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Really simple calendar Module - Component is a simple Joomla calendar. The Component is easy to use and plug n play.

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Really Simple Calendar is responsive and it can be adjusted automatically to the width of your page.

Basic Calendar Features
Really simple calendar enables you to set events and categories from the back end of your Joomla site. Then you have the option to display it as a menu item or you can display it as a module in any position that you want. Other features include styling of the calendar, such as changing the colors.


Posted on 31 August 2014

I was looking for something simple to place events and what he had seen so far were complex solutions.

Espa plugin is really impressive for its potential and its easy handling.

Cons: I was unable to make the events will there be in the same window (taking set in that there will be options in the same window).

For the rest minimalist congratulations on this excellent work.

Thank you very much for your time.

Great job!

Posted on 21 August 2012

It is a very simple plugin, ideal for newbies and professionals.

Really simple

Posted on 21 August 2012

As the title says,the calendar is very simple to use and works great at my site.

Big thanks

Posted on 20 August 2012

I was looking for something easy and simple like this plugin for some time now, I'm glad I've found this one, can only recommend. Thanks

a simple plugin

Posted on 16 August 2012

Although i didn't eventually use that plugin as i needed an events calendar, the plugin is eas to intall and use for what it does.

Great plugin

Posted on 15 August 2012

great plugin! just as it says. A really simple plugin

Facebook Like Box Enter Logic

Facebook Like Box Enter Logic

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Facebook Like Box is enables you to display your facebook box in your page. The pmodule is very flexible and it doesn't requires facebook api key. This makes the module extra simple. You simply install the plugin to your joomla site and insert the full url of your facebook page and api (optional) and you're ready! Facebook Like Box enables you to: Set the width of the facebook like box Set the height of the facebook like box Set the display language of your facebook like box Change the color of border facebook like box Show/hide stream Show/hide faces Show/hide header Choose between light or dark color scheme. Supported Display Languages for Facebook Like Box: enGB - English (UK) - enPI - English (Pirate) enUD - English (Upside Down) enUS - English (US) afZA - Afrikaans sqAL - Albanian arAR - Arabic azAZ - Azerbaijani beBY - Belarusian bgBG - Bulgarian bnIN - Bengali bsBA - Bosnian caES - Catalan csCZ - Czech cyGB - Welsh daDK - Danish deDE - German elGR - Greek eoEO - Esperanto esES - Spanish (Spain) esLA - Spanish etEE - Estonian euES - Basque faIR - Persian fbLT - Leet Speak foFO - Faroese fiFI - Finnish tlPH - Filipino frCA - French (Canada) frFR - French (France) fyNL - Frisian - gaIE - Irish glES - Galician heIL - Hebrew hiIN - Hindi hrHR - Croatian huHU - Hungarian hyAM - Armenian idID - Indonesian isIS - Icelandic itIT - Italian jaJP - Japanese kaGE - Georgian kmKH - Khmer koKR - Korean kuTR - Kurdish laVA - Latin ltLT - Lithuanian lvLV - Latvian mkMK - Macedonian mlIN - Malayalam msMY - Malay nbNO - Norwegian (bokmal) neNP - Nepali nlNL - Dutch nnNO - Norwegian (nynorsk) paIN - Punjabi plPL - Polish psAF - Pashto ptBR - Portuguese (Brazil) ptPT - Portuguese (Portugal) roRO - Romanian ruRU - Russian skSK - Slovak slSI - Slovenian srRS - Serbian svSE - Swedish swKE - Swahili taIN - Tamil teIN - Telugu thTH - Thai trTR - Turkish ukUA - Ukrainian viVN - Vietnamese zhCN - Simplified Chinese (China) zhHK - Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) zh_TW - Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

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Facebook Recommendations module will allow you to display recommendations by simply inserting your domain url. The plugin is very flexible and allows you to: Set Width Set Height Enable/disable header Set border color Display your language

Really Simple Calendar

Alexandros Itsios
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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