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This Joomla module adds live chat functionality to your Joomla site. Your visitors can chat with each other right in your website without refreshing their browsers. It's almost like chatting on an instant messenging network! And it's all powered by AJAX, a hot new old technology that powers things like Gmail, Google Maps and other brilliant web apps. Now you can get a piece of all this in your own site. For problems with installing please contact me instead of using the review function.

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List of features:
Live updates
Guest posting
Guest tags
CSS Styling
Smilies support
Option to let only registred users shout

Version 1.6 is now compatible with Joomla! 2.5. Note that there are different files for Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5.

Version 1.7 fixes a possible SQL injection

Ease of use

just click and go

I used this to: joomla and vm combinations,

Just dosent work!

Posted on 26 January 2015

When you install this module on joomla 2.5.xx it obvioulsy looks very diferrent to the instructions that are based on joomla 3.xx

Ease of use

Looks simple to use, however you cannot fill in any of the boxes like margin, padding etc as for some reason they just dissapear !!


TERRIBLE! I emaild them to ask a pre sales questions, no reply, after sales i.e tech support, no reply, it has been 2 weeks now!!


looks great but dosent work, due to not being able to fill the boxes in!!

I used this to: nothing

I bought the pro version a while ago and have been using it in Joomla 2.5.

I have looked at other free and commercial options and non meet the requirements my site needs.

I want to upgrade my site to Joomla 3 and this is the only plugin keeping me back as it does not have a Joomla 3 version. I've already tried contacting the developer directly about a Joomla3 version. Perhaps he/she will see this and reply.

On average.

Posted on 25 October 2013

I was expecting more from this. I didn't tried other ones. Just tried this one. But didn't get expected output from it. Overall things are working fine but you should make it more exclusive. This is only my suggestion. nothing else.

I'm using this shoutbox for either a 1.5 installation AND a 2.5 installation and both versions work well for me.

There's not really a documentation available, so for some issues you have to crawl the different files within the module folder - that's the reason for "only" 4 stars. But hey, it's free and it works!

Hi i have language Translation lang_front ini to danish but can get it to work in joomla 2.5 i put it in the folder language/da-DK, what i do wrong ? can sombody help me, have format to utf-8 wit out bom.. will translate the last 2 ini file befor i no i will work the first one.


Posted on 21 April 2012

Good idea but too buggy which would be ok if help was on hand quickly to resolve, but help from devs seem very, very slow.

Shame when you pay for a pro version.

Not well desgned

Posted on 26 January 2012

I am trying to uninstall the module however it does not show up under Extension Manager, Modules. It shows that the coding is third rate at least. A good idea, terrible implementation.

Best shoutbox for joomla

Posted on 24 November 2011

It is very customizable if you understand css and php. This module has great potential if it was developed further. But i did noticed some errors. The profile link to the Kunena forum profile won't work. You have to edit a line in helper.php to get it to work. But besides that it is a pretty simple shoutbox. Works great for the features it has.

Cool and simple

Posted on 05 July 2011

Cool and simple. not many styling options though.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Paid download | Analytics | Bart Jochems
2.5 3
6 reviews
Analytics Dashboard Always have your site analytics at your fingertips so you know how your website is performing whenever you login to your Joomla! Control Panel. You no longer need to login to Google Analytics to see how many Visits, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Average Visit Duration, Bounce Rate or New Visits you had. Analytics Dashboard shows it all! Detailed View Analytics Dashboard offers you a detailed view so you know exactly how many visitors you had on a given day. Just hover your mouse cursor over the points in the chart and it will tell you how many visits, (or Pageviews, Bounce Rate etc) you had for that given day. It works just like the real Google Analytics only from within your Joomla! Control Panel! Compare to last month Easily compare your website performance against last month. Analytics Dashboard shows you precisely how many visits you had compared to last month. You can compare Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site and finally New visits. Analytics Dashboard shows the results in a chart as well as in percentages. Joomla! Control Panel Analytics Dashboard integrates directly into your Joomla! Administrator Control Panel. It caches the results for 24 hours, so it doesn't slow down your Control Panel. Each time you go into the Control Panel you will know how well your website is performing and if you want to check a peak in visitors in detail you can always login to Google Analytics. Release notes: Version 1.4 fixes a bug so it works with Joomla 3.2

AJAX Shoutbox

Bart Jochems
Date added:
Mar 05 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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