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Eventix is a management component of events and calendars that allows users to add events listed in different views. Different themes are available. You can also view the events on a Google Map.

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Features :

  • Add and view events on your website
  • Users can add / delete / modify their own events (configurable)
  • Style sheets are very easy to modify
  • 6 styles available
  • You receive an email when an event has just been added !
  • Detailed events sheets
  • Ability to link an event to a website
  • Simple search box
  • Geolocation events
  • Event registration
  • Compatible with Community Builder
  • Compatible JomSocial
  • Total event management from the backend Joomla!
  • Simple interface

Different Views :

  • Search view. Allows users to search for events by date or by name ...
  • Map View. Location-based events on a map GoogleMaps. See on a world map the different events for the month / year selected (e).
  • List view. Lists the events and the ability to locate on a map GoogleMaps (configurable). Lists the events of the selected month - Navigation years / months (configurable in the administration of the component)
  • Form View. Users can add or edit their events via the frontend of the website. The fields are configurable from the administration.
  • View Event Details. To access the full description of the event (name, description, start date, end date, hours, address, geo-location, price, contact ...).
  • Calendar View. Display as a large calendar. Navigation years / months (configurable in the administration of the component). 13 different themes including 5 quality pros.

Modules :

  • modminicaleventix: You can display a calendar module. Several features are available:

    • You can easily create new styles
    • Display of the navigation bar for years
    • Display of the navigation bar for months
    • Width of the calendar
    • Height of the calendar
  • modeventixlist: Displays a list of upcoming events. Several modes are available:

    • View pictures of events as thumbnails or not
    • Size of thumbnails
    • Number of events to display

Plugins :

Community Builder Plugin to integrate Eventix in your community.

Languages :

  • English
  • French

Pobre gestión de permisos

Posted on 10 January 2013

You can not grant specific permissions to specific users and everyone can or can not add events, but there is no way to apply granularity.

The map does not work with my template.


No se pueden otorgar permisos específicos a determinados usuarios y todo el mundo puede o no puede añadir eventos, pero no existe forma de aplicar granularidad.

El mapa no funciona con mi plantilla.

Owner's reply: Hello and happy new year,

In the Eventix parameters (in the backend), you can set "Everyone can add events" or "Only registered users can add events".
If you think you have a problem or a conflict with your template, please contact us at We will help you.

Best regards,

Great product - Great Support

Posted on 21 February 2012

Love the product so far as it does everything I need!

I had a problem with the event_list_module for J1.7 making my site show up with a blank page and I emailed support. Within 10 minutes I had a reponse with a new module to install. Worked perfectly.

I was looking for a component for managing training sessions, with frontend and backend entry, a map, a calendar, categories... Eventix has perfectly done the job, and for little but hard points, the support was very efficient.

Directorix Directory Manager

Directorix Directory Manager

Paid download | Address Book | Clement Martial
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Directorix is a new directory component for Joomla!. It allows users to add entries in the directory, with company name, address, phone etc.. Geolocation included ! Languages : English Frencg Features : Enter the name of the entry (individual, business, group ...) Create and select the category for your entry Enter the contact name Enter the phone number 1 Enter the phone number 2 Enter the fax number Enter the e-mail Enter the number of members Geographic Availability Address (the entry is automatically geolocated) Zip Code (location-based entry is automatically) City (location-based entry is automatically) Country (location-based entry is automatically) Description Url Image Different views available Compatible with Community Builder Geolocation with GoogleMaps etc ... Different Views : Search view (What Who Where? Type of contact?). Map View. Geolocation of directory entries on a map GoogleMaps. List view. Lists the entries and their geolocation on a map GoogleMaps. Form View. Users can add or edit their directory entries via the frontend of the website. The fields are configurable from the administration. View details of an entry. To access the whole sheet of contact (name, description, photos, geolocation, contact, web link, category, phone, fax, mail ...). View entries from the user logged on. Users can manage their directory entries (change, delete, ...). Various parameters : You can completely configure the component, link it to a Community Builder community, allow visitors to add entries or, conversely, allow the addition to registered members only ... 7 styles available for the professional component of which 5 Ability to automatically publish new entries in the directory The administrator may or may not receive a mail when an entry is added or changed Choice if visitors or only registered users can add entries in the directory You can ask whether the name, mail and telephone of the person who adds the entry in the directory You can specify whether a user can modify or delete its entries You can choose the position (up, down or both) of the toolbar to the different views You can show or hide some buttons on the toolbar (list, map, add etc. ..) You can show or hide a map GoogleMaps for geo entries in the directory Zoom levels on the maps GoogleMaps The maximum weight to send images customizable etc ... Modules : moddirectorixlist: You can view a list of entries directory. Several settings are possible: - Show / Hide thumbnails - Size of thumbnails - Number of entries to display - Viewing the latest entries - Display random entries - Display of older entries - Ability to specify which categories of entries will be displayed Plugins : Community Builder Plugin to integrate Directorix in your community.
c m p
Modulix Component to Module

Modulix Component to Module

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Modulix allows you to integrate any of your components in a module. Operation is very simple! After you set the url indicating the component to display, you can place it anywhere in your website. You can also display multiple components in one page! Features: Integration of a component in a module Ability to display multiple components on a single page You can now view your forms anywhere in your website Various parameters: URL of the component to display in the module. For example, if you want to display the contact form component in the module, copy the link address in the "Contact" Module height in pixels,%, em ... Module height in pixels,%, em ... You can add html text above the component to be integrated in the module You can add html text below the component to be integrated in the module

Eventix Events Calendar

Clement Martial
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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