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This will allow the Joomla administrator to select and send SMS to their members. As of now this will support Community Builder, Jomsocial, Virtuemart, DT Register and AcyMailing. Administrator can select members from these component based on different filters and can Send or Schedule SMS messages. This component will use the core JEEMA SMS component to send SMS messages. JEEMA SMS is a mandate prerequisite.

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Key Features

  • Queries members based on community builder custom fields and send SMS
  • Select contacts based on date fields
  • Queries members based on Jomsocial custom fields and send SMS
  • Queries members from Acy Mailing component and send SMS
  • Queries members from DT Register based on the category or location and send SMS
  • Queries members from Virtuemart based on the shopper group or category and send SMS
  • Send or Schedule SMS messages
Article Lister

Article Lister

Free | Articles Display | JEEMA Web Solutions
29 reviews
This module is a very very basic Joomla 1.5 module to list the article titles with the anchor link. It also supports SEF. Just give the category id and get the list of articles under the given category. You can also restrict the no of article titles to display and even the length of article title. It also flexible to decide the sorting order by "id, title, created, modified or native ordering" by ascending of decending. If you have any problems. Please contact Added/Fixed: SEF fixes (tested in 1.5.14) Enabled Joomla Cache System for performance Updates (1.0.1) Added Random Functionality Added Joomla Core SEO Features Added Titile for the anchors Removed ItemId (handled by core joomla itself) Updates (1.0.2): Proper Content Route class added (bug fix) Updates (1.0.3): Added publishin and publishdown conditions


Paid download | Phone & SMS | JEEMA Web Solutions
2.5 3
21 reviews
Convert your website to a powerful SMS portal. Android, iOS & Windows App for your members. Validate mobile number at the time of registration. Works with any SMS gateway. Sell SMS to members. Provide your own HTTP API to members. Send SMS, receive SMS, schedule SMS, personalized SMS, bulk SMS, SMS routing, batch bulk SMS, filtered SMS, unlimited keywords, upload bulk contacts, pin topup and more... PayPal integration, Cash payment, Interswitch & yopayment. Send welcome SMS at registration and subscribe to a SMS group. Birthday SMS, SMS reminders, Recurring SMS and more... Supports Joomla core profile, Jomsocial and community builder. This component uses the SMS HTTP API and submits the SMS to the gateway and receives the gateway response. For receiving SMS it uses the short/long code with KEYWORDS. REQUIREMENTS Joomla - 2.5 or higher PHP - 5.2.6 or higher MySQL - 5.0 or higher “A valid HTTP SMS API is a must to configure JEEMA SMS inside your Joomla website. If you are not aware please send your query to support[at] We will help you to identify.” FEATURES Configure any SMS HTTP API Supports non HTTP API based Gateways via custom plugin (Ex. Cydne Web Services) Dynamic APIs (Gateway Routing) based on the Mobile prefix Create Different SMS Accounts Link SMS Accounts to Joomla Members Set Auto-Credit for SMS accounts Advertisement Prefix of Suffix Define Multiple Sender Names UNICODE Support (Ex. Languages other than English) Send Single SMS Message Send BULK SMS Messages (On Page Submit or via Cronjobs) Batch Bulk SMS Charge customers based on routing. Schedule SMS Upload Contacts from TXT, CSV file Send Personalized Messages from a CSV file Define pre-defined SMS Templates Receive SMS based on Keywords Define SMS Keywords for incoming SMS Sent SMS History with Server Response Create Address Book and Groups Public groups with subscribe and unsubscribe SMS Statistics based on Account and API used Create different categories for public groups Create different SMS Packages Configure PayPal, Interswitch, Yopayments for Payment Gateway Cash Payment Plugin Generate Invoices Language File (front-end and admin) Plug-in to create SMS Accounts whenever a Joomla user registers Custom CSS Templates for front-end Filter SMS based on keywords PIN and Voucher Generation for Credits purchase Send Email with SMS Mask password info in log file Receive SMS without a keyword Confirmation page before sending SMS E-mail to support[at] to get the login details for our demo website. We have discount for existing customers who's download link has been expired. Please contact support[at]
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JEEMA 3rd Party SMS

JEEMA Web Solutions
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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