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nTicket is an easy to use helpdesk ticketing system for Joomla! After installing nTicket, just create a menu item in Joomla to link to the component, and you immediately have your helpdesk system up and running! Of course you are likely to want to tweak some of the configuration settings, but it works 'right out of the box'.

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Despite being a relatively simple system, nTicket boasts the following features:

  • Open source (GPL) allowing full customisation and use on an unlimited number of websites
  • Tickets can be assigned to helpdesk operators (unlimited number of operators)
  • Tickets can be categorised (unlimited categories)
  • You can set up custom forms which enable you to capture whatever data you require (eg. login details)
  • Different forms can be used for different categories
  • Self service support: You can define keywords which when used in a ticket will prompt the client to check relevant knowledgebase or help articles
  • File attachments are supported
  • BBCode is supported for formatting text without the security risks associated with HTML
  • Urgent tickets can be copied to a separate e-mail address
  • All tickets can be copied in to an administrator e-mail address
  • If an additional reply is made while you are typing, you are given the option of amending your response
  • Response headers are colour coded so you can easily see whether a message is from the client or an operator
  • Optionally collapse long tickets to only show the last 2 replies
  • Operators can quickly see other tickets raised by the same client
  • Operators can use the website front-end or the Joomla administrator back end
  • Search and filter tickets (in the back end only)
  • Operators can make private notes on a ticket
  • Tickets can optionally be accessed by a token in the URL so that the client does not have to login to reply
  • You can choose whether to allow guests to submit tickets to a category
  • Broadcast feature allows you to publish a message to clients (for example to warn of delays during a busy period or a known issue that you are working on)
  • Operators can have a default signature that is automatically added to all of their replies
  • Tickets can be closed and/or deleted en masse by an administrator
  • Tickets can be split in two (for example if a client starts a new question on an unrelated subject and you want it to be a separate ticket)
  • Tickets can be locked (so the client can no longer add any response - useful if you have split a ticket and you want to prevent the client replying to the old ticket)

The component is lightweight and simple and complete.

Whether it can be fully translated?

Owner's reply: Thank you for your kind review. All of the text that comes with nTicket can be translated by creating a new language folder. English and Dutch language folders are supplied with the extension.

If you create custom fields for your category forms, you may define some content yourself (such as the captions or help text on your fields), and although there is no facility in the standalone edition of nTicket to translate this content directly, you can use PHP 'constants' instead of plain text, and write the translations into the language files (so the short answer is, yes, it is possible to translate it fully). Things are a little easier with nTicket for nBill, as you can then use nBill's translation feature for translating the content you have added yourself, rather than needing to amend the language files.

If you need further assistance in understanding how to carry out a translation (or indeed, any other issues), please submit a support ticket on the nTicket website.
Chess Puzzle of the Day

Chess Puzzle of the Day

Free | Board & Table Games | Russell Walker
2 reviews
A simple module for Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 which outputs a daily chess puzzle from one of 3 possible sources (Shredder, Gameknot, and I like the Shredder one best, as you can choose from 3 difficulty levels, and play out the puzzle right there on your own website. The module has options to let you choose the board size and which site to retrieve the puzzle from, or whether to randomly select a source. Update: The Gameknot board seems to be malfunctioning at the moment - there is nothing I can do about it I'm afraid as it is under their control not mine. If the board looks wrong I suggest you just set it to use Shredder Only in the module settings.
nBill Lite

nBill Lite

Free | Billing & Invoices | Russell Walker
31 reviews
Version 3 of nBill Lite is a major update which introduces mobile friendly invoicing, QR codes, sales graphs, and support for the new EU VAT rules from 1st January 2015. nBill Lite is a cut-down version of nBill (the online billing system), which includes features for creating ad-hoc invoices that can be paid for online. It allows you to create client records for the people you want to bill, or import them from a CSV file or from your Joomla user records. You don't have to create a client record though, nBill Lite includes support for billing someone on a one-off basis even if they are not a registered client. You can create invoices with an unlimited number of line items, and e-mail them to your client who can then pay the invoice online using a payment gateway (all of the payment gateways and language packs that work with nBill standard edition also work with the Lite edition). If you are based in the UK you can even use the GoCardless gateway for Direct Debits where your client can pre-authorise you to help yourself to payment directly from the customer's bank account whenever you invoice them (no credit card needed). Please note that nBill Lite version 3 requires PHP 5.4 or above (check the System Information page in Joomla administrator) - if you are still using an out-dated version of PHP, you can use an older version of nBill Lite (2.5.1).
VAT Number Checker for nBill Lite

VAT Number Checker for nBill Lite

Free | nBill Lite Extensions | Russell Walker
0 reviews
This is an nBill Lite extension (use the nBill Lite extension installer, not the Joomla installer) which makes a new field type available for your profile fields. The VAT Number Checker field will prompt for an EU VAT number (providing a dropdown list of EU member states and a free format text box), and when the client saves their profile, it will check the number entered against the VIES database to ensure it is a valid VAT number.
Superlogin (Login As)

Superlogin (Login As)

Free | Site Access | Russell Walker
0 reviews
Allows super users (only) to login to the website front-end as any other user (useful for seeing your website as your customer sees it). Just use the username of the user you want to login as, and your own super user password. You can restrict access to the plugin to certain IP addresses (although that is not foolproof, as IP addresses can be spoofed, it will help prevent brute force attacks, and means that your IP address as well as your super user password would be needed to login via this plugin).


Russell Walker
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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