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Create 100% NATIVE Joomla articles using simple forms with front-end submission! Resize pictures with upload feature and set permission for new articles. All html is defined in article templates for consistent layout.

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Our goals is to make managing Joomla articles as easy as possible. Instead of using one html-editor (wysiwyg) you can define a simple form with fields in Form2Content. The field data like text, images, links etc. are than placed into an article template. Together this creates the normal Joomla article. You can even see it in the Joomla article manager!

Front-end article submission (ACL based)
Form2Content also allows users to submit Joomla articles in the front-end via the front-end article manager. Using the Joomla ACL you can set whether you see all articles or just your own or whether you can edit, create or delete articles.

Article templating
To create the 100% Joomla articles we 'paste' the form data into article templates. Together the data and template layout forms the Joomla article html.
In the article template you can add html layout, framework css, Joomla content plugin syntax or even modules if you like. This way your user who submits the form needs no knowledge of this. And what's more, all your articles for each content type look the same!

3rd party Extensions compatible
We are "Joomla compatible"! Since Form2Content creates Joomla articles we work with all extensions that use com_content but also with all Joomla content plugins. This way you decide which review extension, gallery plugin or slideshow you want to use.

Main features of Form2Content
- F2C creates 100% NATIVE JOOMLA ARTICLES (com_content)
- Front-end article manager (ACL based)
- Article submission without HTML knowledge (forms)
- Article templating (include conditions)
- 3rd party plugin & module compatible
- YOU decide which gallery, slideshow, review or commenting system etc. you want to use.

Form2Content LITE is our free GPL version of Form2Content PRO. Please find a comparison chart of functions on the homepage. Other F2C extensions include XML Export, Search component & module and KML export.

Functional and Flexible

Posted on 06 March 2015

Really impressed with the concept of this extension, the way it is so native to Joomla means you can also use other extensions with it.

Ease of use

Very easy to use the basic functionality, but it can also be used to develop very complex content which may require some understanding.


Really good! So important for an extension that can achieve so much.


growing all of the time. Its good but again the extension can achieve so many possibilities that ive had to resort to contacting developer.

I used this to: two projects so far. So flexible, so native to work alongside joomla, and so many possibilities. One of the extensions I am happy to fully recommend!

Best in class

Posted on 11 February 2015

Allowed us to deploy a simple goof-proof front-end form to allow unskilled contributing authors to upload articles to a category blog.

Ease of use

The learning curve is a little steep, but well worth climbing. I got lots of help in understanding the basic functionality.


Support is outstanding, patient and prompt. These developers really stand behind their product. Thank you, Patrick and Julien.


Documentation isn't as clear as it could be, but they are working hard to improve it. With power comes complexity, inevitably.

I used this to: We bought the pro version to expedite production of an online yacht club newsletter via ACY Mailing. Is the only thing I found that really does work completely as advertised. Extremely versatile. Will be ;putting it to use in other time-saving ways.


A customer asked me to create a site, where many pedagogical institutions could share their resources. It had to be simple, so institutions could create their own sites, employees and resources.

Ease of use

Since I am not an experienced user of CCK’s, I had a look on the Joomla Extension Directory and did some research about, which product may fit my needs and at the same time might be intuitive, not too complex to understand and had a steep learning curve.


After a couple of days of research, I came back to form2content (F2C) repeatedly. And I went away again, because I was thinking: “This is not complex enough” and “What if you are almost done, and suddenly you need a function, they are not supporting?”


I sent a mail with a complex description of my challenge and my concerns to Patrick. His answer made me choosing F2C Pro immediately. He did not only confirm, that F2C could handle everything I needed, he also pointed out to me that there were some flaws in my construction and how to do things better.
Since I ran out of time and the deadline came closer, I realized that I did not have the time to learn F2C, even if it was simple. Therefore, I asked Patrick if he was willing to do only the CCK work, and I was doing the rest.

I used this to: He agreed and we figured things out quickly. During the process, we (he) optimized my idea so it became even better. He did his excellent work within the agreed time.
See the site at
My point is:
Form2Content can handle 99% of all CCK tasks. It is defi

Form2Content - an extension that does everything as promised, unlike most of the competition! The one thing that made me sign up and write this review though, was the excellent support! Not only was it immediate but also extremely accurate! A huge thank you to Julien, Patrick and their whole crew for their help!

For a client with huge layout-demands, no html-knowledge, many article-contributors I configured Form2Content. They are happy. For many clients I ealier arranged YOO-theme ZOO. Just because F2C uses core-Joomla-article-tables and features and the more than fantastic front-end possibilities, I'm glad I discovered F2C.

