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Article Preview

Real Preview Pro provides two missing pieces of functionality to Joomla: real time previews and simple version control for articles. Real Preview Pro for lets you preview changes to Joomla articles in the full context of your site and create multiple version of the same article.

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  • Preview unpublished articles
  • Secure Previews
  • Unlimited draft versions
  • Preview Toolbar to swap versions
  • Preview options of modal and new windows
  • Direct Support system

You can use other plugins and load position calls in articles and still preview the differences.
Now you can also preview articles without publishing them! A first as far as we know this is a first in the Joomla verse.

There is also a free downloadable version too!

No other extensions I've seen give you the ability to preview content before making it public (which in my opinion kind of defeats the purpose). This one lets you save kind of a test version and then check it out before you make it live. I love it.

Wonderful tech support, too!

Useful. Excellent!

Posted on 25 February 2013

It works! I write a lot and use it all the time. Very useful. Thanks.

Great comp, but

Posted on 12 April 2012

it works as a charm, but I have a few issues ...

It iterfer with yoothemes Widgetkit, makes the kit not work. And after I uninstall the RealPreview component, I can not Edit my articles. I recive error, Component not found. There is clearly something missing (not removed properly).

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review we really appreciate it. Please bring any support issues to our support channel where we can deal with them directly. [Compatibility issues with WidgetKit was fixed in last update]

I installed this extension for a client who was struggling not being able to preview article changes before publishing them. You do have to have one instance of the article published before it can work...I advised my client to save simply 'page under construction' in the first instance and go from there.

So a useful extension definitely. Plus the developer did a great job sorting out a conflict that occurred with another extension.

5 stars.

Having got tired of the numerous requests for un-delete button from my clients, I went looking for a version control system. There appears to be only 1, but fortunately it works perfectly!

The demo site made it crystal clear what I was getting, and a painless install later it was up and running in 1 of my websites. I will have to find the time to install it into each of my sites as it is a huge time saver.

Not only that, but support is fast and friendly.

I am just amazed that this is not yet in the Joomla core.

Nice work!

I'm delighted to have found this extension and it's well worth the money. You can create draft versions, preview them then either publish them or fall back on previous drafts.

I had a small support request about drafts not being deleted when the original article was deleted and received personal communication about it with the promise of a plugin to provide this functionality.

I understand they are working on some more extensions, so I shall certainly keep a close eye on them. Well done!

I've been building Joomla sites for over 5 years and I can't count how many times I've had to explain to a client that the preview wasn't really a preview. I never gave it much though as to why until I stumbled across Real Preview. It makes sense that you would need a copy of the version you want to preview, which is what makes this extension so great.

The real power in Real Preview is the versioning system. This is something that has been missing and sorely needed. No more having to explain to a client that there is no undo once you save or apply changes. No more having to run Akeeba backups constantly just to make simple edits. And no more having to explain why the preview button is "broken".

Real Preview is simple to use and understand. The interface is very intuitive for any Joomla user. It couldn't be any easier to use. I haven't needed support though I did send in a question that was promptly answered within the hour.

They are planning K2 support in the near future as an added bonus. This will definitely be a must have for all of our Joomla installs.

I ran across this component totally by accident. Had it installed and ready to turn the project over to the client when I had a problem with another 3rd party admin template.

An email and literally minutes later I had a response and assistance and the problem was solved.

Sometimes I set up websites with article content already in place for a client. It isn't days before I am having to find the article in the backups and restore it after the formatting and layouts are accidentally overwritten by the client.

To prevent this, I would teach customers to always make copies of articles before editing them. The version control feature alone in this component is priceless and well worth the price. An excellent 2-for-1 offer!


Posted on 28 August 2011

I have been using this extension for about 6 months on a county council website (even prior to being published in the JED). I can only congratulate Alan on a superb & very useful extension... well done

Notify for K2

Notify for K2

Paid download | K2 extensions | Joomkit
2.5 3
3 reviews
Notify Plugin adds some simple and effective email notifications to the K2 extension for Joomla. It will let you: -Set Global email alerts for all K2 front end item submissions -Set email alerts for specific K2 categories -Send email notifications to single or multiple email addresses It adds a configuration screen to K2 categories which enables you to specify submission and notifications per K2 category. You can also override these settings in the main notify plugin to set site wide global options. The plugin settings will also let you include the K2 item in the notification email along with extrafields and provide a link back to the item for quick edit and approval or publishing.

Real Preview for Joomla

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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