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Fresh content for google! Publish a different article each day of the week with this tiny but powerful content rotation tool, good for your readers but also means you can offer different content per day to google.

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Google says it wants fresh content which in turn impacts on your SEO policies.

If a search engine spiders your site each day, it can find significant differences to its index from it's previous visit.

Week of Words is a Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 and 3 module which you can pre-set to publish an article for each day of the week by simply adding the article number. It's easy and will keep publishing your roster as long as it's active.

Note: Documentation is mostly for "Week of More Words" which is an advanced version

It will publish any article on-site, please be aware, it was designed to add small snippets, hints and tips to pages. If you wish to publish an article with an image we advise using the later version "Week of More Words".

Install the module. Then using Joomla's module manager, select Week of Words. Assign a module position as you would with any other module. Then add the article number's you want to publish to the days form, Monday through to Sunday.

So, let's say you have an article about how you don't like Mondays - put that number in Week of Words Monday field.

Say you have an article warning of the dangers of drink, add that to Friday, an article about great hangover cures? Add it to Saturday .

Don't forget, you can have multiple instances of modules so you could also have a week of words just for hints and tips and another for daily offers or just an image. It's up to you!

This module is downloaded quite frequently (about 1200 times a quarter) and has been used successfully on thousands of websites.

just wanted to write a review, I had a problem when I transferred a Joomla! site to a new host, mod_weekofwords

wasn't functioning properly because of the time zone setting on the server, I reached out to Alan the owner and we got back to me in a prompt and timely manner to help me resolve it!

Good Job, great customer service

It works so well!!

Posted on 17 April 2014

I did have problems with this extension so contacted the writer and he came back straight away saying the module needed updating. A few days later there it was, a new version called 'week of more words' and it is superb. I can set a whole weeks worth of articles to display (with pictures and links) and they do!! - I can also set articles to appear on certain dates too instead of just days of the week. If you have any problems I would recommend contacting Alan , the developer - I am over the moon

Wonderful... for a while!

Posted on 31 March 2014

I was taken aback at the simplicity of this module.. it worked like a dream.. then just stopped displaying images in the articles (after 3 days) You have to pay for support and as the developer doesn't seem to be that user friendly going by his website and the other reviews It perhaps isn't worth it.... what a shame!!

Owner's reply: On the download page you will see it states you can contact me directly at this website, there is and never has been a fee for this

However, technical help is not allowed directly by the Joomla extensions directory. I can assure you there is no three day time-out clause in this module.

Almost Awesome

Posted on 17 September 2012

I wanted this capability, and I was pleased to see the extension's high reviews. But images were frequently broken and I couldn't detect a pattern. I could find no fix on the documentation or Joomla forum, and I wasn't willing to pay $10 just to send an email question. (Pay to customize a free extension, sure! Pay to find out how to make a free extension do what it says it does, not so much.)

So if you have a text only insert, try this! But if you have additional content, such as photos in your articles, be aware they might not work.

Owner's reply: On the download page you will see it states you can contact me directly at this website, there is and never has been a fee for this.

re: Pay to customize free extension. I think you're confusing commerce with charity. Most companies would require a fee for bespoke work.

Great Module

Posted on 19 July 2012

Thanks for creating such a useful module. I have it set up so my client simply enters the content into an article labeled with the day of the week. She does not have to worry about any of the details or how it works.

Also thanks for getting such a quick turnaround on the upgrade for the 2.5 version. Not sure if you already were working on it, but you had it done just days after I inquired about it.

Thanks again!

Very Good Module

Posted on 23 February 2011

This module has not the attention it should. It has to be explore more. It has multiple uses and it can be adapted to whatever need you might have regarding specific content text (that might include photos, etc.). Not to forget that it can be place anywhere in your site. It is easy to deploy and set as is stated by the creators. Thank you for the good work!

Good Job

Posted on 19 March 2010

it's a small product, which make your life easier with a daily powerfull slogan for more motivation.

and there are a lot of more posibilities. You can show the daily opening times of a restaurant or something else.

guys, well done...

Mr Webby : Backlinks

Mr Webby : Backlinks

Free | Site Links | Wonky Willy's Applet Factory
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Mr Webby for Back-links Mr Webby is a great way to spread back-links across your domain or to others you choose. Place this module anywhere on your site's pages (usually the footer) with your website declaration (something like 'Designed by: Johnny Fantastic' ) and Mr Webby will add links of your choosing to the name. This means you can have more than one page on your website that is back-linked from a client's site. The links rotate so each time the page is refreshed at random it presents one of your links.

Week of Words

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