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This kit handles the integration between Joomla! 1.0-3.x and AVChat - a popular web & mobile group video chat software with rooms, emoticons, moderators.

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★★★★ 2000+ clients already use AVChat on their Joomla! website
★★★★ 5 STAR RATING on, check out the reviews below:
★★★★ "Very serious product and responsive support" Alain64
★★★★ "Incredible software and team" lex131
★★★★ "The best videochat on the world and a fast and perfect support" yannanderson

The AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit for Joomla! handles the integration between AVChat and Joomla! 1.0-3.x

Your members will be able to chat with text audio and video, send private and public text chat messages, exchange pictures, create their own rooms while your managers, admins and super admins will be able to kick and ban users, create and close rooms, etc.

The Integration Kit includes several Modules and Components:

★★ AVChat Video Chat Component (Joomla! 1.0-3.x) ★★
• Username/gender/avatar integration
Users will have the same username, gender and avatar in the web site and in the chat

• Profile integration
You can access the profiles of members directly from the video chat

• Different features for different user groups
You can control the video chat features independently for each user group

• iPhone/iPad/Android detection
AVChat will detect if the member is on a mobile device and deliver the mobile version of AVChat

• Seamless integration with JomSocial and Community Builder;
When available, profile links, genders, avatars, age and usernames are taken from JomSocial or CommunityBuilder

• Customizable design
The chat looks and feel can be changed to better fit with your website design

• Simple install
It installs as any other Joomla! Component

★★ Who's Chatting Module ★★
This module shows on the pages of your web site what rooms are open and what users are logged in each (Joomla! 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x)

★★ Show Online Users Number Module ★★
This Module shows in the backend area of Joomla! how many users are logged into the video chat (Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5)

① Increase members engagement
② Increase time spent on site 4X
③ Increase premium ad space (below and above the chat)
④ Increase membership revenue
⑤ Hassle free video chat supported by experts

When you purchase the AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit you receive:
● An archive containing the components and modules for each Joomla! version
● A free professional installation
● 3 months of free support and updates
● Personalized support by email
● 10 day money back guarantee

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great chat

Posted on 13 August 2014

This is a great chat rooms system, we love it our of the box, and when some customization options. The docs did not cover everything we wanted to mod, but the support was helpful in helping us make that happen. We will continue to use and support this chat system.

Great Support

Posted on 13 March 2014

That´s a great chat, with a excelent support and documentation.

We have a Joomla site that is built around people being able to receive support from abuse, etc. We needed a SOLID chat system with many rooms and extensive capabilities.. not the least of which is safety. AV Chat is provides everything we needed at a price that is completely worth it! The extent of options is fantastic and they are always up for new challenges it seems.

The level of service from AV Chat is well beyond what we could have expected, even though we were 7 time zones apart. They installed the full system on our VPS server, set it up, and were always there with help for any customization's that we couldn't figure out how to do. Their documentation is very thorough and easy to understand and follow. And their patience with me as a step or two above a novice was humbling.

Don't waste your time and hard earned money on the rest! We had others like Envolve and ChatBlazer, but they could not do what we needed. ChatBlazer loved to promise what they could not and apparently had no intention of delivering. Gotta love Salesmen.

AV Chat gets ten thumbs up! Thanks for a great product, and amazing support.

I was looking for a fresh video chat solution for my Joomla! 2.5 site and ran across this as I was hoping to find something natively compatible. After downloading and installing the trial, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase within a day. Between the feature list, the quality, the SPEED, and the outstanding SUPPORT (both through blogs, forums and their support crew (Alin & George), I felt like I'd made the best possible choice. I can tell you with some certainty that this is the best Video Chat solution I've found for Joomla (or even as a standalone). I ran a full-fledged video chat site for years and used much more expensive software then, and this is heads and shoulders above that. (I've purchased and used Flashcoms Flashchat, Prochatrooms VideoChat, 123 Flashchat, and a few others over the years). AV Chat 3 is by far the happiest experience I've had with a chat solution for my site members. They love it. And if you are looking for something you can make your own, this one is highly customizeable. Again, don't worry about purchasing it and getting left out in the cold. Their support is some of the fastest, most reliable and pleasing I've run into on the JED. You can buy with confidence!

