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Advanced ticketed support portal / help desk / helpdesk on your website. Includes Knowledge Base, FAQs, Announcements, Glossary, Tickets by Email, Testimonials and many other features. Robust, customizable, professional, affordable and easy to use. Demo sites available.

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New features include Ticket Groups, allowing your users to share tickets and other extra.

Checking an email account for new support tickets is also fully supported, along with having your users and ticket handlers reply by email too (All messages will be added to your ticket system).

You can customise all aspects of the sections of the component so that users can easily find the information they require. If the user cannot find the relevant information in our highly flexible FAQs, Knowledge Base and Glossary sections, a support ticket can be submitted through the ticketed support system - this ticket support system is completely customisable (custom fields, categories, emails, managers etc). In addition, the testimonials section allows you to display customer comments/feedback; an announcements section allows you to display a series of announcements to your users.

Use our announcements component to keep your users upto date with the latest news on your site.

The several section are as powerful as the leading extensions for each individual area - but with Freestyle Support Portal you get all of this for a lower price! Why not give it a try??

The ultimate support portal / help desk for Joomla

* Knowledge Base Module
* FAQ Module
* Testimonials Module
* Ticket Support System Module
* Announcements Module
* Glossary

...on any other support component, because you have just found the best solution on the market for any website!

I run a property business where I manage properties for landlords and have a portfolio of properties that I manage. In recent months I have been losing emails where they have gone into my spam folder and I haven't realised. Subsequently some very important emails were missed, and in my business that is fatal!

I use this component for the following:

1. Tracking a tenancy application including referencing

2. Arranging check ins

3. Dealing with any maintenance issues

4. Contractors are instructed and they add their invoice to the ticket once completed.

5. Contractors use the ticket reference as their purchase order reference

6. Plus much much more which is all built in and comes as standard!

Just about every scenario has been thought of, in fact I can't think of anything that is crucial to this component. Easily the best there is at a real snip of a price!

Finally the support is fantastic and the developer offers solutions in quick time, well done!

As HelpDesk extensions go, Freestyle Support Portal is as good as they come, and, in my humble opinion, the very best in all of Joomland:

+ Comprehensive, yet uncomplicated, well documented, and very easy to setup and use — with fully integrated modules for every conceivable HelpDesk essential and more — Ticketed Support (including eMail trigger), KnowledgeBase, FAQs, Glossary, Announcements, and even Testimonials.

+ Modular design that allows me to disable any module I choose not to deploy.

+ Highly customizable in every respect, right down to a very sophisticated Ticket ID scheme.

+ Support for custom fields, Joomla! ACL, and multilingual sites.

+ Robust performance, with impressive page-load speeds.

+ Impeccably stable, clean code. Responsive, too — blends in cleanly and nicely with virtually any template.

+ Aggressively maintained, with frequent updates and enhancements.

+ Solid support, with excellent response times for issue resolution… I haven’t had a need to contact support since Joomla! v3.1, and when I once did for a minor rendering issue in the J!25 days, response was always prompt and resolute.

Freestyle Support Portal is, without question, the real deal, with every feature a HelpDesk application should have, and then some. It’s one of those extensions that makes you wish you could use it for everything else — Live Chat!, Billing, etc. It is that good. And at $29.99, it’s a bargain, easily beating out much higher-priced competitors that offer far less functionality. I can’t imagine using anything else. Highly recommended!

After reviewing a few of the helpdesk solutions available for Joomla I can across this one and haven't turned back. The knowledge base / FAQ integration is crucial for me and the ability to add products as support categories is a great addition. I purchased this module and within minutes I was up and running with no hickups and no bugs. As a fellow module developer I have to say I am impressed by this extension and I feel it will help me better serve my customers in the future. Thanks for a great extension!

5 stars is not enough

Posted on 19 June 2014

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to the developer of this component. When I first installed this component, (along with a couple of other freestyle components,) I had nothing but issues. I contacted the developer who responded back to me, (while he was on vacation no less), letting me know that he would be back the following week and would get in contact with me then. When he got back he promptly found the problem, which turned out to be an issue with my server that he had not accounted for. Since then, anytime I have had an issue or question he has been on the ball to address them.

Oh.. and the component, works great and has all the features you could ever want.

