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ALFcontact is a small 'Contact Us' form.

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The purpose of ALFcontact is to provide a contactform with enough features to make it usefull and appealing whithout making it overly complicated.
Basically the form gives you the option to send messages to different aliases based on your accesslevel and/or language (J3 Only), these aliases are defined in the administrator section, each with their own set of options.

E.g. create aliases for Sales or Billing or Webmaster, add a prefix, custom optional field(s), default subject and/or redirect as you like and you're set.
If the user isn't logged in it will show inputboxes for adding reply info, once they're logged in, details can optionally be pre-filled.

Captcha security is included with a choice between reCaptcha and

Latest J!2.5 version: ALFContact v2.0.8 (no longer supported)
Latest J!3.* version: ALFContact v3.2.1

ALFContact supports around 33 languages at the moment and the number is growing, check the website for the latest information.

Excellent extension.

Posted on 20 July 2015

With the examples pre-loaded in the component, it takes less than 2 minutes to fully comprehend the component

Ease of use

I finally figured out the following text meant :-
Invalid field: Message :
I think it should read as :- Message field cannot be empty


Very good.
You can set up multiple 'destinations' for the message. Each allows for extra input fields.

Ease of use

Very easy.


Excellent. I had a problem with installation, and got quick response. Turned out to be a Joomla configuration error of the tmp directory.

I used this to: General contact page. A suggestion is to allow side text to put some address information.

This is quite a simple and brilliant addition to my site! Thank you for this extension!

It was really easy to edit the language to my own and to set up. The E-mails I recive are really clear and set up 100% to my liking.

I higly recomend AlfContact!

I installed and set up the extension in no time. Totally intuitive.

Mine is a multi-language site (Spanish / English) and the language switching works perfectly... except for two details:

(1) The Custom Message in Redirect tab is global, and I think it should be an option for the Menu Item, attached to the language, so a different "Thank you" page can appear depending on the language.

(2) The Captcha language selection should also be an option of the Menu Item, instead of global, so the right language help text appears when clicking on the Captcha help icon, depending on the language of the page.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review.
Your comments are appreciated and I'll work on an update with the suggested improvements.

This is a great extension if you want to use a contactform for multiple purposes.

It is easy to configure and very easy to use. A compliment for the developper.

Fantastic, but one thing...

Posted on 04 August 2014

The component is fantastic, easy to use and configure. one issue I have is that I'd like to see the ability to hide the category should there only be one available to the public.

Aft contace is perfect. Extremely easy to setup.

Works like magic.

It is really best free contact form with captcha.

I testing a lot of, but this is really free and with captcha and really easy to use.

I will spend money for this great extensions, because very very good work.


Simple and elegant

Posted on 10 June 2014

easy to use and have all the functions I need. The best component I have used this year!

Awesome extension and easy to configure. Also with Questions Alfred is responding quick and friendly and really cares about your issue.


Alfred Vink
Last updated:
Jun 04 2015
Date added:
Dec 27 2007
GPLv2 or later
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