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Core Enhancements

This versatile module accepts HTML, CSS , Javascript, and PHP.

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You can also access Joomla article content and insert it into module positions.

Also add scripts and css to the head section of the page.

Now available with an integral selection of patterned backgrounds and easy to set graphics.

Updates with Joomla Update.

In addition to the text areas in the backend there are also several options to position your module accurately.

Module suffix parameter enables CSS styling option.

Includes localization for French/German as well as English.

Works out of the box!

Posted on 25 September 2013

Very handy. Using it to include a style switcher for my site.

I needed a means of displaying some graphics in the website I'm developing using d3, a javascript graphics library generating SVG images. I came across Blank Module after a couple of days of unsuccessful fiddling. After a minor adjustment, the module has worked perfectly. Support is excellent. The developer responded very rapidly to my query. I can recommend this extension without reservation. It performs as described, what more can you ask?

I needed to implement location-based Amazon affiliate ad widgets using GeoIP Country database. I tried to do that with some other modules and plugins, but none of them worked properly for me.

Then I found this extension. Just pasted my existing PHP code and it worked - simple as that.

This module is great, I've use it for years.

But always have to do the same hacks to solve this:

-Module background does not support transparent background, it always ask you a color.

-At the end it appends two tags, breaking the layout. It appears it's a sepparation between html and php and content blocks. It has to be in layers I think.

For the rest is great. Thanks.

Owner's reply: The module has now been updated with these issues in mind.

I have it on all 5 sites I manage. It allows my to put all those bits of code and metadata I need to insert in one place. It means I do not need to customise templates etc and so makes site management so much easier. I was just checking it was available for Joomla 3 for my next site build.

Great Module.

Posted on 19 September 2012

This is very nice module for the one who does not want to code much n not aware of module creation process.

Thanks a lot...!

While I was still new to Joomla I came across to different modules which caused me different pain in the a**. (1) Commercial. (2) Only 1.5 compatible. (3) Difficult to customize or cannot be customized at all.

So I decided to code them by myself. This Blank Module is like a heaven-sent tool to someone like me who is tired of using the only available modules.

What's awesome is when I encountered a problem and emailed the developer, he responded immediately which helped me fixed the problem asap.

Highly recommended module for web designers.

Poorly Coded

Posted on 14 March 2012

It does what it says, sure, but not nearly as well as it should.

Besides from the messy and verbose coding, the module parameters are not done well at all. You have to select an ID number from a finite list for each module you add, and if you don't, the IDs will clash in your code. The module suffix parameter just doesn't do anything, for some reason random tags are added to the output... it should have been called the Almost Blank Module.

The scary part is this is the best custom code module that I can find on the JED...

Owner's reply: There are many things in life that are scary. Slightly long code isn't one of them.

You mention the module class suffix , not all templates allow this to work in all positions.
Otherwise this feature works fine. In situations where it doesn't work you can use the ID numbering.(A feature you seemed not to like)

As for the "random tags", templates often encase modules in their own code and this can give the appearance of the randomness you mention. But it doesn't come from this module.

This module may have more code than others but it also does more. It also produces standards compliant output.

Now I have to go and look at my scary credit card statements.

Must Have

Posted on 02 February 2012

This is a must have module for 1.5 on. The best part about the module is that it works for all versions of Joomla, which as a developer, saves a lot of time and headache for me! Good job and thanks for making it free!

I generally don't waste my time downloading extensions when there is not a screenshot or a demo, but after running into install errors with JUMI I wasn't left with much of a choice for J1.7... This component works great for PHP, JS, CSS & HTML. Nice job.



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Blank Module

Bob Galway
Last updated:
Jan 02 2015
Date added:
Dec 07 2007
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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