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FCChat connects your web site users with chat, video conferencing, instant messaging and more.

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Note: There are now two versions of FCChat.

Chatcenter: Optimized for use with the toolbar.

Blogchat: A sitewide chatroom that can be easily embedded in the page.

Visit our site,, to see which is best for you. We have working demos of both.

Upgrade Notices:

Upgrading the chat will sometimes trigger the automatic reboot of your chat server. This process takes 1-2 min. During this time, your chat will not function properly. Keep trying to reconnect for a few minutes until the transfer is complete.

After upgrading, make sure you clear your browser cache and refresh the page.

Upgrading from a version prior to If you have changed the default location of the full page chat, you will need to copy the new fcchat/html/chat/index.php file to this location, and set $FCCHATBASEURL once again.

When you upgrade to a new version, any customizations you made to the chat files will be erased. In order to save those changes, do the following:

1) Make backup copies of any files that you have altered. You may wish to make backups of the following folders: (fcchat/config, fcchat/languages, fcchat/styles, fcchat/html/config). Place them in a safe place where they will not be deleted.

2) Next install the new version.

3) Finally, manually copy the changes you made to the old files into the current version's files. Do not replace the new files with the old files, as the structure of the new files may have changed; but instead, use the wordpress file editor to make the changes line by line.


Versions 3.6 introduces the Chatbox, which is a site-wide chatroom. For more info, visit this page:

Versions 3.5.1 adds a few administrative shortcuts and enhancements.

Versions 3.5. adds a "Contacts" button to the toolbar, which replaces the old "Friends" button. The contacts panel now consists of both the friends list, and a new feature - "Recent Conversations".

Version 3.4 features an updated look for the toolbar, with a new, all white theme. The toolbar now supports one touch conversation switching and conversation filtering. A few bugs have been fixed from the previous version as well.

In the next version, we will be adding a page discussion feature, so that you can have a chat room for each page or topic on your site'.


We are currently working on WebRTC based video chat, which does not require the Flash plugin, and which would run on a variety of mobile devices.


Real time text chat

Video Chat/Video Conferencing (6 Simultaneous Cams)

Pop-out Mode: Launch Chat into a separate window

Public rooms/Private Rooms

Instant messaging/Private Chat

Upload images

User profiles

Collaborative whiteboard



2-player games


I have been using this product for a while now and have been impressed by the gradual tweaks that have turned it into a great looking and very usable chat system. The subscription rates are amazing (from free to not much really) and the support full on (I had an issue with it stopping working and it was sorted as soon as they arrived at work!)

If you are looking for a chat system you can't go far wrong with FCChat!

I signed up for use of FCCHAT just two days ago and ran into an installation issue. I contacted support and received a response and solution before the next day- I had an incompatible script-modifying plugin that was of no use anyway. Now the FCChat module works flawlessly. I love the features, the customization potential and the VERY FAIR price which inspires users to extend their subscription for the lifetime of their project. Thank you for this great product which shall surely benefit many people, both webmasters and users alike! Get this extension for your site!

The extension was easy to install and setup. When I discovered a small display issue on mobile devices an update was released within 24hrs that fixed the problem. The email support I have received has been outstanding.

This chat is really great, has lots of features and options. You can adapt it to you template style. The service is not free but is really really cheap. You also get a great service from the developer. Best thing is that you can try its full potential for free and if you dont like it you pay nothing but Im sure you will love it. Remember they have support for one reason, if you dont use it dont complaint, they are really helpful to get you chay running


Posted on 31 October 2012

thanx for this module.. work with no issue, hope people will like it!


Posted on 17 October 2012

This product is AMAZING; and fantastic value for the price, too. They even offer a free trial and free customer support.

It's relatively easy to use for the average user, it fits into your web page nicely, it has 2 player games, cam chat, text chat, instant messenger list

I've been blown away.

I had a bit of trouble getting it to accept COmmunity Builder avatars, but after an e-mail to the developer, he spent hours playing about with the code until he cracked it for me - fantastic service. I'm definitely buying after the free trial is over and Robert's found a long time customer.

There are a few suggestions/requests I'd like to make.

Monetization - in the 'full screen' chat it'd be nice to have somewhere for us to put banner advertisements.

Easier modding - It's a bit 'clunky' and 'slow' having to go to the mod panel, type in a username, then click boot/ban. By time you do all that they'd have already been in, scrolled/spammed/abused and logged back out to login again as another username. It'd be ideal so admins could click on a username in the room and click ban.

Invite - It'd also be great for those in chat rooms could click on someone on their friends list/IM list and click "invite to room" so the user gets invited to the room.

IM Windows - once your chat gets busy it's going to be hectic mayhem getting all the PM's and trying to PM everyone back on the same single IM window, be great if in a future release you could have different IM windows for different people.

These are just suggestions to make it that little bit more user-friendly and perfect, but even without these features.. this is possibly the best, value-for-money & easily integrated with Joomla chat solutions I've come across.

Just do the maths. FCChat A/V 20 users = approx £1 a month.

My current chat solution ChatBlazer A/V 20 users = £200 a month.

No brainer!

Thank you FCChat, now I can provide my users with a fantastic chat solution and make a profit without going broke trying to pay stupidly high monthly bills!

We have found FCChat to be the best value chat solution that we have tried so far. It also has plenty of features to enhance the users experience.

We have just finished testing FCChat on our live site and the feedback from members has been very positive so far.

The earlier review seems to be a little unfair as the cost per month is very reasonable, in fact it's the lowest priced commercial solution on the JED by a large margin. We didn't need to try and reclaim any funds, but from our dealings with Robert it seems unlikely that any fair request wouldn't be considered if someone really couldn't get FCChat working on their site.

It does work! The site we have been using it on is using J 2.5.6 FCC 2.3

It's not difficult to setup but there are a large number of parameters and options in the module. There is comprehensive documentation which is detailed and accurate from our experience.

Support was extremely satisfactory fast and responsive.

As a result of our support inquiry a new version was emailed to us which included a new feature for Kunena Avatars. The first patch was unsuccessful, with a second patch being sent within a few minutes which functioned correctly.

The module integrates nicely with joomla visually and functionally. Logged in members get logged into the chat system automatically and in our case their Kunena avatar is loaded also.

The only things we would prefer is the ability for the client to scale the chat window to suit their screen size/preference and some log management with download.

There is a three day free trial period after signing up which should give you time to setup and test the module before committing to one of the monthly plans available.

It would have saved us time if we had tried this extension first. Overall our experience with FCChat has been very positive.

Waste of time and effort

Posted on 03 March 2012

This is a waste of time and effort, setup is not simple, it also costs per month. Costs you to activate the chat then it doesn't work anyway, but you will LOSE your money.

Owner's reply: Hi Ubique1964.

It's a pity that you didn't contact us before you left such a negative feedback.

Perhaps you did not know that we offer a free trial, and free assistance in order to set up the chat to your specification, and ensure that it is working properly on your site.

If you are not completely satisfied you pay nothing.

Please contact us in case of need!

Best regards,
Fastcat Software team.


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