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The Helpdesk Component is an advanced support system, which is also known as Customer Service or Customer Support Software. With this effective and efficient solution you will be able to implement, manage and create a flexible customer support solution, efficient for both customers and support staff.

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Flexible yet powerful structure:
* Flexible security structured with different permission levels for both customers and support staff
* Complete solution including ticket, knowledgebase and task management plus other great value-add features
Contract based support:
* Limits based on years, months, days, number of tickets or labour hours
* Configurable per workgroup, allowing to use the same system to support ad-hoc and contract based clients.
Advanced ticket options:
* Dashboard view with filtering and search capability
* Support agents can build their own views
* Extensive ticket detail including ability to add replies, notes, time spent and task tracking to each ticket
* Timesheet reporting, allowing you to track time spent
* Pre-defined replies
* Custom fields
* Automatic and manual ticket assignment
* File attachments support
* Allowing explanation of technical terms
* Keyword auto highlight: any known keywords used in Knowledgebase are highlighted offering instant explanation
Export engine:
* Ability to export to csv format customisable set of fields
* History of exports are tracked and available for redownload (while records marked as exported)
* Categories support
* Support for usability rating by users
* Attachment support
* Comments support
* Ability to hide via publish/unpublish
Reporting engine:
* Workgroup analysis
* Client Analysis
* Support Staff Analysis
* and more...
Other handy features:
* Ability to stick tickets to appear at the top
* Ability to bookmark ticket(s) and knowledgbase article(s)
* Ability to post system-wide through to client specific announcements
* Email fetching, Support for replying and creating new tickets via emails (currently support POP3 and IMAP)
* and much more...

Integrations with JomSocial

MaQma Helpdesk integration with JomSocial is available in different ways:
* Show the customer status inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Link to the customer profile inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Post KB comments in the users wall
* Post KB creation in the users wall
* Usage of JomSocial avatars

Integrations with Stores

MaQma Helpdesk can be integrated into Virtuemart, Redshop and Digistore by using the component Store Integration available in our website.

Also integration with JoomFish, jomLike, SobiPro, ArtOfUser and MosetsTree


Yes, the module works. But it is not as simple as you would expect.

Ease of use

When you drill down into the matter, yes it is easy. But hard to understand for a someone who does not know this module.


Support is slow, and a lot must be done by the end user, in my opinon to much.


I did not find any

Value for money

I bought the biggest package $ 299,- if it works in every browser it is be-a-utiful, sadly it does not work good in Internet explorer.

I used this to: Tickets system for internal IT department, so users can log their tickets to our department. So for it is not in use.

very worthy

Posted on 27 April 2015

All you might need

Ease of use

It is ready for technical support system set up in 10 minutes. The user interface is very simple


Solving problems is fast and technical support to quickly fix them. This is a very cool guys!


never used. understanding without it

Value for money

Quality of work excellent and extension worth that price

I used this to: I work for a company where 400 employees who have rated it


Very complete in every part. Ticket management is great and all other features are perfect for a complete helpdesk solution.

Ease of use

Every extension need a little time to learn it but thanks to great support it will become a joke


Great, Marvelous, Awesome, Amazing and more more. All these adjectives have one name: Pedro!


Documentation is based on the KB and is very good for startup, but there is also Pedro that is a live documentation with realtime support.

Value for money

There isn't enough words to describe the value for money of this product. For me it's like a free software considering the price.

I used this to: I am building a support site for my customers and for clients of my customers and with this marvelous extension i can reach all my targets.

5 star

Posted on 23 December 2014

We call it Giant. Huge component with all the problems already solved!

Ease of use

It's a huge component but is still easy for me!


Awesome ppl behind the component


not sure

Value for money


I used this to: 600+ development company running 80+ clients worldwide specialized in gambling/betting/casino

This extension is one of the best I´ve ever seen. Pedro is also a great help if you has some questions. We had problems with out template but pedro fixed it directly.


Posted on 25 March 2014

Excellent service from Pedro, and a brilliant component from start to finish!

