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JSE Event is a powerful component specialized for creating, promoting, organizing and booking events via online methods. With this tool in your hand, making a professional, multi-functional & flexible event site is absolutely possible & easy.
User-friendly backend: Back-end is rebuilt to be more convenient for site admin to control event's information. All options are re-arranged systematically and easy to access. Also, admin are given more rights so they can freely configure event’s default fields as they wish – JSE Event is now totally flexible for your usage.
- Advanced event's features: JSE Event is a feature-rich Joomla component with many essential functions for an event site (Please check detail feature list below). In the latest version, JSE Event is empowered with:
- Optimized registration process: one-step registration.
- Early bird pricing: allows users to purchase event’s ticket beforehand with discount.
- Waiting list: allows admin to create a queuing list for event if the event is full

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Visit JSE Event Demo for your own experience.
Other noticeable features of JSE Event
Nice and professional frontend design with:
- 2 distinct layouts for event listing:
Default – View the event list with each event in a line
Table – View all events in table form
- Special event calendar view: show events in a beautiful calendar.
- Showing events by user's location.
Feature-rich event component:
- Support single event and recurring event.
- Provide Google Map with driving direction.
- Support Free event and Paid event.
- Social Network Sharing function.
- Community Builder and JomSocial for user's integration.
Flexible Event management:
- Allow discountexible in backend configuration.
- Support submitting/editing event from frontend
- Allow event’s owner to manage events and withdraw money from selling event's ticket.
- Notification email when user cancels a booking from frontend
- Generate Barcode for registered user
- Newsletter listing support (using Plugin JS JNew and JS Acymailing)
- Support Multiple languages
- Integrate Google ReCaptcha for submit events & join event forms for security.
- Capable of export registration information to CSV.
- Batch process events.
Variable pricing for event:
- Support multiple prices per event. You can set up ticket price for adult/children or male/female.
- Support creating additional packages for ticket. I.e: You can setup ticket with food & drink packages, book packages, etc.
- Support coupon code for ticket discount.
- JSE Event is designed in the form of multiple templates, so it is not difficult to change the interface if you have some knowledge about HTML and CSS.

A lot of problems

Posted on 01 September 2014

First of all it was not possible to install the extension because there was no XML-file. The support helped installing it.

One of the reasons that we chose this extension was the possibility to submit events from frontend. However, this did not work.

I can't recommend anyone to buy this, I'm afraid. Unless you have programming skills or a lot of time to spend with the support team.

Unfortunately the program is not ready to sell, save your money.

Needs improvement

Posted on 07 August 2014

This extension has potential to be great, but is lacking in some major areas such as actual support for the product, a knowledge base or support forum, Joomla links to supposed forum (broken links), a mini-calendar that does not display multi-day events, a main calendar that does not display the current month or actually allow you to press Next to get to the next month (unclickable) and when you do actually contact support through their reseller's 'contact us' option, they did respond to the initial message stating they will get back to you... so at least someone or a script is responding to the contact us page, but there is no way of knowing if they will ever get back to you as they already have your money. Perhaps they are working on the issue already, but without a public forum or common questions and current bug list to show you they are aware of the issue.. it's disturbing that there is nothing you can do for a broken product except wait. Meanwhile I am researching the other related products.

So, you pay for what you get. The price is right and honestly the rest of the product so far functions correctly and is easy to setup. They also have pretty decent documentation... but if it's support or a working calendar function you are also needing for your manager, then purchase at your own risk.

Giving it an 'average' ranking because the actual event setup and process works and the price is right. I would pay twice as much for a working event calendar though!

I use this extension for booking numerous students into multiple online classrooms. Compared to other products I have tried -- and I've tried everything out there, this is HANDS DOWN the best.

It worked PERFECTLY after I got everything configured on my deeply complicated website.

My only concern is that after the 12-month support period, I could not find any details on how to RENEW the subscription.

It seems that the only option available to me is to purchase the component again. While I don't mind doing this for the price, I would much rather have some additional options available like extending the subscription through the purchase of upgrades.

Right now, after just over a year of extensive use my version and plugins have become extremely buggy. I suggest contacting the company to find out how renewal works or even if this is an option. And for the company, I think it would be a good idea to post info on how that part of it works in a visible place on the website.

Again, this is a wonderful product - hands down. Be aware, however, that you could end up paying for it multiple times over which isn't cool if you really like it, and plan to use it as long as they keep developing it. Personally, I'd rather pay for upgrades after one year and perhaps have additional subscription options than keep purchasing and configuring software every 12 months.Currently, support lasts six months after purchase and you get upgrades for a year.

Fantastic extension for events, reasonable price and great staff-one of the best

I have time using this extension and is excellent

I recommend it 100%

JSE is Excellent

Posted on 13 September 2013

We use JSE Events Booking Pro for several months and we are absolutely satisfied. We had some special adjustments and the team of JSE has helped a lot.

The team from JSE is allways available for support and work very fast! The support is really excellent.

JSE Events Booking Pro

Posted on 12 September 2013

I'd like to say a big thank you to the joomseller team.

I have used this great extension the first time and we needed some custom functions. The team is allways available for support and work very fast to help you achieve your goal. The support is really excellent.

I'd like to recommend joomseller and their components to you all!

Good component but for a paid component (70€) the developer should give the translations files (more than 1500 lines to translate)!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!

Owner's reply: Hello,

Thank you for your review. The old versions of Events Booking have translation files, but we will update these files for the latest version as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for our updates.

