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This plugin is to include a component in an article without an iframe. So the links will work like in an normal page and styling of the site will be used and also the style of the component.

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The following features are added, changed or solved in the latest version:
* Option to remove the print parameter in the url
* Adapted plugin for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0
* Remove special javascript content type around scripts to prevent problems with IE
* Support for https

The syntax is {component url='' }
Replace with the url to your component and include index.php?

For example:
{component url='index.php?option=com_component&Itemid=73&parameters....' }

You maybe need to change the url when using an SEF component. If you get a component not found when using SEF url then use the normal url. So not:

You can make a hidden menu item so you can configure components with their menu parameters and copy the generated link to the url parameter of the plugin.
You should add the menu id as a parameter to the url for the plugin, for example:


Works well.

Ease of use



I have a problem with this creating 1000s of cache files, that never get deleted. The developer refused to support due to lack of time.

I used this to: displaying Category Blog output in one region of a single page (in combination with ArticlesPlacedAnywhere).

very nice plugin

Posted on 30 October 2013

This is a very nice plugin, and it is very easy to use.

I would give 5 stars, if there would be the possibility to override global component options (eg. "Show Title" for com_content).

The options of the plugin should have been documented a bit more...

One hint: first the plugin did not work for me, until I recognized, that it tried to fetch the content using a http-request my firewall was blocking.

great plugin

Posted on 11 October 2013

This is an amazing plugin. My lifelong dream has come true - I can now deduce the components anywhere in the site. I had problems with the styles, I wrote to the developer by the name of Mike. It is easy to contact, and on the charge. Now everything is working perfectly. Thanks, Mike, you did a great thing!

This plugin works like charmed!

But you have to be sure your webservarul meets several requirements.

As Mike tells me :

Check if the webserver is configured correctly! Check if the dns is configured and if the webserver may reach the internet and its own webserver. Maybe your hosting provider can help you. ;)

this plugin is amazing, it can wrap all components, and also

it can wrap a standalone script. just give it the URL of the script php file, and it will wrap is and give it the article Css.

I can't believe I didn't know about it until now...

I have a gallery component which I love, and I struggled to get it into my articles.

I downloaded the plugin on 16:12 and it is now 16:14 - as I am writing this review after installing and publishing the component by adding 1 line to my article.

I a amazed.

This is going into my MUST HAVE folder of plugins.

Thank you!!

I initially downloaded this plugin because I wanted to display the registration view of the users component in a module. I thought I would have to hack the plugin to do this (run the replace inside the onAfterRender method on the rendered content)...

But then to my delight and surprise when I was adding a Custom HTML Module for the plugin tag I noticed this wonderful setting: "Prepare Content".

Enabling this setting means that the Custom Html Module content will run thru the onPrepareContent method! To explain this in plain english to you non-programmers out there:

This means that you can output a component in modules as well as articles! Just put the tag in a Custom HTML module and activate the Prepare Content setting in the options tab.

Kudos for this great and useful plugin!

Hi Mike, Thanks you, Plugin very useful and easy handling simple and great. all plugins should be as this one. do the job !!!

Small Plugin - Big Help

Posted on 16 April 2013

This is a very very useful and good plugin.

Simple to use and works very well!

The way of documentation is not so well styled, but enough.

Quick help and support even this is a free plugin.

Thanks very much for this little piece of gold for Joomla!

I'm new in joomla, i come from wordpress and i land in joomla because i had to fill a website with content. The way joomla works is quite different than wordpress, so at the beginning i spent lots of hours learning joomla. One of the things that was driving me crazy was how to include a component in an article... i did manually the first time but this was not good because when you upodate something in the component it was not updated in the article.... so i looked for a better solution, and the i found this plugin :)

This extension is very easy to use, and it works perfect. I recommend this extension to everybody!

By the way, i used the extension in a site for coworking project among several schools from Spain. They wanted to to have a list of contact and a list of documents. This is what i used the plugin with... contacts and documents.

Thanks for this extension!

Include Component

Ander Juaristi
Date added:
Jun 24 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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