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Convert your website to a powerful SMS portal. Android, iOS & Windows App for your members. Validate mobile number at the time of registration. Works with any SMS gateway. Sell SMS to members. Provide your own HTTP API to members. Send SMS, receive SMS, schedule SMS, personalized SMS, bulk SMS, SMS routing, batch bulk SMS, filtered SMS, unlimited keywords, upload bulk contacts, pin topup and more... PayPal integration, Cash payment, Interswitch & yopayment. Send welcome SMS at registration and subscribe to a SMS group. Birthday SMS, SMS reminders, Recurring SMS and more... Supports Joomla core profile, Jomsocial and community builder.

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This component uses the SMS HTTP API and submits the SMS to the gateway and receives the gateway response. For receiving SMS it uses the short/long code with KEYWORDS.


Joomla - 2.5 or higher
PHP - 5.2.6 or higher
MySQL - 5.0 or higher

“A valid HTTP SMS API is a must to configure JEEMA SMS inside your Joomla website. If you are not aware please send your query to support[at] We will help you to identify.”


  • Configure any SMS HTTP API
  • Supports non HTTP API based Gateways via custom plugin (Ex. Cydne Web Services)
  • Dynamic APIs (Gateway Routing) based on the Mobile prefix
  • Create Different SMS Accounts
  • Link SMS Accounts to Joomla Members
  • Set Auto-Credit for SMS accounts
  • Advertisement Prefix of Suffix
  • Define Multiple Sender Names
  • UNICODE Support (Ex. Languages other than English)
  • Send Single SMS Message
  • Send BULK SMS Messages (On Page Submit or via Cronjobs)
  • Batch Bulk SMS
  • Charge customers based on routing. Schedule SMS
  • Upload Contacts from TXT, CSV file
  • Send Personalized Messages from a CSV file
  • Define pre-defined SMS Templates
  • Receive SMS based on Keywords
  • Define SMS Keywords for incoming SMS
  • Sent SMS History with Server Response
  • Create Address Book and Groups
  • Public groups with subscribe and unsubscribe
  • SMS Statistics based on Account and API used
  • Create different categories for public groups
  • Create different SMS Packages
  • Configure PayPal, Interswitch, Yopayments for Payment Gateway
  • Cash Payment Plugin
  • Generate Invoices
  • Language File (front-end and admin)
  • Plug-in to create SMS Accounts whenever a Joomla user registers
  • Custom CSS Templates for front-end
  • Filter SMS based on keywords
  • PIN and Voucher Generation for Credits purchase
  • Send Email with SMS
  • Mask password info in log file
  • Receive SMS without a keyword
  • Confirmation page before sending SMS

E-mail to support[at] to get the login details for our demo website.

We have discount for existing customers who's download link has been expired. Please contact support[at]

Good SMS portl for joomla

Posted on 14 February 2015

it has most of the functionalities a normal sms portal has.The recent mobile application client is an add-on feature.

Ease of use

As an administrator configuring is bit technical. Honesty I am not a technical person but I learned what is a http api and how to configure.


Excellent support via both email and with their support Forum. I got response for all my queries in less than 24 hours.


Good. But requires a bit more explanation.

Value for money

Worth buying if you are running a long term sms portal.

I used this to: Running my sms portal.


Rich set of functionality. Pretty much covers the core sms portal with additional features.It took a while to understand each functionality.

Ease of use

It's bit hard to understand & make it work on first attempt. I spent almost 3 days to configure it. Even though I feel difficulty i give 98%


Good. They have their support website only for members where I got response for my questions in quick turnaround.


Great. They covered pretty much all the functionalities explained in the documentation section. Queries redirected me to documentation link.

Value for money

12 downloads maximum. I plan to download their latest software once in 6 months. So ideally I can survive for at least 6 years which is very

I used this to: No other component provides this much of functionality.
Most of my queries are redirected to documentation link where I can find the solution on my own.

Great Component & Support

Posted on 16 December 2014

Great Component!!- I have been using Jeema for about 3 years now and the Component Far exceeds your daily functional requirements..but hey- a little extra never hurt.I am happy with the options the component presents. I experienced a few bugs in the sender stats and scheduling but i'm sure that's already fixed in the newer versions.

Ease of use

Considering the myriad of functions,the component is comparatively easy to configure and use.For the average front end user,however it may get abit overwhelming in the beginning. But.But getting around becomes a little easier with use and the learning curve is fairly short.


Great Support..we ran into some trouble and were sorted óut quickly...then ran into more trouble..again were sorted within a day or so.Thanks guys.

Value for money

Great value for money.Worth the Buy.-Thanks!!

I was very hesitant to buy this component in the first place. After lot of analysis and interacting with their support team finally decided to buy this component. It has lots of features which I may not use, but thought getting more is always better than getting less. Its worth the money. Initially I felt it a bit tough to configure the SMS gateway on my own, but with the help of their support team I was able to configure it in real quick time to make it work.

It has a framework to configure any SMS gateway which supports HTTP API for sending and receiving SMS. I have installed in 3 of my websites and its working perfect so far.

Highly recommend this product to anyone who's looking for such a solution.

The component is great, its easy to install and use, good documentation and the support though not prompt but helpful.

Great Work!

Posted on 06 March 2014

This component has really impressed my clients as it has a user friendly interface with simple to understand admin menu items.

Stunning SMS Package

Posted on 22 October 2012

The Package is a bit more than i needed however more is always better. As others have said documentation not quite up to speed , but what it lacks in documentation is DEFINITELY MADE UP BY SUPPORT AND THE BEST SMS PACKAGE. The support i needed was excellent and prompt.

This SMS package is a must for any club that needs to keep in contact with its members via sms. Jeema Keep up the good work

I'm Jeema customer for second year and still impressed with support for this software. Its almost immediately I'm getting response for any question or update.

Software got everything I needed to sell SMS sending services. Rich of features, easily customisable CSS, good documentation. I'll recommend to anyone who needs SMS management extension for Joomla.

Great product and support

Posted on 15 August 2012

This is great SMS solution for me to send SMS to my customers. I need some customization to the solution to suit my need and Jeema has provided responsive, good support and reasonable price for the solution.

I suggest Jeema to launch simple version of Jeema SMS, because some customers may just need to send SMS to their user. They might not need so many features in it which may confuse the beginner.

Anyway, it is great product. Thanks!

I needed a Joomla SMS component for my site and came across this amazing component.

This was worth the purchase and was easy and simple to download and customize.

The documents provided for installation was so simple and Easy to make it work.

I had contacted them twice for support through mail and even through phone and recieved an immediate solution from them.

Good work team and expecting more Joomla components from your end.


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Oct 06 2015
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Jan 30 2010
GPLv2 or later
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