Best regards,

We have bought the 5.1.2 and installed it on a 2.5.8 Joomla version.


- the component and the modules are not multilanguage as promised

- the component do not offer other time set then AM/PM, 24 hours and other date formats are just available by customizing files

In our case there has been and still a lot of issues, errrors, bugs, incompatible functions and so on.

The support is friendly and tries to help as good as they can, but there are so much things wrong that I would recommend: if you are not a good developer, keep your fingers far away from this version!

The component has potential but it is not working and we thoght we paid for a component which works.

Owner's reply: Hi manuelberger,
First, thank you for your bad review.

I've checked your name in ticket system, but it does not exist. So i don't know what is your problem with EB Pro. Before you submit any bad review, you should contact us or submit a ticket first.

As you know, the EB Pro is a big system, so you have to read the document carefully to setup it correctly in your site.

Please contact us and update your review if you agree with our support services.


Pays to persist

Posted on 26 September 2012

I only review when I get a great product and great service, one without the other is usually just a headache!

I bought this and initially when I tried it for a client I have to confesss I didn't get along with it but as it had some features I really wanted for a site I tried it again ... and I can say I'm glad I did. I think the upgrades have dealt with the issues I had and while I've had some conflicts with it in my site the guys there have been terrific in helping me and persisting in solving the problem.

Great value for money.

I posted the review below (VoidPortal), and just found out I can't edit it. So I logged in as a different user to say that the JS Events Booking Pro creators are working with me extensively to help create the issues we're having on our site.

They seem VERY helpful. I didn't mean to post a negative review. What I've learned from this is that sometimes an extension needs support and help and doesn't always work perfectly out of the box.

So it's really good to deal with programmers who support their product as responsively and responsibly as Joomseller does.

JSE Timeline Testimonial

JSE Timeline Testimonial

Paid download | Testimonials & Suggestions | Joomseller Solutions
1 review
JSE Timeline Testimonial helps you collect your customers’ review or comment on your products/services and display these feedbacks beautifully on your site with nice design as well as interesting effect. The timeline structure design brings the throughout experience and impression to your site’s visitors: they can read all comments of other customers from the latest to oldest without having to refresh the page (just keep scrolling down). A teaser of feedback will be displayed so when clicking on, content will expand. This effect gives some depth to the whole testimonial page. Plus, the component is responsive and well-supported with many HTML5 & CSS3 effects to keep your site beautiful appearance and motivate people to add their ideas to your products/services. Build a constructive site and make your site become even friendlier with users with JSE Timeline Testimonial. FEATURE: Timeline layout: display all testimonials in a timeline (sorted by date/time) and older testimonials can be viewed by scrolling down. Fully Responsive: the extension is designed for any mobile devices Easy to use: simple installation and configuration in admin section Support email notification for admin and user Integrate Captcha to avoid spam Support Joomla 3.x HTML5 & CSS3 in design Support IE9+, Chrome, Firefox. Allow submitting testimonial in frontend
c m
JSE Donation

JSE Donation

Paid download | Donations | Joomseller Solutions
2.5 3
9 reviews
JSE Donation is a must-have component for a charity website. It helps you to create fundraiser's system including campaign's creators, donors and administrator. + Create/edit/manage campaign from frontend and backend. + Archive donations. + Create notified email template for donation. + Secured payment for donation. Features - For campaign’s creators: + Allow to create, edit campaigns/projects from Front-end. + Receive notification email when donation is placed on their campaign. + Keep track of all created campaigns. - For visitors/donors: + View information about campaigns/projects by list or by individual page. + Receive notification email after placing a donation. + View previous donations. - For admin: + Control how campaigns will be displayed by choosing suitable layout. + Control which campaigns to display. + Decorate site by using several additional modules. + Manage campaign, donation. + Allow to create custom fields for extra information from donors. + Allow to create template for donation notification email. + Flexible configuration for currency, email templates… + Strongly integrate with Joomla! permission system. + Integrate with JomSocial & Community builder. - Others + Secured payment system with PayPal and other payment gateway. + Easy to install and configure. + User-friendly interface + Allow multiple Templates. + 100% Joomla! friendly code.
c m p
JSE Mootools Drop Down Menu

JSE Mootools Drop Down Menu

Paid download | Menu Systems | Joomseller Solutions
2.5 3
11 reviews
Now this module is more simple and stable. You don't need to amend any CSS style to use it on your site anymore. With JSE Mootools Drop Down Menu module, it is very easy to use. Just install the module and select a menu from Joomla menu system then publish it to a position which you want. Now just sit back and see menu's effect. To change background image or some fonts, please edit in CSS file. It is possible to change anything at CSS file, but remember to keep right names of div and class. This is a horizontal version, but you can change or restyle CSS file to make it vertical. Features: - 4 default layout designed based on modern style with CSS3. - Working with all Mootools version 1.1.x, 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x. - Clean CSS & JS.
JSE Slideshow

JSE Slideshow

Paid download | Slideshow | Joomseller Solutions
2.5 3
0 reviews
JSE Slideshow is a powerful yet easy to use Joomla Slideshow module. JSE Slideshow is a modern presentation tool with the stunning visualization feature: it allows you to make beautiful slideshow with flexible, attention-grasping rotating, positioning & scaling effect. With JSE Slideshow, your slide will have an impressive brand new look. Features: Support Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. Fully responsive. Comparative with mobile & tablet. Beatiful design with CSS3 effect: scale & rotate. Drag & Drop to order images. Multi upload image. Unlimitted slide. Fully customizable. Support IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

JS Events Booking Pro

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