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PrioritySpend is a Joomla! component for prioritising a set of possible options.

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It offers a more sophisticated preferencing scheme than mere voting or ranking. It allows participants to assign weighted values to multiple choices. PrioritySpend is about valuing ideas and possible actions (not political candidates).

Consider the following uses:

  • PrioritySpend may be used by small deliberating groups or committees to judge brainstormed ideas.
  • A design team could apply the poll to decide how many work hours should be allocated to various creative tasks.
  • A large company could poll employees about how its training budget could be applied best.
  • A handicraft group could judge a contest of the best product made by its members
  • A local government could offer residents the opportunity to prioritise options for capital spending (this is called participatory budgeting).

Most cases of polling occur after a period of contested argumentation and advocacy, with disinformation and distortion promulgated to win at all costs. Instead, PrioritySpend should be applied after a period of respectful civil dialogue and facilitated deliberation. PrioritySpend isn't a survey of ephemeral attitudes, either, as participants are asked to make commitments that are meaningful to them and whatever community that is affected by the poll.

PrioritySpend integrates tightly with Joomla! Set up your options for a poll as a single category of articles, which are then imported and referenced. This allows for full descriptions to be presented. Other extensions like commenting can be leveraged.

You can download the component and install it on your Joomla! website, or have the author host your poll on the priorityspend.org website. Visit www.priorityspend.org for more information.

Versions available for Joomla! ver 1.5 and 2.5.


Ron Lubensky
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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