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This plugin will place your Google Tag Manager container right after the body tag. Access all the capabilities of Google Tag Manager within your Joomla! website.

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###Google Tag Manager Plugin - Provides a simple method of adding a Google Tag Manager container to your Joomla! website. Once installed you will have a simple way to update Google Analytics and any other tracking tags quickly to your website. - For a quick introduction to setting up Google Tag Manager visit this blog article: **Enhancements** We are actively developing this plugin - if you have any enhancement requests or issues contact us via our support link. (Registration required to submit a support request.) **Quick bug fix** Improved location of dataLayer initialization in version 0.0.10


Had some issues at the begining but working with the Devs soon resolved this. Like the fact they are willing to listen and adapt the plugin

Ease of use

Could not be simpler. Great options and this plugin loads the dataLayer just after < head> and tag snippet just after < body>.


Great. Fixed all my issues and added a couple of enhancements on my request. Doesn't get any better than that.


Didn't need any. But click the Documentation to the right and fill your boots.

I used this to: Production sites running Google Tag Manager for Event tracking
GA Universal

GA Universal

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Simple Universal Analytics plugin places tracking code just before the head tag of your Joomla website. Enjoy the benefits of Google Analytics new Universal Analytics code - more accurate tracking, custom dimensions and continued support as Google updates Google Analytics. (Most of the older plugins install the asynchronous tags before the closing body tag - this is the OLD, less accurate way.) NEW - Track Registered users as a custom dimension - Track PDF downloads as 'virtual pageviews' - Use the Demographic Reports in Google Analytics to learn more about your visitors. Now view age, gender, affinity groups and in market segments! Demographic Tracking added to GA Universal version 1.0.5. SUPPORT - Registration required for support. - Please let us know about any enhancements you would like in our support area.

Google Tag Manager Plugin

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Sep 04 2015
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May 01 2015
GPLv2 or later
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