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Club Manager is an extension for Joomla! which allows management of club membership, such as a sports club. It is easy to use and very flexible. Users can manage their members into categories such as teams and social groups. This component provides users with the ability to manage clubs in a flexible and professional manner.

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Once the back-end administration is complete, add an category menu item. Simply select the desired category from the list and you will have a new page which shows the members. Alternatively, you can create a menu containing links to individual members.

For a demo of the component, please see the Hitchin Lacrosse Club website


* Divide your members into clubs.
* Divide your members into groups - teams, social members, etc.
* Add group information - coach, trainer and photo
* Add member information.
      o Name
      o Number
      o Position
      o Residence
      o Nicknames
      o Date of Birth
      o Nationality
      o Club History
      o Honours
      o About
      o Favourite Quote
      o Hometown
      o Favourite Player
      o Picture
      o etc.
* Automatic updates using the new built in updater in Joomla! v1.6+

Great Job!

Posted on 18 April 2013

I want to reward this extension, I don't like to see review of people who look five minutes the extension and give bad review.

The extension is simple,but works great, and with a little bit of fantasy you can modify and use it as you want.

Just changing the translation file, you can change the meaning of the field and use this mini database for many things.

I am using it as database for:

- Clients

- Water usage

- Chemical usage

for my little website.

Thanks to the developer,

have fun!

Good Job

Posted on 28 October 2012

I think hes done really well!

considering it's FREE, this guy deserves a drink! (non alcoholic of course lol)

What it needs though in my honest opinion is:

1. A search facility, which can be added as a module

2. A admin .CSV members mass upload facility... now that would make this a TOP CLASS members module

But to be honest well done dude!

* jennifer

What it does, it does well. In a real club you'd have DUEs to pay and need to manage them. Who owes, how much etc. Like any club, that has to be made public to the other members.


Posted on 21 February 2012

It's very good component, although i edited it, added in front end category to show more details about members and picture.

Nice :)

Owner's reply: Thanks. Would you be able to send me the new/edited view that you created, so that I can add it?

Poor interface, I don't even know what to do with it =(

Owner's reply: Hi,

Could you help me to improve the interface? I don't really understand what's wrong as it uses the standard Joomla admin interface. If you can let me know why it is poor then I can work to improve it.

What do you mean by you 'don't know what to do with it'? Do you want to manage a club? If so then I can definitely help you out if you let me know what you need.


Useful extension

Posted on 01 November 2011

I was looking for an extension that would allow player profiles for a sports website and this one fits the bill.

I had an issue with the front end viewing of the extension, but once I submitted a question to Daniel, he contacted me with the fix very quickly.

I would recommend this extension to anyone who wants team profiles on their site.

This is a very good extension, and I don't know of any other that offers this kind of functionality. It's great for any kind of club.

Just a few things that I missed:

- the possibility of users filing their own info+uploading their photo in the frontend;

- options in the backend to customize the fields and the look and feel.

Otherwise, it's a very good and easy way to keep and update sports squads.

I'm new to the Joomla environment and web development. Daniel has provided the perfect tool for our futbol clubs roster. When I had questions Daniel provided the answers I needed and was very quick with the response. This is a great tool for our club easy to use and install. It's perfect for our clubs needs.

I think every club can use this tool.

Thanks for a great extension

This extension provided an easy to use and quick to install solution for my needs.

I needed to create a roster for a university american football team and this worked a treat.

I agree, this tool is great!byromewill on June 26, 2009

My hat goes off to the developer. Just what I was looking for a sports component that I could use for profiles. Very easy to install, configure and use right away. Support was great too.

Title says it all ^^^

This extension provided an easy to use and quick to install solution for my needs.

I needed to create a roster for a university american football team and this worked a treat.

Thanks Daniel!

Great start

Posted on 24 July 2009

This is exactly what i've been promising to create for a while now.

Their are a huge amount of people looking for this type of plugin.

Needs some improvements, like player stats etc... but this is a great starting point.

Hats off to the developer.


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Club Manager

Daniel Scott
Date added:
Jun 16 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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