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Content Construction

ZOO is a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content.

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  • Create multiple app instances - Each one manages its own content like items and categories.
  • ZOO provides a clean design with a JavaScript powered user interface to manage apps.
  • Create your very own custom content types to fit exactly your requirements.
  • Choose from a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more.
  • Arrange your content via drag 'n drop by assigning elements to layout positions.
  • Extend categories with custom fields and sort them using drag 'n drop.
  • The slick comment system supports Akismet, Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook Connect.
  • Adding tags is a breeze with text suggestion, auto completion and multiple selections.
  • Use our form builder to let your users submit content via the frontend of your website!
  • Trusted authors can review and edit their created content directly from the frontend.
  • Import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components

Included Apps

  • Blog - Easily build your own weblog with features like comments, tags and social bookmarks.
  • Pages - Need a static content page like a Copyright or Team page? Here you go!


not jet

Ease of use

not really


Only 2 things could be improved, having a native multilanguage without the need of ZOolingual and removing apps management

Ease of use

Could be a bit more easy to manage apps not so intuitive


not needed


not needed

I used this to: My personal website

Worst support ever

Posted on 06 March 2015

Realy great component if you dont need support.

There is a big problem with updates. It breaks ZOO and than you need to buy it again.

Ease of use

They reply only if you pay 120 euro.

I used this to: When it works it is great thing but what they do with updates is a SCAM

Bitter Sweet

Posted on 16 September 2014

I have been using ZOO for a few years now, and hands down its the most user friendly CCK component for Joomla. If it doesn't provide what you're looking for out of the box, you can easily (with some meium level knowledge of PHP and CSS) customize it to do 90% of what you need. Great Job and Great component.

That being said, the Yootheme team has to be the absolute worst customer service team of any Joomla component that I ever used... and I have used and purchased hundreds over the past 9 years.

"IF" you can ever get them to respond to your customer service request, it's typically with a short, unhelpful and usually condescending answer. Shame on you Yootheme!!!

If you are looking for one of the best built and most flexible Joomla component, that comes with a -5 Star customer service team... Yootheme Zoo is the component for the job.

I don't understand some of these bad reviews.

ZOO is powerful, extendible and flexible.

The content creation works by allowing you to create "Apps" inside the the component. This in turn allows you to create page types, and each page type has content elements.

For instance, you can create an app to present a product catalogue. You set up your types, say "Hardware and Software", then each of those types can have content elements:





Joomla Modules

Option lists

Etc etc etc.

Then you simply create your pages and fill in the elements. ZOO takes care of the rest!

What's really good about ZOO, it allows you to control your content, especially if you build sites for clients. You set up your content types and this allows you to "pre-set" how the content looks... your clients won't be able to divert from this setting, therefore it simplifies content management for those who can't be trusted to use the native Joomla content component.

(I see it as "Content on Rails!")

And if you know your way around PHP and XML, then creating custom elements and content layouts is so easy.

In fact creating a new entire app is a simple process once you understand it.

But don't worry if you don't know PHP etc, ZOO is by far and away the most elegant, simple to use CCK for Joomla. It is extremely easy to set up and use and you will be creating excellent looking content in no time.

Add images, text, video, social buttons etc easily. Rearrange them with drag n' drop, and get your content looking the way you want.

Simple and easy.

RE: the gripes about support in these reviews. I haven't had any trouble with my support requests. Like any other software support, if you ask your questions in a clear and precise way, give examples and detail, support queries are answered quickly.

Seriously, you owe it to yourself to give ZOO a try!

Questions but no answers

Posted on 16 November 2013

I am using the free version to test-drive this extension. I love the concept and believe it will work for my needs. However, I sent pre-purchase questions to the developer and have been waiting for answers before making a $160 (USD) purchase. The silence leads me to believe that the support will be non-existent.

A must!