Freestyle Support is nothing short of a fantastic helpdesk component.

It was easy to install, configure and run. For a component that provides such a vast range of features and options it was easy to use. Support is fast and effective and I was able to customise it to my need without any major issues.

I highly recommend Freestyle Support.

Very Easy

Posted on 04 June 2014

I have found the Freestyle Support component very easy to install, configure and use.I highly recommend Freestyle Support. Many thanks Keith

A good tool for support on a website ( I use it only for support and i use other tools for the glossary or Testimonials ) .

I used several extensions of this kind and I stayed in this one.

I even asked for a Specific Extension (for mijosearch) to find content tickets in a global search .

All is not perfect even if the updates are frequent .

- Unlike " MaQma Helpdesk " no integration in Jomsocial (avatars, posts in the thread ... )

So we cannot have new posts directly in the internal messaging or notifications in Jomsocial when a new support or a answer is posted (for the users and for the Admin).

- No possibility for the administrator to see or to answer all questions in the backend , he must be in the frontend.

- No possibility when consulting the tickets to click and to have a pre- visualization(waste of time..) .

- No translation in french ( a plugin for Falang / JoomFish Plugin but not for KMFasTrans Pro) but even if there are many additions to make for a better integration, it is a very good support Tools.

1. The price and rich features is among the best support plugins in its kind.

2. Always a timely support from the developer of such a sophisticated plugin.

3. The fantastic feature is a pool of ticket handler ---

who can be listed for customers to choose. What does it mean ? It will encourage handler to offer better service and maintain the loyalty of customers, thereafter the generating of purchase.

Worth every penny

Posted on 23 April 2014

This is a very comprehensive product with many features.

Finding some of these can sometimes be difficult without a comprehensive manual - HOWEVER this is more than compensated by the support given by Adam who is most helpful, knowledgeable and responsive

Pleased with extension

Posted on 23 April 2014

Hosted on Godaddy required a few tweaks and PHP upgrade.

Service was very good and pleased with the application.

Freestyle Testimonials

Freestyle Testimonials

Free | Testimonials & Suggestions | Freestyle Joomla
2.5 3
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Freestyle Testimonials Lite allows you to present customer testimonials on your website in any module position and on an individual page. Displays testimonials with date and time of submission in a logical order. • Add testimonials to your website • Display any number of testimonials • Display testimonials through a menu item • Module to display testimonials anywhere on your site • Choose from most recent or random testimonials in the module • Optional "Show More Testimonials" link on testimonials module • Optional "Add Testimonial" link on testimonials module • Option to moderate testimonials • Optional captcha entry for testimonials • Moderate testimonials in the Freestyle Support Portal admin • Various Joomla back end parameters for testimonials page • Various Joomla back end parameters for testimonials module New v1.9 This new version has been completly rewritten to bring the features inline with that of Freestyle Support Portal. It is no longer a 'Lite' version. Freestyle Testimonials is now also compatable with Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7. Also, the previous known security issues have also been fixed in this release.
c m
Freestyle FAQs

Freestyle FAQs

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Freestyle FAQ is designed to provide you with a highly customised Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) module on your Joomla website. There are various customisable options, you can display FAQs under a menu item or within a module. • Multiple categories • Search all FAQs • Add an image for each category • Link directly to a FAQ category or article from a menu item • View all FAQs at once (option to hide this) • Module to list FAQ categories anywhere on any page • Full image and html support for each FAQ • WYSIWYG editor for FAQs • Attach full html description to each category FAQs can be toggled as published or unpublished • Various Joomla back end parameters • Multiple view modes for question list - Normal list - clicking a category takes you to a different page with FAQ list • Multiple FAQ list modes - All questions and answers on one page New v1.9 This new version has been completly rewritten to bring the features inline with that of Freestyle Support Portal. It is no longer a 'Lite' version. Freestyle FAQs is now also compatable with Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7. Also, the previous known security issues have also been fixed in this release.
c m p
Freestyle Translation Manager

Freestyle Translation Manager

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Easily translate Joomla components Translation Manager enables easy translation of components and modules on your site to different languages. It also allows you to modify the English language text on your site. Create Translations Easily create your own translations for components and modules installed on your site Edit and Update Translations Quickly edit and update existing translations Translation Overview Displays an overview of all translations on your site and their progress Phrase Filtering Easily highlight untranslated phrases Backend Translation Edit both site and admin translations Translation States Allows translations to be saved unpublished
Freestyle Notices

