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AcySMS is a component which enables you to send follow-up campaigns, auto-responders, newsletters, promotions, special offers, automated messages... via SMS/Text Messages.

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AcySMS is integrated with VirtueMart, HikaShop, JomSocial, Community Builder, AcyMailing, RedShop, Akeeba Subscription, MijoShop and has also its own user management so you can import contacts and start to mass communicate via SMS/Text Messages!

  • Send SMS/Text Messages
  • Schedule SMS to be sent in the future
  • Handle delivery reports to get statistics about your SMS
  • Send Birthday SMS
  • Send follow up SMS
  • Include personal information in your SMS (user name for example)
  • Filter your receivers to create targeted SMS campaigns
  • Send automatic SMS (when an order is confirmed, when an order is created...)
  • Manage SMS answers and execute automatic actions based on the received answer
  • E-commerce integrations: send an SMS to your buyer when the status of his order changes

In order to deliver SMS, you have to own an account with a SMS provider.
AcySMS supports more than 30 SMS providers all around the world... if your favorite SMS provider is not listed on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to develop an integration for free.

AcySMS is an all-in-one component, modules and plugins are all included in the package, there is no hidden fee.


This is definitely the best SMS multi-contact extension there is for Joomla, you can look around, but you will not find anything better!

Ease of use

It was easy to use without even looking at the documentation, I had to figure out how to link the SMS provider to the component, but easy!


I had an issue on my side that I needed fixed and support logged right in, got it fixed, and was very nice and helpful.


The documentation is literally step by step and takes you through everything, even some troubleshooting tips. Its great!

Value for money

A one time payment for something like this for my company was awesome, You can't beat that. Other offerings are triple the price per month.

I used this to: My company uses this to contact our customers on a monthly basis to ensure that they want to continue to receive their monthly orders. If they reply CONFIRM then we will ship them their monthly order and charge them, if they reply CHANGE then we will contact them within 24 hours!


This component is packed with features, everything has been though of! The devlopers are easy to contact and listen to their customers :)

Ease of use

It is so full of features it takes a while to get used to it! That is a positive!


Support can not be better. Alexandre who is the developer of this component is very patient and supportive.


The forum is very fast to get answers. Just about every question has been asked, just search for your question!

Value for money

Excellent value for money! Alexandre and the team have even gone to the lengths of developing a plugin for my support system

I used this to: My clients claim to have never seen my support emails. I am in the business of property management and this component has removed their excuses - I now get responses within hours of the support emails being sent which is vital in my business!

I am new to Joomla! SMS gateways. When I stumbled across this superb component, I was amazed when I bought it and began to thank them profusely for their un-matched support email. The best, so far, for me!

They respond within few (very) few moments of your email no matter how long the email is. Above all, they integrate Nigerian Gateway of my choice in less than 48hrs of giving them their link.

I could swear ACYBA Team gave far more than I paid for; the product, its customization and the super-fast response. You really deserve 10-stars please take the remaining ones here *****

Works Beautifully

Posted on 09 October 2014

The product is fantastic. A stack of features, a boatload of SMS Gateways.

And to top it all, superb support and lightning quick.

Don't waste time looking anywhere else for an SMS tool. This extension will do what you need - Inbound, Outbound, integration with Email, really the capabilities are endless.....

The team behind this extension and the AcyMailing extension is simply superb! I had a feature request for AcySMS that was extremely useful for our application, and they had it up and running within just a few days. They were professional in their communication, and they were great to work with. I would high recommend purchasing and using the extensions made by Acyba. You will not be disappointed.

Simply the best!

Posted on 02 September 2014

Having tried and used other SMS services, there is just no comparison! We have now been using both AcyMailing and AcySMS for close on 3 years and our Community Builder membership-based charity just would not be able to function without it.

Whether it is cancelling scheduled events hours before the start, or reminding people of important matters, this SMS module works perfectly in tandem with AcyMailing and Community Builder to deliver perfect integration and functionality.

More importantly is that the support from the team has been superb - responsive, fast and friendly. Its true what they say - you get what you pay for, and in their case, you get a whole lot more and then some.

Well done and keep up the good work guys!

