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This package contains the component for interacting with an opensimulator server, 2 modules (grid status and friends online) and a plugin for creating OpenSim accounts during registering as well as a quickicon plugin for admin.

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NOTE: jOpenSim does NOT install OpenSim, so OpenSim must be already installed for this extension to work.

The component is developed and designed with opensimulator v 0.7.5 running in grid and standalone mode with MySQL as storage engine. See the readme.pdf for further details.

With this component you can:

  • maintain the login page for viewers
  • enable registered joomla accounts to create an account for the sim
  • control last names of OpenSim user registration in a deny/allow list
  • manually create and delete user accounts for the sim
  • manually set relations between joomla user and opensim user
  • define the default home for new registered users
  • define a Joomla article as welcome message for new registered users
  • send messages to the sim
  • display a map of the entire grid (NEW: map images will be cached)
  • offline messages including forwarding to an email account
  • inworld profiles
  • inworld groups
  • user can manage the inworld account via frontend
  • search inworld
  • create events
  • edit user (grid)login levels
  • let users choose a custom avatar during registration

Read the description carefully. You must have an OpenSim up and running before you can use this. It does not install OpenSim. This component used to connect to an already existing OpenSimulator. Go to the extension creator website first and also take a look at the OpenSimulator website before you install this on your Joomla site.

Owner's reply: I have changed the text in JED already, hoping this makes it a bit clearer. The readme of the next version will contain this information also a bit more conspicuous.

jopensim review

Posted on 24 September 2011

I just upgraded my install of jopensim to the latest version. I've been using the module for a long time now, and was just half afraid to update it as I live by the rule, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". However, today's project was a fresh grid install on a thumb drive. Trying to go with the smallest solution I could for a web front end, I decided to try the newer version rather than deal with the old groups module, the offline IM's page, etc. (the old version I was using didn't offer these goodies and I'd been doing a hodge podge of solutions for those). Install/upgrade was easy and flawless. All new features working as advertised and the whole package well documented. If you're looking for a web front for your OpenSim that is simple to install, easy to use, jopensim is it. Kudos to FoTo50 for all his excellent work on this one. BTW, not that it matters, but, I had to signup for an account here today to be able to write this review. I've been using joomla for a few years now and I've liked many extensions, but never felt compelled enough to go through the hassle to post a review. But on this one, I just had to say "thank you" and throw in a word of support for FoTo50. I'm sure it's been lots of hard work to get the mod to here, your hard work is appreciated.

I'll rate this excellent in thought. But in practice if this would allow me to not rate, I would not.

In grid mode it somewhat works, but standalone it doesn't. In grid mode the sync between user db's isn't working in firefox on linux. This doesn't work on standalone either.

I do think that the focus should be on standalone first however as most are on localhost working on the software with a grid mode not being the stronger necessity until it works proper in standalone.

The other suggestions would be to verify that the syncing etc.. is working on both windows and linux.

I hope you continue with this as there are more than a few that would love to have this working.

Good start.

Owner's reply: I did talk before hand with some running OpenSim and almost all had gridmode running. So I focused first this version. But I agree and dont worry, I'll have a look to standalone as soon as possible :)

I'm more worried about the message not working on FF on linux. All my linux's are server and dont even have a graphical desktop installed, so I can not reproduce this issue.

If you're interested, I invite you to my forum at http://www.foto50.com/forum to post more information about it (maybe with some screenshots) so I can have a closer look.

On desktop, I'm a windows user (yes ... guilty) but I definately do not want to neglect linux desktops!


Posted on 26 September 2010

Good work! this is exciting to see opensim arriving to joomla.


Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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