Look no further!

Posted on 24 March 2014

I started with Trellis helpdesk several years ago and lets say "it did the job". Unfortunealy the developer stopped working on it. Since last year as i moved to Joomla i was searching for a solution which is able to have custom fields AND do search and filter on that. I quickly found Maqma helpdesk but as a poor developer i decided to check the open source ones. End of 2013 that dreams was over, Either it was badly designed or lacks information or the developer was not reachable.

THEN i took the plunge and bought Maqma helpdesk. Since then i happily work with it, It even expanded my visions of what can be done. The product is well designed meets exactly what is needed and much much more, the developer is nice and motivated and helps you solve your problems quickly. Price is very reasonable, too

Facite: See Review Title

I have been using this component and have watched it mature to where it is now. It doesn't get any better and the support has been the best I have ever received from a component developer. In regards to the negative post below, it is easy to tell the user is simply trying to get the developer to customize to his version. He/She would probably be happy if he forked a version just for him but we know that it doesn't work that way. It is also easy to tell that he is using the JED as a form of extortion. Bottom line, if you are looking for a professional help desk, imaqma is the best that is out there and this comes from someone that has tried them all. As far as support, it has always been professional and I have seen imaqma take a good suggestion and have seen it implemented sometimes in the next release. Nothing like a newbie to have a tantrum and post a ridiculous review. Lastly, because ot his component, my customers often comment to me how professional our support is and I must say I give the credit to imaqma. Even looking at all the reviews you will notice 99% give 5 starts, for a good reason.

This extensions is a perfect solution if you are looking for helpdesk solution for Joomla, the support is extraordinary. Pedro is very kind and helpful when you need support.

full of options makes this extension very useful.

All question asked were replied very fast. even better i asked to support Ajax register component with helpdesk and Pedro did it very kindly.

The quality of this extension and very good. One of the best extension i recommend to everyone.

thanks for making this available and keep it up.

Still needs work

Posted on 12 September 2013

The look and feel for the front end is decent for the User, but the navigation placements are not intuitive. The User must look around to find various functions; and this gets worse for an assigned Support Manager.

Individual support tickets. To enter the time spent for a ticket is very complicated. The support member must add a 'Task' and enter a time-frame of when they worked on the ticket. This task is not editable once completed from the Front End thus if the support member goes back to the same ticket they have to create a new task and re enter a new time-frame. Please note that one cannot just enter the minutes, or hours, spent trying to resolve a support ticket as the ticket progresses. For a good example of time tracking please see RSJoomla's RSTickets!Pro or BILLETS by Dioscouri.

Reporting. Last is the ability to export reports. This needs a lot of work to be presentable to a customer. Having better functionality and options to export in a CVS file, like that of component jDBexport by Schultz IT Solutions, is highly recommended.

Owner's reply: Hi, thanks for the feedback, if possible sends the navigation difficulties you had to help us improve it :)

For the times, you dont need to add a task, you can enable activity times per message and support agents can reply and add times. The concept of tasks is not for that.

For the reports, there are some reports with export and there is also an export tool where you can set columns and filters, not sure if you saw it.

For both the times and export just contact us and we will guide on it, it's our job to do it :)
MaQma Social menu

MaQma Social menu

Free | Social Presence | iMaQma
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The Social Menu Plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to place links to your social networks links. You can configure the plugin to display links for 7 different websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, RSS, Vimeo and YouTube. The items are enabled if they have a link inside it, you can enable all or only some of them, the ones that are left blank are not displayed in the website. You can choose from 2 different styles - one is displayed in the top-left side of the website and is hidden, displaying when the mouse hovers it, the other is shown in the bottom-left side of the website and is always visible. 27 Oct. 2010 - v1.1 : The new release allows you to set the icons size in the style2. 25 May 2011 - Joomla!1.6 version also available. Next release will allow you set the position of the menu (top, bottom, left, right). Any other ideas for more options just let us know :)

MaQma Helpdesk

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Apr 27 2015
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Mar 06 2006
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