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Profiler is an advanced Membership System. You can use this component for online member management with different administrators. Your website changes so directly in a community for your members.

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- Easy installation
- Use of Joomla Update Management

User profile
- Organize your fields in different categories.
- Make your own custom user fields
- Extensive user group management suitable for nested groups (divisions)
- Possiblity to add non Joomla users
- Import and synchronize with csv

Extended ACL (Access Control)
- Use Joomla ACL
- User Profiles with different user fields
- Access Control for profiles, fieldcategories and fields
- Frontend user management

- Use Joomla Plugin System
- Use Joomla Bootstrap (frontend and backend)
- According Joomla Standards (Framework and MVC model)
- Support only MySQL
- Suitable for template override (with the possibility to insert module positions)
- Install Profiler Fields as independent component (com_pffields) - (similar to the categories)
- Install System Plugin and disable default component (frontend and backend)

I don't want to be unfair with the developer. I think it's a great solution.

However, It lacks a simple Menu Link with "User Access". It has menu links, but none leads to a simple login form.

Result of this, I had to use the Joomla basic login form with a lot of 404 errors while trying to connect with Profiler.

Maybe I didn't know how to use or set up the extension, and when I went to Profiler Forums, I found a message saying "Support stopped temporarly", So I didn't even try to write anything.

Anyway, as I said, I don't want to be unfair but although it looks great I couldn't use it.

Thanks anyway.

Thanks Harold for such a great component and amazing support. Even though the problem I was experiencing was not because of "profiler" component, you expent your time helping... and a very important thing, your component is free, not many good and free components for joomla 3, really. Thanks!

Really nice!

Posted on 12 September 2012

Love it, but i would not use it since I already set up everything with CB.

if this was CB compatible i would use it instead :D

Rather buggy

Posted on 28 August 2012

I was looking forward to this and still am when a stable version is released. The mains things that put me off were, poor detail tooltip descriptions, lots of untranslated language strings and removing bootstrap seemed to completely remove the CSS (it didn't even take the the template CSS). The massive amount of parameters for permissions is also rather confusing. However like I said, I have quite high hopes for this and will. It might be an idea to put this on github until its stable.

I love this extension.

If it is more complete and bug fixes, it is better than CB.


Posted on 04 April 2012

It's like you took all only the bad parts of CB and made them worse! This is riddled with useless mouseover descriptions that mirror the label hovered, and PHP fatal errors.

Owner's reply: I'm sorry for your bad experience. But I don't recognize the php bugs, do you save the component settings? (do you read the user quide with installation instructions?). Please report you problems.
WARNING: This component is the first alpha release. The component work stable, but there is something to do. The mouseover descriptions are language strings without a reference in the language file. The frontend view is basic, use Joomla template functions for your own look.
MediaWiki Login

MediaWiki Login

Free | Social Edition | Harold Prins
23 reviews
This plugin allows you to log into Joomla and also automatically be logged into MediaWiki (Single Sign-on). Don't forget to install and configure the MediaWiki extension.


Harold Prins
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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