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The Stay Open plugin keeps your logged in session alive until you close the browser.

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Whether you are working in the frontend or the backend, return after a break and you will be right where you left off.

It will keep your global session alive, but it does not override the security feature set in the Joomla core which sets an expiration time via a token for create/edit an article/ module.

The original version was for frontend use only. The new version of the Stay Open Plugin now supports the backend too!

Code borrowed from the Remember Me plugin. The Remember Me function sets a cookie which will never expire, the StayOpen plugin sets a cookie that will expire when the browser closes.

Instructions for use:

-Download, install, and enable the Stay Open Plugin (User - Stay Open (Remember login until browser closes)
-Download, install, and enable the RememberMeBackend plugin (System Remember Me Backend)
-Enable the Joomla core System-Remember me plugin
-Set a short session time, say 15 minutes, in Global Configuration-->System--->Session Lifetime
-Open the Stay Open Plugin (User - Stay Open (Remember login until browser closes) and select the mode you want in Plugin Parameters. You can set it to work for the frontend, backend, or both

Works Like a Charm

Posted on 28 October 2012

Before design, the most important factor of a social website is ease of usability. This plug-in is the standard necessary in order to let your members feel more connected without having to log in excessively throughout their internet session. It will automatically reset the cookies once the browser is closed. It is also easy to install and took me exactly 2 minutes.

Jeee... that´s what made me happy today.

Two simple plugins and I don´t have to login each time when coming back from an extensive research on the net.

No more "ohhh... no!" when I have a chat with a customer.

This makes my life much easyier, thank you!

This plugin is a must have! I was miserable without it for a while when I upgraded to 2.5. I asked the developers when the plugin would be updated and they went a head and updated it!

One really gets tired of Joomla (or any other software) that constantly logs an administrator out due to inactivity such as going to lunch. Setting high session times on an active site can cause problems. With this plugin I can keep session times low but not be logged out while I'm constantly working on Joomla throughout the day.

Since I only work on Joomla from my own home computer where there are no security risks, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to keep my session alive and this plugin does exactly that.

I've only used the plugin for about 24 hours and know this is a "must install" plugin for me. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

This extension solves my problems with an author who writes excellent articles, but just cannot remember to save now and then, and loses hours of work. THANK YOU!

Owner's reply: Thanks for your feedback! You have inspired us to expand the plugin.

We are coding a new plugin that has the option for working on the front end, on the back end or on both. In addition, we will now offer versions for 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7.

Stay tuned.

Very nice!

Posted on 19 February 2010

Just what I was looking for! TY!

Good idea

Posted on 09 September 2009

This plug-in useful but it would have more usability with option to set cookie with exactly expiration time (i.e. 24h), not only while the browser is open.

Stay Open

Gary Mort, Joseph Bui
Date added:
Jun 20 2009
GPLv2 or later
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