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WP4J fully integrates into Joomla, the award winning blogging platform, WordPress - the system that powers more than 17% of the web. With millions of users and thousands of active developers, you are looking at the most comprehensive, powerful and easiest to use blog software known to man.

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WP4J is not a bridge, it is Wordpress running as a fully integrated Joomla component with all the capabilities of both systems at the tip of your fingers. This is a full multiuser system with the ability for users to have there very own blog(s) with full administrative control.

Based on WordPress, WP4J is the best blogging solution for Joomla.

Ease of use

  1. Installation via the J! Extension Manager, no complex configuration it is up and running in less than a minute

  2. No need to mess around with editing templates and such, WP4J integrates seamlessly with ALL templates

  3. Automatic role conversion to Joomla ACL, no messing around, no fuss

  4. Administration toolbar via the frontend extremely easy to use, we are talking so easy that Grandma could use it :)

  5. Updates and plugin installation via Wordpress Admin console, no need to download/upload, all done via the web.

  6. Due to it's extreme ease of use WP4J will cut user training costs to virtually nil

Main features:

  • Users can have their own fully featured separate blog within your site
  • Via their own blog users can set up others users to be administrators, moderators, bloggers or subscribers
  • Import blogs from existing Wordpress sites, the best way to import your existing WordPress blog to Joomla
  • Native Comment support and the ability to add Facebook Comments, Disqus and dozens of others via plugins
  • Share blogs to virtually every other platform such as Facebook, Google+, etc via plugins
  • Media management system with the ability to add Galleries, Videos, and other files to blog posts
  • Seamless integration with any Joomla Template, WP4J deploys all content via Joomla's native content templates

Other Features via the thousands of Wordpress Plugins available:

  • Spam control via Akismet, Bad Behavior, Defensio, CAPTCHA, Spam Karma, Spam Hitman… the list goes on
  • Advertising / Monetoration via advertising with plugins such as OIO Publisher, Adpress, WP AdCenter, etc
  • Super speedy micro blogging via QuickPress
  • Powerful SEO options endorsed by Google
  • Full support for your favorite google applications such as google maps, Picasa, Youtube, etc
  • thousands more plugins available at

More Reasons to use WP4J:


Posted on 11 February 2015


Ease of use


Value for money

Why bother?

I used this to: We all know what Wordpress is, now take a good look at EasyBlog by StackIdeas, then look at the demo of this component. I don't know why Joomla would even allow this on their extensions directory, very disappointing.

This is a great extension in so many ways. I will start by saying that if SEO isn't a huge concern then this is a really good extension, but be prepared....many WP plugins are going to give you MySQL errors.

We also had an issue with the title system being goofy on the blog post pages. Almost like there were duplicate titles. We got a 1/2 answer to our question, and when we had a few follow up questions we received no answer. Now on any PC we can no longer log into the developers site to fill out a new ticket, ad there seems to be no other way to contact them.

Also there is no way to remove the blog post details as you can in normal WP by a simple file edit. There is zero documentation to explain how to do any of this me these are simple things that anyone should have access to make the blog function how they want, and lets face of the most appealing parts of WP is the SEO, but with titles that are all messed up why bother.

All that said we will continue to use this as there is no better available option, but we now need to pay another dev to fix this install to work right. Truly a bummer; because minus the few severe issues this would be one of the best extensions available. :(

Owner's reply: Now you state about SEO? then go on about plugins... not sure what you mean but...

WP4J Terms and conditions specify that you use 3rd party plugins at your own risk. Some wordpress plugins just plain don't work, this is a sad fact and something you agree to before purchase.

WP4J is fully templated and it is remarkably easy to edit the layout of your blog - don't be afraid to look around in the component directory, very straight forward to alter things.

Unfortunately some Joomla installs are so bloated with 3rd party extensions that it is virtually impossible for anything to work properly, on the whole most people do not have any problems with WP4J and I am sorry that you did.


Posted on 26 June 2013

Perfect extension !!! specialist in seo, i was not really happy with easyblog, then i dreamt to use wordpress IN joomla

WP4J does an amazing work, the best wordpress features (seo, some plugins, etc) now in joomla

thank you for this work

This is an excellent extension and the customer support was top-notch!! Thank you so much!

It has a remarkably good stability.

It is developing new features at fast pace, and setup is easy enough for me (less than one month working with joomla).

Right now it supports almost all WP features, except templating (it can try to adapt your joomla template, or you can select a few packed along with the WP4J). Anyway, with their updating and improving rythm, by the time you read this templating will work exactly as in standalone installation.

Awesome Extension

Posted on 23 May 2013

Every now and again there comes along a product that combines a truly awesome extension and truly wonderful support. WP4J is one of those.

I initially had issues with the beta versions (I know they were beta) but they were very quickly resolved by Billy the developer. It's rare that you run across a developer that has put so much time and effort into ensuring that the product does what it says and works in your environment. Billy really went far and above in getting WP4J running in my environment.

I can't say enough about how good the implementation actually is. You are really running Word Press from within a Joomla environment.

If you want the ultimate blog environment and your site is running Joomla this is the extension package for you.


Billy Dale
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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