Freestyle Notices

Free | Notes | Freestyle Joomla
2.5 3
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A templated user notification system Notices allows content to be displayed on your website in set positions and within articles. You decide where and how often they show. Use notices to display information to users without having to remember to remove it. Set to dispaly for a number of days, certain times of day, days of the week or to a particular user group. Flexible Display System Display notices in module positions or as in-page popup overlay Closeable Notices Notices can be configured to allow users to close them and optionally remember which users have closed them to prevent recurrences Display Options Configure when and where the notice is displayed including by user group, access level, menu items, language, time of day, day of week, date in month, month, components Notice Sets Create groups of notices that can be displayed in the same position on your site. In each location, you can display all notices in that set or random ones Templates Multiple templates are included so you can choose how the notices are styled on your site
c m p
Freestyle Includes: Data

Freestyle Includes: Data

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Freestyle Joomla
2.5 3
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The incredibly useful content plugin! Freestyle Includes: Data is a content plugin which allows you to create a template for displaying data in your website. This could be a list or set of tables and include images, its really up to you! Create the template you like and use throughout your website without having to define your layout each time. This time saving component will quickly become your new best friend when creating or editing Joomla! websites - trust us, we love it! A significant proportion of our website was created using Includes: Data, have a look at the list of features below. Simple Data Entry Define your table based on the data you wish to store and display. Define as many tables and sets of data as you like Multiple Fields and Types Your data can contain as many fields as you require, each field can store it's own type of data e.g. text, HTML, checkbox etc. WYSIWYG Template Editor Define the template you wish to use for data display using the Joomla! built in WYSIWYG editor Unrestricted Data Display List your data anywhere on your site using the templates you have created by including the shortcut listed SQL based data sets Instead of defining fields in your data, you can use an SQL query to select data to display Full smarty template support Allows the creation of highly flexible templates that vary according to the data and parameters passed Extra tag support $first, $last, $odd, $even and others Language and ACL support Filter the data displayed based on your website's language and your user's access levels Extra field types Choose an image to include Allow single item output Output your template with a single data row A lite version of this product is available to download!
c p
Freestyle Includes: Fragments

Freestyle Includes: Fragments

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Freestyle Joomla
2.5 3
0 reviews
Fragments is a content plugin designed to help display information on your Joomla! Website in multiple areas without you having to type it out each time, or copy and paste. Each fragment can be tweaked to display slightly different information if required. Once in place, the fragment can be updated on the backend and changes will be reflected in your content. Unlimited Fragments Create and include as many fragments as you want WYSIWYG Editor Define the fragment you wish to use for text display using the Joomla! built in WYSIWYG editor Dynamic Output Vary the content of the tag by including variables in the fragment. One fragment can be used in several areas and display different parts of text each time Smarty Support Allows creation of highly flexible fragments taht vary according to the fragment and parameters passed CSS Output Include a set of CSS styles wherever thr fragment is included on a page Preset Parameters Specify default parameters for your dynamic fragment
c p
Freestyle Includes: Code

Freestyle Includes: Code

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Freestyle Joomla
2.5 3
0 reviews
Quickly include PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS on your site Code enables you to place code directly into your content. Use PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS in the WYSIWYG editor without the ususal limitations - the possibilities are endless! Use code tags to enable code to function as normal, even PHP script. Insert PHP Allows you to enter custom PHP code to run and display in output Insert HTML Allows you to include HTML that your editor does not normally allow Insert Javascript Allows you to insert Javascript into your content Insert CSS Allows you to insert CSS into your content Basic Security Restrict which Joomla! user groups are allowed to use code tags when creating content Code Templates Predefine fragments of code to include in your content - allows some code to be used in multiple locations Parameters in Tag Allows your templates to be customized based on parameters you specify in the tag Site Mode Allows code to be used anywhere on your site - not just modules and content Advanced Security Restrict which Joomla! user groups are allowed to use code tags when creating content. You can also restrict usage of PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS separately
c p

Freestyle Support Portal / Help Desk

Freestyle Joomla
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Dec 18 2014
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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