Before finding this software, I did used providers videochat services. The result was satisfactory (though!) but ultimately quite expensive.

The AVChat support did the installation on my dedicated server (in an hour !) and the component was ready and the program worked without any problems. I had to call the support to adjust some details of presentation and especially translation (I'm french) . Each time the answers were immediate and very effective. I wish I had this response more often in extensions publishers !!! ... At least the videochat is intagrated to my site, easy to use and excellent quality ... what more!

If you are looking for a chat on your site, with video sharing and moderators with smartphones support, this is the number one.

The users will be happy to have a place to chat and look cameras.. the key of success to any site is this.

I didn't even buy it yet but the team installed everything (trial version) and I mean everything - all I had to do is create a menu pointing to the app and that's it. Chat rooms, video rooms, everything you could ever want. I asked for some weird modifications - i received full indications in 3 minutes, and everything is easy to customise. One of the modifications I asked for was a setting in the main Options window but nobody minded my ignorance, they politely answered me.

The support team is top-notch, very quick to answer ANYTHING no matter how stupid and the app is both simple and very complex. I'm using it for a webinar system and it's perfect.

Thank you for all your help and hopefully (actually surely) we'll have a great collaboration. Alex I.

Thank you GOD to give me the chance to meet avChat & avChat Integration for Joomla! After several hours on Google for find the most powerful videochat, i found this one and i can promise you it's simply the best one! The online userguide is very well documented, the support is perfect, i've got everytime a fast answer (maximum 1 hour), the team help me for instal it, so, what else ? This videochat have tone of features, the audio and video quality is perfect, the admin interface is full of options, i create my own customisation very easy in minutes, and it's totally intergated with my Joomla template... Style, colors, background, emoticons... I just want to say "BIG THANK YOU" to the team of avChat for create this crazy application, i'm 100% fan ! Don't loose your time to search another one videochat, you will never have all the power of avChat! I cannot find the right words to say howmany this component is perfect! Really, perfect! Probably the best support i saw in my life, and for sure, the best videochat you can find on this earth! I LOVE IT !!!

Great Support!

Posted on 12 February 2013

The support team at AVchat is top notch. They are also very quick. It took no time at all to reach someone and get all issues straightened out. Very powerful software and very good service!

I downloaded the avconferece product trail version, when I emailed for support they replied and helped me set it up. I needed more features so the company suggested I get the AVCHAT 3.0. It was straight forward to set up, the documentation was great. When I got stuck I would send an email and get a very good quality response. I am genuinely impressed with the quality of the product and also the quality of support. Well done!

AVConference Video Conference

AVConference Video Conference

Paid download | Video conference | NuSoft
1 review
AVConference 1.2 is an awesome video conference software that runs in the browser. Some of the features: * intuitive and easy to use(drag&drop) flash user interface * many 2 many real time audio and video streams with automatic webcam and mic detection * enhanced text chat with bad words filter and formatting options * users list with gender/camera/mic/admin icons, * limit video time and video speed for users * limit the number of cams users can watch. * separate moderator interface from where you can kick and ban users, delete and create rooms. * keeps text logs of the text chat on the FMS/Red5 server for later review * moderation feature: each tech chat message must be first approved by a moderator * file sharing trough the file panel * screen sharing with third party apps: * supports pushing higher quality video streams trough the free FMLE tool from Adobe: This software is great for meetings, conferences, live events, recruiting, trainings, consultations, coaching and group chat. Separate components are provided for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 ! 15 day trial available! 10 day money back policy for the purchase! All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL. Requirements: a Joomla website and a media server (FMIS/Red5), more info here:

AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit

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Mar 20 2015
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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