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RegReminder Lite encourages users to complete the registration process with a Reminder / Notification Emails. And allows you to keep you user list clean by deleting users who never complete the registration process.

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This component will provide the ability to manage these users by sending out reminder emails encouraging them to activate their accounts or login. If after a given time period the accounts are still not activated or they have not logged in the component gives you the ability to optionally delete these accounts.

- Send reminder emails to users who have not verified their email address
- Option to delete users who have not activated their account after a given time period
- Set the number of days before a user can be deleted once a notification has been sent
- BCC the system administrator on all emails
- Identifies when a user has activated their account
- Support for Community Builder to send out the community builder activation link (this needs to be turned on in the parameters screen)
- Limit the number of emails that are sent. Some hosting companies will only allow a set number of emails per hours. You can now control how many reminder emails this component will send.

For a full list of features go to

The change log for this component can be found here

**** This is an Admin Component only. There is no Frontend functionality

If you have used this component please remember to vote and/or review it.

I recently published a community site with over 100 members in it and right away there were those that claimed they did not get their email with the link to finish registration despite the fact that as the mail server owner I can prove otherwise. Rather than argue a useless point, I purchased the upgraded version of this plugin so I won't be having that disagreement in the future nor will I need to micromanage users. If they don't complete the registration the system will email them every day with the completion link until they do. After 30 days any uncompleted registrations will be deleted. That is what I want it to do and that is what it does. I may integrate this with another front end user manager component that will allow the site owners to micro manage if necessary and will update this if I deem it worthwhile.

Awesome Joomla Plug in

Posted on 15 January 2013

This rates as one of the best admin tools in the extensions directory. Now when a user emails to complain about something that isn't working for them, I can experience it from their perspective. Awesome!

Good but limited

Posted on 08 October 2012

It works fine and easily. However the functionality is limited - note that the description in this page doesn't match the actual functionalities as shown in the Lite/Standard comparison matrix. The Lite version does the same than the "Blocked Users Reactivate Plugin" extension which is free.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the feedback. The description on this page has be updated to reflect functionality in the LITE version. The LITE version of RegReminder is also free.
The full functionality list and comparison matrix between LITE and STANDARD versions has also been updated on the developers website. This should now hopefully not cause any confusion.

big difference

Posted on 25 June 2011

Since I installed this little script I have retained on average 4 out of 5 members that didn't complete the registration process the first time. Most will complete the registration on the first reminder and a few with the second.

Easy install and set up.

Awesome, Thumbs up to you guys. Thank you.

I do not undertand why joomla have not integrated this to their core files?

Thank to regreminder my life is easier!

compatible with Community builder

I can now track which members have not completer their registration and can send them quickly a reminder

Such a fantastic tools!!!

Thank you so much!

Ps: buy the standard version it worth it!

Excellent Component

Posted on 26 February 2011

Does exactly what it says on the tin, simple, clean and efficient. Installed on my directory site, now i don't have to delete users manually if they have not confirmed their registration. Will definately consider upgrade to full version for extra functions. Set the parameters (of which there are 5) and that's it, click on the Reminders and Deletions button for the list of unverified users then select the Execute Actions button to send the reminders or delete the users. Also has a send test email button that will send an email to you so you can see what the reminder emails that are sent out will look like. Cool :)

Great component

Posted on 02 August 2010

This is a great component to extend your Joomla user accounting. The commercial version is well worth the extra money considering all the extra features it enables...

Good lite version

Posted on 15 July 2010

Great to have this type of tasks automated!

There is two versions free "Lite" and commercial "Standard".

So features like advertised here "Do you have users who have activated their account but never logged in?" and that you want to delete etc only work with standard version that is commercial.

There is many more functions you could add to this extension so hopefully there will be more improvements in future.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your feedback. I have altered the description of this component listing to hopefully make it clearer as to what is in the Lite Version (FREE) and the Standard Version (Commercial) ... apologies for any confusion.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions of functions to add to this component then please email me.

One new feature currently being worked on is the ability to send reminder emails to users who have not logged in for a period of (in an attempt to encourage them back to your website)

Great Extension!

Posted on 23 June 2010

This is a great extension, very helpful. It helps manage my users by deleting all the inactive ones.

the only improvement I can suggest is in the subject line of one of the emails there is a spelling mistake, but it's very easy to correct that, so great job!

Owner's reply: Thanks for the feedback. The typo has been fixed in the latest version.

Great Component

Posted on 18 June 2010

Registration Reminder is a fantastic component, that performs exactly as described. I have used this on a association website with ~1000 registered users, many of whom have never logged in. We had a 25% response rate from a single email!

Dwayne (the developer) was amazingly prompt and helpful in his replies, even when I asked some obvious questions!

I would highly recommend this component if you have a user base that is apathetic in using your website.



Paid download | User Management | Dwayne Hill
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Manage your registered users with customizable email reminders. Remind them to complete the registration process or invite them to login in again This component will prompt users to complete their registration or encourage community members to return to your website. This tool removes the manual process of keeping you register user list clean (a very manual process currently). A simple and effective house cleaning solution. RegReminder allows you to automate the sending of reminder emails. If a user has not activated or not logged into your website this component will gives you the ability to send reminders and optionally delete these accounts if they do not respond within a period of time. RegReminder is the an easy way to help manage your users in the following ways; * Remind registered user who have not activated their account Remind users who have activated their account but never logged in Encourage users back to your site who have not logged in for a period of time Delete users do not complete the registration process even after reminders have been set (helps remove those accounts with invalid email addresses) FEATURES : * Send reminders to users who have never activated their accounts * Send reminders to users who have activated their accounts but never logged in * Send reminders to users who have not logged into your site for a configurable period of time * Automation / Scheduler - Can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly * Customize your reminder emails (HTML or Plain text emails). This will allow you to personalize your reminder emails and use your persuasive powers to encourage users back to your website. * List of Merge fields available for customising reminder emails (eg. Password reset link, opt-out link, activaltion link etc.) . * Allows you to set the number of reminders emails to a single user before their account is removed * Ability to delete users who have not activated their account or have never logged in * BCC reminder emails * Identifies which users have activated their account * Identifies which users have active accounts but never logged in * Limit the number of emails that are sent. Some hosting companies will only allow a set number of emails per hours. You can control the number of reminder emails to send * Logs all reminders sent and when the automatic scheduler has been run. * Language support * CAN-SPAM compliant * Manage Opt-out users and exclude user groups Functionality will work with other components such as JomSocial and Community builder.
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RegReminder Lite

2.0-(J1.5) & (J1.6/J1.7)
Dwayne Hill
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Feb 10 2015
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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