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SECURITY RELEASE: The Joomla VEL team detected a "reflected XSS" vulnerability in the previous version. It is highly recommended that you update to version 1.8.6+ when convenient.

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Summary of Features


Supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.0!
Eight configurable fields: you configure the labels and sizes
"From" and "Subject" fields appear automatically
"From" field is checked to make sure it's a valid email address (using regex, not a realtime check)
"Reply-To" header can be activated
Fields 1 - 8 can be set to "Active," "Required," "Hidden", or "Inactive" in the module configuration, as needed
Hidden fields will automatically appear in the email
Body of email message contains labels + user input data for active and hidden fields
Any of the 8 fields can be normal (text), textarea, radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdown (select)
You can configure a recipient of the submitted email form plus optional CC and/or BCC
Optional "Send Copy to Me" field or automatic user copy
You can set the space between the labels and the input fields
You can specify an optional redirect URL if the form is submitted successfully
Info in form fields can be either reset or retained after form submission
Includes a field to upload an email file attachment
Email attachments can be filtered by filename extension
Max length of each field can be set (thanks to Rui Castro Lobo!)
NEW!!! 20+ language files are included: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portugese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
You can activate "Test Mode" to help you troubleshoot when installing
An optional "Captcha" can be activated
    Uses PEAR library Text_CAPTCHA (included)
    Requires that the GD extension be compiled with your PHP installation
    Uses open source FreeSansBold.ttf font (included)
    You can configure the height, width, and number of characters
    Colors of the text, lines, and background can be configured
    CAPTCHA files older than 5 minutes are deleted
    CAPTCHA can be either an image or text
All configuration is done by module manager: no complicated components to install!

All fields can be either normal (text), textarea, checkboxes, radio buttons, or select.

New in 1.8.6:
* Added protection against reflected XSS attacks
* Added 1 time hash to help protect against automated SPAM-bot attacks

Too simple

Posted on 19 March 2015

No compliance with Joomla. Can't be overwritten.

Ease of use

Labels and fields are placed in table cells, which is a very bad way of coding. No CSS.


Too complicated, too much topics.


Does exactly what it says it will, and does it well! I do need help adjusting how the title of fields line up with the text area.

Ease of use

Very simple, except for that one exception


I can't find an email for support.


What is on the website is more than sufficient to get it running properly

I used this to: Having folks register for theater classes

Simple but...

Posted on 29 June 2014

This module is simple to setup if you need something very basic and you don't intend to modify it. However with today's new layouts, if you plan to go beyond what the author gives you, you will find it pretty much impossible unless you hack the logic. The author did not use the template standard set by Joomla Team in creating this module, instead mixed the presentation with the logic. Using tables was the wrong approach, especially dealing with Joomla's responsive option, nor did this author use Bootstraps form options to properly layout the form. As a Senior UI Developer I cannot give this module high ratings as others reviewers. Regardless of this being a free module, mixing logic with presentation is a poor approach and I hope the author will take note and correct this in his next version update.

Went to Joomla Extensions for a simple email form creator and this one gave me exactly what I needed!

Simple set up, fast, and exactly what I needed.

Had it up and working from time of discovery to activation in less than 30 minutes.

Simple and Effective

Posted on 11 February 2014

I found the plugin easy to configure and use. It served my purpose well and it's useful for 90% of all contact form requirements. The only slight gripe is that there is no gap or line between the elements making it difficult to distinguish between elements.

Good extension, easy to use. Just have one problem, instead of showing article title, it shows category page title.

Great form. But i can't find option to include article title in email. I can't find anything about that in documentation.

Owner's reply: In the module configuration select "Advanced" options. Look for this setting:

Include Article Title
Yes No

Also please do not use the reviews as a place to ask questions folks: just go to the demo site and email the question right to me!!!


Posted on 07 January 2014

It's a nice form. Very easy to install and use. I think its best non-commercial form ever.

It works in a second and as simple as I need. I want to give five stars but I have one issue: it send category title instead article title. I really hope the developer or someone tell me the solution here.


Posted on 25 December 2013

Good contactform. Need no more. I got 2 problems:

1) the path to a directory where the attachments are installend, is that a path to a directory "files" in windows or in the mediamanager of Joomla?

Is there an other possibility of getting the attachment. I work at the justice department and our open office files are higly protected, I cannot give a directory path. An email attachment is no probleme to open.

2/ After the contactform is filled in and send, it dissappears from my screen, how can I get it staying on my screen?

Simple Email Form

Doug Bierer
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May 10 2015
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Mar 09 2010
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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