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Contact forms

A fast and very easy to setup contact form designed for Joomla.
Tableless and css styled output simplify integration in your website.

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=== Extension used by ===
✔ Skid Row, famous American heavy metal band
✔ U.S.A. Chad Embassy

=== Features ===
✔ Custom fields, including Text, Dropdown, Textarea, Checkbox, Date and Time / Calendar
✔ Responsive design
✔ Twitter bootstrap flavour
✔ Impressive upload capabilities
✔ Multiple recipients
✔ Antispam system
✔ Captcha system
✔ E-mail notification models
✔ Multilanguage. UTF-8, non-latin charsets and RTL languages are fully supported.
✔ Store enquiries in Joomla database
✔ CSV Export of enquiries received
✔ Newsletter integration (AcyMailing and JNews)
✔ Logs activities in a text file
✔ Consists of both Component and Module. Multiple contact pages and multiple modules in the same page are supported.

Note that this is not the right place to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions.
For such stuff use the support forum instead.


The fox contact component was easy to use and did exactly what was required.

Ease of use

It was nice and easy to set up - I had a few issues with a conflicting set up from an old version but the support was brilliant.


Great team to work with - thank you

Value for money

Great value for money


This is great when you have to have more fields than just the Joomla core. The form I get from the site has been enhanced and we LOVE IT!

Ease of use

Very simple to use.


Have not had any problems.



Value for money


I used this to: Support form to ask for extra fields such as browser, OS, etc. Sometimes we need to ask phone number and company name in the form. This latest version makes it so easy to use. I've received attachments with no trouble as well. KUDOS!

Simply an excelent plugin, easy to configure, with a powerful and flexible captcha función. It simply just work.

Been using it for several years now on several of my sites. I just renew the licence to be able to use it on Joomla 3.x sites also. The price is very afordable for such a powerful extencion. Five star plugin.

When my clients want´s a contact page I use this plugin!

Having used this extension on a couple of client websites i can tell that extension worth the shot. Full of efficient features.

Stable product regularly updated.

I recommend it.

Thanks so much to the developper.

Very nice contact form

Posted on 31 July 2014

A very good component !

Works as expected, I use it on many sites now

Great extension

Posted on 14 July 2014

Ive been using it since it was free.

I would agree that this would have a free-limited-ad version. I just downloaded the paid version and Im happy with it.

Wonderful extension !

Posted on 26 June 2014

I use for few years now.

It works for many different cases, really easy and many options !

Really great job, thanks

Great Extension

Posted on 05 June 2014

We use this extension on all of the websites we design. It's easy to configure and has some great features such as the ability to block messages containing specific keywords. The developer always responds promptly should a question arise.

I have purchased both the 2.5 and 3.x version of this plugin. Working with many sites, this is a must have for any Joomla developer.

Many thanks!

Updating from v2.5.4 to v2.5.20 just work magically :)

We need this extension as easy and efficient and low price as it is, please go on !

Fox Admin Tools for Webmasters

Fox Admin Tools for Webmasters

Paid download | Servers | Demis Palma
1 review
Fox Admin Tools for Webmasters provides a few server management and audit tools via Joomla! backend, such as: Error Log Logs all the PHP errors, warnings and other messages, helping you finding PHP script failures. Since it only records PHP errors, Admin Tools offers a convenient way to get them separated by the web server errors which involve static content such as images, JavaScript, or style sheets. The error log can be optionally accessed remotely by activating the output on a plain text file. Access Log Logs all the PHP requests, including its query string and fragment part, helping you to detect malicious attempts. Since it only records http / https requests toward php scripts, Admin Tools offers a convenient way to get them separated by the requests toward static content such as images, JavaScript, or style sheets.
c p

Fox Contact Form

Demis Palma
Last updated:
May 24 2015
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
Uses updater:
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