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Bring the power and simplicity of FrescoChat to your website. Your day-to-day live chat experience will be more pleasant and simple. No sign in/out from web dashboards, amazing level of customization, great look and loaded with features you will love.

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Native IM Live Chat solution based on Jabber protocol: It works with popular IM apps for any platform on Desktop and Mobile devices. Once installed on your computer, FrescoChat will log you in automatically when you turn on your PC and the client will run silently in the background, no need to sign in to a web dashboard and switching browser tabs to find it.

Set up your working hours and FrescoChat will manage your online / offline status: Create as many time ranges as you need for your breaks or build complex weekly shift schemes for your agents

Stay connected from multiple devices: FrescoChat will follow you wherever you are

Set up automated invites to your web visitors: Each page on your website may have a customized message to offer help given the content of the web page.


Departments: Group agents into departments, let the web visitor decide to which department they want to chat

Intelligent routing: FrescoChat will look for the least busy operator, and send chat requests to agents in a round robin fashion, if there's no response, will send an alert to the next available agent

Agent to agent chat: Being Jabber based, you chat with other agents the same way you use to do it it with your current messaging client

Transfer chats: Transfer your chat session to a specific agent, department, or simply to the next agent available


Use our default fixed-position chat bar or pick your own clickable images to popup the chatbox

Select your own attention grabber

Choose from dozens of themes for your chat box and chat bar

Translate / Localize messages and texts on chat box

Set up chat box size, position and even zoom.

and more... Check all of our features at

FlexyTalk Review

Posted on 30 March 2013

I must complement the developer on this great idea to be able to communicate with your visitors.

This will really help in retaining your visitors

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FrescoChat Live Chat

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May 14 2015
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Nov 19 2014
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