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Core Enhancements

This very simple module is for very simple purpose — to display data query results.

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What for would you need it? Just imagine, you need to display a contact phone at your site's home page, but you hate (quite reasonably) to duplicate things and would like the phone automatically changes when you change it in the main contact component data. And you know, there is a plenty of similar tasks in site development; they could be done by many different ways, and mod_aiixql is one of them.

You just specify a query and how it has to be echoed to the output buffer. Basically that's all. The output is performed as usual by the two view templates; you can also design your own if you prefer. Please find some help and guidance right in the module admin interface.

The module requires a good knowlege of SQL, XHTML and PHP, so it's for experienced users only. Note as well that it accesses the database directly, so it's your own responsibility to configure proper user access levels for each its instance in Module Manager not to disclose any information accidentally.

DOM Master

DOM Master

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Alexey Ilyin (AII)
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This plugin is for manipulating page DOM. direct programming — no interface overloading; change everything you need for anything you want; CSS-like abbreviations for XPath queries; supports stored task lists, both in array and custom object form; the DOM element class overriding — use your own methods; embed modules anywhere you can imagine — in {loadposition}-like manner: use it with mod_aiixql for everything you always wanted to do but were afraid to. New in version 1.0.13: Joomla!3.2+ compatible; many minor tweaks. See documentation page for more info. This plugin requires a good knowlege of DOM, XPath and PHP, so is intended for experienced users only. Please request for support if needed at the location specified above.


Alexey Ilyin (AII)
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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