Posted on 28 August 2013

This component is something else! I have been using it for some time now and it has made it possible for me to arrange certain content perfectly. I can now have the perfect frontend showcasing of photos and their descriptions. They are perfectly aligned and positioned. The presentation of the contents is also impeccable and it offers numerous content possibilities and subject uses. So far I have used it for torusim sites, product presentation for web shops, restaurant catalogues and so on and I have also recently stumbled upon an application called SocialBoards (from Tigra)for ZOO, a Pinterest like component using ZOO. I never thought it could be arranged like that.

Best choice i ever had

Posted on 09 August 2013

I am working with joomla for almost 4 years.i used many many extensions and this is the best extension i ever had!

Highly recommended for everyone who is tired of joomla limitations. and i guaranteed if you use zoo, you never comeback to joomla or k2...!

by easy backup and restore data You can easily migrate to any new joomla version without loosing data.

there is a lot of features so learning take your time, but after every day, you will love it more than yesterday

Honestly i never paid for any extension, but i want to donate them a big money because they give me all i want.

The support team (specially jan) are really cool. I am not a member but they helped me to solve my problems about zoo and roksprocket issue.Even Rockettheme say it is not possible to solve this but zoo team had different idea and solved by just 2 lines of codes!

the documentation is really brief and useful but you can't get enough information about the advanced features like zoo structure...

I give this extension Excellent but i think this is not enough..

I do understand some of the bad reviews below, but ultimately even the free version is a piece of art.

And while you have to pay for support (which is understandable, we all need to make a living) I still found it fairly easy to use once I gave it a go.

The features are top shelf and the whole extension, back-end and front-end, is very polished and professional.

The documentation is good, but quite brief and requires advanced knowledge to understand.

I'd still recommend it over comparable extensions though just because of how well it works once you know how you use it.

I've been experimenting and using ZOO for over 2 months now so I can say I have a pretty good grasp on the system.

In my opinion out of all CCKs available for Joomla, ZOO is certainly the most elegant of all of them. It is intuitive, easy to use and once you get how the system works it's fun to build pages using the elements. Templating is pretty straight forward and overall development is fairly easy.

From the presentation on Yootheme's homepage and the thorough documentation it's clear that a lot of care and attention went on the development.

The problem with Zoo, and it is a major flaw for a CCK, is that once you get past the submission and the display of data on the front-end you dont really have much control over the data. Display and filtering options are really limited.

Things get really bad once you take on account the experience of a front-end user. Yes, you can submit data and it will show on the front-end, but if you want to have more control or any other special relations besides that then you're out of luck.

Let me give an example, let's say we have a business listing website and users can submit items from the front-end. Let's also say that I want all the authors to have a blog if they want. Then trouble starts, because if you want to display those blog items teasers inside the author's business listing, there's no way to filter that data based on the author as there's no way to put a link to that specific author blog page since there's no way to filter authors.

And that's where the problem lies. If you want most of the content of your website to come from front-end submissions and later you want to give those users all kinds of possibilities for submitting content, zoo is really not the ideal option. The base of the cck is really solid, but this is extension leaves a lot to be desired on an author basis level.

There's not really much room for customization from the front-end user besides editing the data. There's no way to create multiple applications that are related to each other and in my opinion that's a pretty big flaw on a cck.

On the flip side, if you're not interested in complicated uses of data, and just want a basic sumbission form or if most of the submissions are going to come from the back-end then by all means use Zoo. It's the easiest to learn and use and for simple websites I totally recommend it.

On the other hand, if you are planning complex submissions and want better control for front-end users then I don't recommend Zoo at all. You'd be much better off trying Cobalt or Seblod.

Dont let my score fool you, I really love this extension. As I said, the system is intuitive and elegant, it's extensible and it works for simple purposes. The problem is that it is an expensive extension and 3rd party extensions providers like Zoolanders are really necessary if you want to do anything beyond the basics or want integrations with other extensions further adding to the cost.

I really hope Yootheme will bring new features with future zoo releases, specialy more control for the front-end user and more control over the data that is submitted. If they deliver, then this cck is going to be best there is for Joomla, but as of now as a cck it is not the best.


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