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In addition of private messaging, unlimited photo gallery, point system, Facebook meta tags, Facebook comment, custom user field,
now any FREE & Commercial module can be placed inside ODude Profile Component to specified location.

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Total new concept adopted.

This is a completely automated Web Application that allows your website to turn into public / private community based site like Facebook, Hi5, Myspace.

Unlike other community based components of Joomla it has following qualities.

* It has not touched core files of Joomla.
* Most of the Joomla's extension based on members will work fine.
* It doesn't require any migration or synchronization of users.
  (Name, Emails & system details are imported)
* Uninstalling of the product will not loose any core registered members.
* Default Joomla Login Module.
  Facebook connect is integrated.
* Default Member Registration.
* Default password reset of Joomla.
* Default User Manger at back end.
* Point system with expiry date.
* Offer list for 3rd party affiliate.

In short, It just add member capabilities with profile information and can grow up to large complex social networking site.

Many modules free and ready to use.

picture profile

Posted on 09 March 2015

i installed odude profile package, but the problem is in the picture profile
the pluging is installed and enabled, but when i change

Ease of use

i installed odude profile package, but the problem is in the picture profile
the pluging is installed and enabled, but when i change


i installed odude profile package, but the problem is in the picture profile
the pluging is installed and enabled, but when i change


i installed odude profile package, but the problem is in the picture profile
the pluging is installed and enabled, but when i change

I used this to: Hello,
i installed odude profile package, but the problem is in the picture profile
the pluging is installed and enabled, but when i change the profile picture, it's doesn't change, and i have always the default one!!


Posted on 30 October 2012

this component is awesome . very simple to use and great performance. thanks to you for this component. i am using this component on my website joomla guru provides tutorials for joomla free.

I needed a simple community with custom profile fields. One that does not have just a core and many commercial add on modules!

OhDude has been the answer for our website.

The support has been excelent and quick responding to one issue that the core had with IE browser.

This is one component that we will pay for.

Thanks for the help and an excellent community component.

Great extension

Posted on 15 April 2012

I needed to show on my website members with their details and to give them ability to change their data and upload pictures from frontend, and this module helped me.


Posted on 09 April 2012

its work for me...but i just wonder how to do searching by category such as country or email or gender and etc...please guide me.thanks

i have tested a lot of social extensions in the JED and my preffered is still odude! the interface is great and its flexible to add new menu!

the only problem is when facebook comment is allowed, sometimes the page dont stop loading and reloading!

and it would be cool if you make odude profile integrate with kunena forum!

I have bought and installed version 2.0.1

Overall I have to say that I decided for it because I didn't find any other extension with the same features. I give it 3 and a half stars in features because even though it is good there still many things that I would implement on it if it was my own software. Also, unfortunately there is no compensation by the developer to those who contribute with ideas, so I keep them to myself lol.

The extension is easy to use and install so even a joomla novice can do it, however expect little flexibility is customisation. WYSIWYG!

Documentation for my version is very poor or non existent. You really need to get messages back and forth to/from the developer if you have any advanced questions you would like answered. I had no issues with this type of support and always got a response to the ones I made.

I would give it 4 stars if there was a more attractive pricing model. You make a one off payment and if there are upgrades or bug fixes, you have to pay for each and everyone of them!!..

The developer also offers a club membership by which you can get upgrades for a period of three months. My experience with this software is that this club membership is a)very expensive b)it's unlikely you get your money's worth as there aren't enough releases for your chosen software to make up for your investment within the three month period!. You may as well wait for the latest release and pay AGAIN for it!.

Overall not bad but unfortunate to those (like me) who like to have always the latest releases installed! If you are happy to buy it and live with the original version forever, then the 4 and half stars apply here.


Posted on 18 September 2011

The component is great, fast support. Disadvantages: the module search members, the comments in the profile that are only related to fb - you can put connect to any component as jComments, the author on their site does not have newsletters.

In any case, thank you for this wonderful component.


Posted on 02 September 2011

Its really promising. I have never written a review and this is my first coz your work is excellent. It misses out lots of things but its very promising. I would like to invest in your project if possible.

...but a little way to go yet. The concept is great and to a certain degree the execution isn't bad but when I installed this on my J1.6 site using the ja_purity_ii theme, the format for the user profile page was just ugly. I am sure with a bit of fiddling around I could sort this out but to be honest, its just too much trouble and would probably be overwritten if there was an update I applied. How about allowing skins or themes to be applied?

ODude Ecards

ODude Ecards

Free | eCards | Navneet Gupta
10 reviews
Mobile response design with Pure CSS layout. Powerful greetings card system. Allows you to send card to your friends via email or Facebook. Extra capabilities is you can run same system as a [Photo Gallery]. 100% FREE without any limitation: * Manage Categories / Sub Categories * Manage E-cards created * Selected banner and background for particular categories * Publish selected categories / sub categories at front page * Customization front end layout look and feel * No. of cards to show per row * No. of cards to show per page * Suffix to email subject to protect spam * Default [From Name] & [Email Address] * Reply-to address is adjusted to [Sender Email] * True pagination * Automatic thumbnail for each card * Bandwidth usage limiting * Disable/Enable notification by email if card is picked up by receiver * Statistics of last 200 card sent. * Invalid email address will be ignored. * Card can be picked up specified times. * Search Engine Friendly (SEO) URL. * Meta Description & Keywords * English, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, German Language Support * Enable / Disable Guest to send cards * Integrated with ODude Profile Component * Profile picture displayed for receiver's email address. * Thumbnail navigation at Ecard Preview * Set expiry date (No. of Days) of ecards. * Social button including Facebook, Twitter * User can upload own ecard. * Zoom light box preview * Copy/Paste video URL to post * View limit for receiver * Latest addition, Popular, Random modules. * Commercial version is also available with many extra features. With lots of more more features. Used by 1000's of Greetings Site running with ODude Ecard. Why not yours ? Cards for best occasion like Halloween, Christmas, New Year or Sorry card.
c m

ODude Profile

Navneet Gupta
Date added:
Jan 13 2010
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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