admin configurable] -Auto resize images Buyer -Buyer can view new/used vehicle -Buyer can filter vehicle on location, geo-coordinates, make, model, year and condition based -Buy can search vehicle -Buyer can browse vehicle on condition base -Buyer can browse vehicle on make base -Buyer can browse vehicle on city base -Buyer can browse vehicle on model year base -Buyer can browse vehicle on price base -Buyer can browse vehicle on vehicle type base
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JS Jobs

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Feb 26 2009
GPLv2 or later
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