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Free Social Network for Joomla will keep the users on your website by entertaining them with real social networking functionality

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After single 3-minute-long installation your website will have social features: activity streams, likes, friends, groups, messaging, blogs, market, and much more.

What this extension is for: Big social networks put plenty of websites out of business, because anyone can create a group on a major Social Network (such as Facebook, VKontakte, LinkedIn, Odnoklassniki, etc.), and it's much easier than to build and support your own website.
We want to get web-masters back into the game, arming them with the same functionality the "grown-up" social networks have.

See the Demo (link in the right top part of this page, ).

Please note: to see the social functionality to the full extent you have to be logged into the demo site. Although if you don't want to register, you can watch the Video Presentation there instead ;-)

For more info feel free to look through the wiki documentation (link in the right top part of this page also, )

You also can get Joomla with GRA4 Social Network on the free hosting at

I've been comming here since J1.0 came out and this is the first time I've felt compelled to join the site, just to write you a review.

I was expecting another buggy extension that I would waste 1/2 a day installing and debugging just to find out it wasn't what I wanted or was just plain poorly coded.

What I got from this was a lot more than a modified clone script that I expectly it is INTERCONNECTIVITY with other website and thier users! I've been trying to do this since the shared chatrooms in the late 90's.

The truth is I am more into ecommerce, but I use Joomla because it has the ability to be social. I've always thought my home page should be a home and the people who stopped by should be my friends, your app takes me one step closer to the successful social_community_eccommerce_portal I've been trying to build!


Michael Kelly

Demo is very impressed me.

But this component:

- hasn't any adjustments in admin-panel,

- is incompatible even with Ja T3 Frameworks 2.0 Blank template.

What to tell?

It's a very useful component, but it's not ready as complete extenshion.

Owner's reply: Sorry the component didn't work for you.

Admin panel : there is not mucj to configure right now, although we do plan to add some stuff there (see bellow).

Template compatibility : On the current stage we can't provide total compatibility with all custom templates. There are custom.css files, so if the webmaster wants tune-up, unfortunately it's manual labor to change them. We do plan to add css editor to the installation so the the process will be easier.

Last but not least : Thank you guys for any bug reports, comments and suggestions.

BTW : New version ( is out - hopefully it behaves better =)

Doesnt't work properly. After doing all suggestions (documentation) there were still two error message "cURL faild - please check you php.ini" and "could not resolve host 'gate.gra4.comvity'". cURL is installed and activated (PHP V.5.3.x), the second error message I can't understand why.

Please solve this problems it is a very good component (when it works as on the demo ;-))

Owner's reply: Thanks for you kind words, BernSg, and especially for the error report.
Looks like your system uses URL suffixes - sorry, we forgot to reflect this limitation in the documents.
Next version (probably going out tomorrow) will be "suffix-tolarent".


Alexey Trofimov
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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