Thereby: the support is personal, quick and super sufficient. My present client must buy the Pro-version, I take in every new offer the Pro-version as obligatorily.


Have been using f2c (pro) for all sites for years now. And this is by far the best cck there is for making native Joomla articles. With f2c I can make a Joomla site with advanced design and functionality that even my grandmother can update without making it look bad ;-)

Choose imagecropping on upload, with the option of preset proportions, is just one of the functions where Julien has excelled. Patrick and Julien has made a component here that I can't do without. First thing to install on any Joomla site.

Absolutely the Best!

Posted on 03 January 2014

I tried other CCKs including K2, Zoo, ContentBuilder and YooRecipe (it's for my cooking website), and I purchased the paid versions where applicable. I also bought the paid version of Form2Content because it has features I need for my project.

The other CCKs are good to okay, but do not offer the flexibility I need. I wish I would have tried F2C first because it turns out to be absolutely perfect for just about any content related project I can imagine.

Their integration of the Smarty template engine is nothing short of genius, allowing me to lay the content out exactly the way I want - not only in the browser but also in the generated HTML (think And since F2C creates native Joomla! articles, I can use any content plugins I care to without regard to compatability issues.

I can't say much about support because, so far, I have not needed any. With their extensive and well written documentation, and the occasional search in their forums, I was able to figure everything out without asking for help. But from what I see in other reviews and within their forums, I feel confident support will be there if I ever need it.

My only regret is that I dumped money into paid versions of other CCKs, to the tune of several hundred dollars, before discovering Form2Content. If you're looking for the most flexible and most powerful CCK, you want F2C. Read the documentation, take the time to learn it... you will not be disappointed.

Supporting all the way

Posted on 04 September 2013

Just sharing the same feedback from others, great communication by Julien and excellent support. In comparison to some of developers this extension should get more than ten stars.

Also the idea behind the extension is great to make Joomla a capable and flexible CMS.

Good day is Giovanni from Brisbane Australia.

First at all :

- Excellent idea and extension

- Excellent support, Julien is a great programmer

I am using this extension for:

- create a form in the front end for submit data

- the data submitted are formatted with a style sheet

- the result is an article with a nice appearance

Also you can:

- create relationship between articles

- create links inside the articles

Case of use: Job Sheet

I have created a submission form for my employees for submit the job sheet.

The job sheet is divided in:

- Job sheet (with the description of the work and the data of the client)

- Job days (all the days of work and start finish hours)

- Job materials(all the materials used for the job with quantity and others info)

Job days and Job materials are linked with a relationship 1=>N to the Job Sheet.

First at all my employees have to create a job sheet.

Day by day they can add materials and working hours to their own job sheet.

Automatically at every modify all the data are re-printed and re formatted inside the articles.

So at any time I have all the data about a job inside my articles, and I can print it and use as invoice.

Try it, and You will see how easy is to store information and visualize it through an article.

It 'been a year since F2C use with great satisfaction! The best CCK that Joomla! could hope to have! It fits perfectly to com_content in Joomla, and the possibilities are limitless. You will no longer need to manually enter the plugins, because just integrate it into the smarty template. Working with the com_content all the components can be used without any problem, and the compatibility is complete. Customers will be limited to enter their content easily and without any knowledge! With a little study, F2C you can take it to even higher levels, such as creating a unique configuration for some / all of the template parameters: credentials footer, main logo templates and much more. In addition, the forms can be submitted to your liking and stilarle graphically as you want. Supplemented by f2c Search (surcharge) you will feel the super heroes. If you need to launch a Web site of small / medium / large size F2C is the choice to take their eyes closed!

The support? Second to none! Julien is the best programmer with whom I have got to have the pleasure of working. It gives me great support, often for free and, if due, offers paid support. I did not think there could be such a support, but F2C deserves 5 ​​stars! Last note: the documentation is the best proof that shows the high level and quality of the component. I've never seen one so complete documentation in any other component! I love F2C. Do not ever gonna change it with any other component of CCK in the world!

OSD Content restriction

OSD Content restriction

Free | Site Access | Open Source Design
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The Open Source Design content restriction plugin allows you to control (show or hide) part of a Joomla article content. What is shown or hidden can be determined by six different variables, namely the user group, the user, the author group, the author, if on the homepage ! 1) Content restriction based on the Joomla! user group. 2) Content restriction based on the loged in user id. 3) Content restriction based on the author group of the Joomla! article. 4) Content restriction based on the author of the Joomla! article. 5) Content restriction based on if article is featured. 6) Content restriction based on if the Joomla! article is shown on the hompage. For the actual plugin syntax (tags) reference and any further questions please visit the documentation page:

Form2Content LITE

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