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Over the past year of development in Joomla! i have come across a few shortcomings and a few features in alternative CMS such as Wordpress which I think would be great added functionality in Joomla! such as custom fields. So I have created a nice combination of plugins, modules and components for Joomla to have a similiar way of controlling content through custom fields in the way Wordpress does.

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The custom fields component is quite simple, you just need to add the fields using the custom fields component then whilst editing your article you wish to display these cusotm fields with, simple click the button at the bottom of your editor and a popup will guide you to adding values to these custom fields. Then finally using the content plugin or module for the custom fields, you can then display them on your website front-end.

You will need all 4 extensions (2 plugins, 1 module, and 1 component) for this to work as expected.

I hope you enjoy the extension and find it useful, any bugs of the component please either comment on my website or direct it to the forum on my website.

Latest bugfixes:

* No longer errors or "fake saves" when the article isn't yet created/saved.
* No more mysql errors if there is no current fields added.
* CSS fixed for component backend for IE7 where button dissapeared.

That's great idea and something that is missing in joomla! but the plugin doesn't work with Joomla 2.5.4, after enabling the plugins I got errors.

Nice extension

Posted on 07 February 2012

This extension is good but not perfect.

The only reason I rate this as good is that it took a while to get behind of all.

A better documentation would be nice.

Keep up the great work!

Excellent Extension

Posted on 18 January 2012

Sometimes you search all around for your needs and find lots of things but not the right one. Yes this is the right one for me. Exactly what i needed. Thanks Andy


Posted on 16 January 2012

Ever since I migrated to Joomla 1.6 I've missed custom fields.. Thanks for porting it, seems to be working great and is a fantastic addition to Joomla 1.6 (and if if it were up to me this would be in core..)

Very good extension

Posted on 14 March 2011

I was looking for something like since the day I installed Joomla. I wanted to have a sidebar with various additional links and info that suppliments the article. Like list of anchors, and various others, that are specific to each article.

I tried mod_custom, but that's a pain, because I need to have a module for each article that I want to supplement. Awkward. With this extension I can keep all relevant info with the article, making it much easier to administer.

Great work

Posted on 14 March 2011

A great extension! But will be awesome if you build this for joomla 1.6 too,becouse do not have this functionality native. I don't what need instal the k2 in joomla 1.6 just for using this functionality

Just a sugestion... in joomla 1.5 works very good!


That's it..

Posted on 03 May 2010

This is the most easy to use and well implemented feature ever seen. I hope you have a look at this ( CCK extra sub-categories to check if your idea suite it. I guess you will make a new revolutions in the joomla CCK world.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and your Extensions.

Udja Comments

Udja Comments

Free | Articles comments | Andy Sharman
28 reviews
Due to a distinct lack of comments and a high demand for a comments extension for 1.6 which can provide functionality which rivals that of jComments I created a simple but easily extended comments component+module+plugin combination. This has since expanded but I still intend on keeping it SIMPLE, not complex. This enables you to use the comments module with non-content frontend pages, and the content plugin for content related pages. Making comments for things like Virtuemart/Download extensions etc a possibility. 2.0 beta Akismet integration (find this under the spam protection section) Manual email notification list for all comments being posted Improved manual spam protection using regex Frontend "delete comments" ability Improved reply embedding Export button in admin panel to download people who subscribe to receive EDMs 1.0.1 Fixes On some systems comments weren't deleting. Fixed. Email was being forced even when not selected. Fixed. Some German translation bugs. Fixed. Bug fixes for 1.0 Stable XSS exsploit when entering website for comments Admin glitch where text jumped out of popup in IE7 Bug where content auto-spammed itself Bug with category filter not working Error with development environments housing Joomla in a subdirectory Security Release RC3 Fixes a small XSS oversight Fixes category filtering for article glitch where catid=0 New Features RC2 Added JComments import feature - this is early beta. Do not use on live websites. Added basic support for [code][/code] and [quote][/quote] Change the way the data is affiliated to content to make it easier to hook into other components such as K2 User login restrictions - can now only show comments or allow comment submissions to registered users. de-DE translation - Thanks Gerhard Sopolinski Unsubscribe link added to notification emails New features and bugfixes in 1.0 RC1 ReCaptcha added (this will require a reCaptcha api key) Fixed language bugs for en-GB pt-BR and se-SE native translations have been added. Thankyou Alex Castro and Kristian users name/email pre-populated when logged into frontend Content plugin created to use with articles Content plugin hook to display X comments on blog layouts auto-updater fixed (please note due to a bug in Joomla this will NOT WORK untill Joomla 1.7 stable is released - due in the next couple of weeks) javascript reply to other post fixed Pre-Existing functionality list: Supports nested comments (replying to others comments) Has basic spam detection, word/ip/email/domain filtering. Avatar & Gravatar support Fully using framework, LANG/HTML are both overrideable without core-hacks. Uses a module for the comments so can be used with any component, not restricted to content. Can be ordered oldest->newest or newest->oldest Form position (above or below comments) Pagination, and customi
c m p

custom fields

Andy Sharman
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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