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BlastChat is a live communication hosting service designed for website communities from the smallest personal websites to the huge megasites who desire to provide their members and visitors with a live online communication experience.

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Four interfaces - Bar, Chat, Shout and Mobile.

Implemented as a Web 2.0 application and hosted on our servers, BlastChat delivers fast and reliable communication solution to your website without heavy load on your server, without worries about bandwidth and with no system level administration needs on your end.

You do not have to be a computer programmer or system administrator to implement professional chat. BlastChat installs in minutes, requires no coding on your part and your chat rooms can be up and running TODAY!

BlastChat is the perfect solution for general community chatting, online moderated interviews or teaching sessions, customer support or any other use you might need, whether you need to communicate with a single person or hundreds.

More about BlastChat features can be found at our homepage.

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This is a copy of my original K&K YouTube Plugin for Virtuemart. Use the original from an official Virtuemart Developer Team member!

Ease of use

The original is better.


Cool extension

Posted on 16 February 2015

Cool extension, great, easy using and very very good support !

Ease of use



Perfect !



I used this to: To maje appear my Mapbox map.


Great job... I created a few modules of branch locations and i tie it to each community profile.. only problem is when I load the module inside a CB profile field... googlemap does not show fully.. Otherwise it is a great product.

I was even able stretch beyond 10 preset locations by changing XML and PHP file according to instructions given..

Ease of use

very easy


Never called

I used this to: created coaching locations for each coaching profile and loading location map in each CB profile field


I wont way its the one of the best Gallery extensions availble for Joomla CMS but actually its the only true Gallery extension available

Ease of use

This extension backend is one of the best model ant this is how a component has to be designed with using full Joomla Framawork


Sven Bluege is always there is answer to the tickets


Fair enough Documentation

I used this to: Selling Images on behave of a client

cant get any support

Posted on 23 March 2014

the ext work well but i have some question regarding api, but cant send mail to support sell or any of them, too bad

Owner's reply: We have "Contact Us" form on our website. Do you have problem with that form?

French translation

Posted on 21 November 2013

Hi, i want to know how to translate words in frontend, because i saw in your language documentation that we need to put name of language (ex: fr) parameters to fr.js instead of en.js, but i tried to see content of en.js and i found that this file don't contain all the words that i want to translate, for exemple "members", "guests" etc.

I hope you help me or give me the optimal way to do transtaltion to the frontend interface of your awesome component !

Thanx in advance.

Owner's reply: All the words available for translation are listed on our website under Support/Configuration/languages section.

The "members" or "guests" are group names and those can be adjusted in the groups.js file (detailed explanation in the Support/Configuration/groups.js), specifically the "" parameter.

try it

Posted on 19 May 2013

Really, its a solution for joomla chat. its really great to have one like this. i was searching for an extension like this one so we can have chat option on my site. try it...

I started off thinking this is a FREE chat, NO Its NOT. Its should not be listed under Non Commercial section. They are just trying to promote the product but listing it as FREE and then proving very very limited number of users.

You get a 7 day Trial and after that you are allowed just 10 USERS ONLY CHAT LIMIT. You need to pay hundred to six hundred dollars per year for more.

10 user chat limit is useless for most users and is an eyewash.

The chat as such is good but they force you to accept while registering - "I will add a Blast chat link on my front page".

Summary - Chat is good but is too expensive. It would have been good if they increase concurrent chatters to 50 for free version then I would have given 5 stars. Limit of 10 users makes it useless for me so I have to give it ONE star.

NOTE: I have seen replies where they just deny it all. They might reply to this saying NO its totally FREE and all but check the product fully. I wasted my time installing this only to realize it not FREE.

I'm using Blastchat 3.6 on Joomla 2.5, works no problem on my site. This chat is great because it allows you to these things (and more) for FREE:

- auto-integrate with your joomla users

- makes the chat private for guests (if you want to)

- gives you total moderation control

- looks very solid, and functions properly

- total controls over the logs

IMPORTANT: All the best words for Mr. Peter Saitz and blastchat crew, who provided me swift and detailed support on the configuration AND implementation of the chat into my site (although it wasn't that connected to the chat). All compliments to responding in less then hour on most mails.

I believe placing blastchat link on the site is quite a fair thing to do considering you can use it for free, considering the effort these guys put into it. Payed version is very fairly priced, and has great options too.

NOTE: I had a problem of placing user login form on the same menu/page as the chat. If you logoff from the same page, chat will report an error, because joomla keeps the data while you're still on page. I solved it by removing the login form from the chat window page. Hope it helps you.



Probably best choice

Posted on 24 August 2011

For a client i was looking for a better chat solution as their current one at the time was a big and heavy loader. The best solution was a hosted one as iits their main goal...running chat applications. To my opinion the blastchat is the best. Support was great en the chat is even better than just great. But this chat comes in a variaty of setups.. My client picked a paid average version and is happy and thats what counts.


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Mar 05 2006
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