I have been a long time user of ACYMailing and bought ACYSMS to integrate on our site. The installation went smoothly and we were up and running in around 30 minutes. I had a couple of minor bugs that I couldn't deal with. I flagged them on the user's forum and within a couple of hours, the support team logged onto my admin site and fixed them. Overall, a very professional and pleasant experience and one that I have happy to recommend with five stars! Well done team.

Well, you think it can't be true that no one is not satisfied with this product and the support from the company. But the fact is, that the employees here are just so dedicated to their job and to the product so I promise you will also be happy with the product and the support. Where else do you get support in hours and new features in a few days?

Whish this company also would develop extensions in other categories.

Claus - Denmark.

Worth all the money

Posted on 04 February 2014

We had a lot of problems with another extension and were a little bit afraid of giving AcySMS a try. But everything went very fast and easily well. We never had such a fast and well working support. Every question and need we had was answered or even get done within hours. The extension is working very well and fits all our needs. This is fun to work with an worth the every single Euro!!

I had a need for an SMS gateway product and had already purchased a highly rated and fairly expensive one. However I was having serious support challenges. I also had a need for new capabilities to be added to the product. Then my friends at ACYBA announced their product, acySMS. I was familiar with them because I've been using their acyMailing product successfully for a while. Since the product was new I informed them that I was interested but concerned. They immediately gave me the product to test for a few months. More importantly, because I was developing a fairly complex solution I had a need for a number of capabilities that were not immediately available. Not a problem as they worked with me to develop them. I truly cannot say enough about the team at ACYBA. They are extremely professional, very responsive and open to ideas and suggestions. One truly awesome feature of the acySMS product is the integration with acyMailing which allows you to develop pretty sophisticated that require multi-modal communications applications. Needless to say that I've dumped the other product and have committed to the integration of acySMS into my application.

AcyMailing Starter

AcyMailing Starter

Free | Newsletter | Acyba
2.5 3
472 reviews
AcyMailing is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla. AcyMailing enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, send personalized newsletters (Hi {subtag:name}...) Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation! Subscription Module with cool effects (popup, slide effect...) Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link CAN-SPAM compliant Validation and Confirmation of the email address Mass Subscription using filters and mass actions Automatic synchronization with your Joomla Users Import your users from any format: CSV, Acajoom, Letterman, Communicator, ccNewsletter, Yanc, jNews Easily include Joomla Articles in your newsletter Easily include any user information in your newsletter (name, e-mail, username...) Facebook share and Twitter share plugins Display your lists on your Joomla registration form Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process Integration with your contact form component: com_contact, Contact Enhanced, QContacts Handle unlimited subscribers, lists and newsletters Newsletter template management including 4 responsive newsletter-templates out of the box Automatic inline-css conversion Attachment capability, Embedded images option Preview and Send test newsletter to an entire Joomla group or to a specific email address Newsletter Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened, HTML or text version) Advanced Newsletter statistics (who opened your Newsletter and when) Front-End newsletter archive section with PDF generation and print options Latest Newsletters Module Automatic installation of plugins, module, templates and auto-configuration Handle SMTP Secured Connections (you can use GMail to send your newsletter) Plug AcyMailing to an external delivery service such as Mandrill, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, Amazon SES... Administrator/User Notifications Integrated Documentation Fully multilingual interfaces No ugly AcyMailing logo in your newsletter AcyMailing uses the Joomla MVC model to let you customize any view. AcyMailing is translated in more than 40 languages!
c m p
AcyMailing CB

AcyMailing CB

Free | Community Builder extensions | Acyba
2.5 3
4 reviews
This plugin enables you to add your AcyMailing lists on the Community Builder registration form so your users can select their subscription and/or be automatically subscribed to one or several AcyMailing lists during the Community Builder registration process. It also enables your users to modify their subscription by editing their profile on the front-end.
AcyMailing for JomSocial

AcyMailing for JomSocial

Free | JomSocial Extensions | Acyba
0 reviews
This plugin enables you to display an AcyMailing list selection on your JomSocial registration form. Please make sure you use at least AcyMailing 1.3.0 otherwise the plugin won't work.


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Nov 19 2014
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