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This is a free component to add, edit and display tip of the day module in your site.
Tip Of The Day features:

  • Get this

  • Display all tips in menu.

  • Display tip of the day in module.

  • Display or hide title for tips menu.

  • Customize title for tips menu.

  • Customize design for tips menu.

  • Customize days interval for the module tip.

  • It's awesome.

4 Primary designs for tips menu:

Divs: As seen in the demo, simple with color and shadow.

clean: clean. Just text.

Tilted: tilted tips in divs.

Simple: simple grey with shadow.

clean: clean. Just text.

New to version 1.1.1:
-Added an option to change tips in module by order or by random.
-Added module suffix to the module.
-Added all the component styles to the module.
-Added option to import tips from CSV,TXT files. More info in this guide.

Any bugs, reviews and suggestions are welcomed in


Does the needful: admin uses typical category/item model and UI expectations; output module's style presets are adequate; so forth.

Ease of use

Relies on, and fulfills, typical Joomla user expectations. If you know how to use Joomla generally, this extension will make perfect sense.


Posted on 10 November 2013

Thanks, very good size, excellent and fast support

Owner's reply: Thank you for your comment, we do our best to ensure each user's happiness.

I just like to say I was looking for some thing like daily joke, but I couldn't find any thing better then this. it i so simple and perfect, you don't know how happy I am to find this component.

the support is excellent and any time I report a problem I get my answer in one day.

just for suggestion it would be perfect if there be a share button on the module, user could share the tip for others, and also if I could have an RSS for the module to share it in other websites.

thank you so much.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your kind review, this means a lot to us.
We are corrently working on RSS and social media share for the module, as well as some other features, so stay tuned!


Posted on 05 December 2012

More Power !

I went to register just to post this comment

How lucky am I to find this extension here ?

I am a beginner with joomla, installed several days ago, but I have a long experience with html and css.

Light size, easy to install and works like a charm, great support !

Use the TIP OF THE DAY FTW for my own site.

Thank You. More Power to you guys !

Owner's reply: Thank you for your nice comment, we try to keep all our users happy.
Have a great time with Joomla!.


Free | FAQ | FTW Extensions
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This is a free component for Jquery FAQ management. Simply create FAQs and categories display the categories in a menu item and customize as you wish. For more information click here. FAQ features: 3 designs for faq display. JQuery effects. Select categories shown. ask a question from the front-end and email option. Full support of text alignment. Many customization available. Back to top and print buttons appearance and behavior customization. Plugin to allow Joomla! search on FAQs. Plugin to show categories and faqs in articles. It's awesome. 3 Primary designs: Simple, Default and Standart. Default: As seen in the demo, nice with graphics. Simple: simple with no graphic but the back to top button (if displayed). Standart: simple and small as in the joomla back-end. New to version 1.3.0: -Fixed a bug causing text back to top to not appear. -Fixed a bug causing the email to be sent anyway. -Fixed a bug causing question to be sent even if not valid. -Fixed style when ask a question could not be shown due to access restrictions. -Added option to change background color. -Added option to show empty categories. -Changed question font, answer font and background color can now recieve any type of color template (e.g: #FFFFFF,FFFFFF,white). -Added print option to each FAQ (Print template is still in beta, feel free to suggest). -Now supports Joomla! 3.x. FAQFTW Content Plugin -Now supports Joomla! 3.x. Any bugs, reviews and suggestions are welcomed in
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User Group FTW For Hikashop

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Tip Of The Day FTW

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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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