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Contact Details, Address Book

Trombisnoscope is a module that shows a list of contacts in a one-column fashion. It is NOT a contact form replacement.

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  • show contacts from categories, show a specific contact, related contacts or the contact info of the logged user,
  • select sub-categories automatically,
  • set the maximum number of contacts to show (if nothing specified, it will show all contacts),
  • show only the published contacts,
  • set the alignment in which the picture is shown (possible to alternate left and right),
  • the images do not 'bleed' out of the column (automatic size restriction),
  • set the order of the contacts (ascending or descending order with names formatted as one or 2 words, which is great for contacts with firstname/lastname),
  • set the view format of the name,
  • show a default picture if contact pictures are missing. If not set, will use the default fallback styling for contacts with no picture (default picture size is 100px X 120px),
  • show up to 5 fields from the contacts,
  • show extra fields like a formatted address,
  • set the contact link label to access the contact page. If no label is specified, will use the name as the link,
  • open the contact in a standard page or a popup (no form allowed in popup),
  • several options to format the information (empty fields, spaces when information is missing),
  • fully css customizable.

Buy the enhanced version 'Trombinoscope Extended' for much more functionality!

Both the module and extension are perfect for making contact information look professional and enhance the usability of contact information. Simple to install and use yet lots of additional options if you want to use them.

The manual is the best example of instructions I have seen to date with fully documented examples. Regular updates for new Joomla version compatibility and prompt courteous and articulate support if you need advice to get even more customisation. Can't praise this one highly enough.

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for this review. I am trying my best to give what I would expect from other developers. I appreciate your comments very much.

Works like a charm

Posted on 24 November 2012

A simple module doing a great job. Makes your default contacts look much better in a list.

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for the review!

Great module !!!

I am using also the Trombinoscope Extended component, both are great and saved me a lot of work. Excellent support.

(I wish we could also display only one contact by entering the contact ID in the module parameters screen.)

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review, it is greatly appreciated.
The contact id addition, among other improvements is planned for all versions of Trombinoscope. In the meantime, it is possible to create a category for the contact and show that category (all depending on your configuration).


Posted on 17 August 2012

I just downloaded and setup this extension for a business listing page on my site. It was done in 5 minutes!

Using the Joomla contacts is clever as it means I can maintain the business information without having to change an article each time (I originally was using a table in an article; not user-friendly).

It looks super! Highly recommended - and I am not a very technical person so if I can use it anyone can :-)

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for the review :-)

Does What I Needed

Posted on 08 July 2012

You would think this would be built into core Joomla, but the native display options are horrible. This module came to the rescue and provided exactly what I needed for my client.

Thanks again

Owner's reply: Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

thank you!

Posted on 03 April 2012

simple and useful.

Owner's reply: Thank you :-)

Simply great

Posted on 21 January 2012

A very simple and easy to use module. Great to show all your contacts or selected ones in one column.

Only thing you have to remember is to create a page/menu (may be hidden or a menu type not published) with the intended contacts. Rest it will look after. The support, I must say, is fantastic...really quick and very helpful. I got some tips that I would have not tried myself.

Simply great module and great developer.

Owner's reply: Thanks a lot for this review.
I expect a further update to the module to address the menu item issue and avoiding the workaround all together.


Posted on 12 December 2011

I was looking for this extension for a long time. It´s doing what I want. I had a little problem, but after I ask the developper, he just answered in a day and solved the problem (links didnt work). SO, many many thanks, I really can recommend this extension. Easy to use, friendly to work with.

Try out yourself!!!

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for the review. The problem with contact links encountered by a few has been identified and the resolution is posted on the website. Thank you for asking for support before giving a bad rating to the extension, it is greatly appreciated.


Posted on 06 December 2011

Not that many extensions out there that display contact data along with the users photo. Very stylized too.

My only gripe is lack of support (so far). SEF breaks the contact links on my site.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review, it is greatly appreciated.
Do not hesitate to contact me at or through the website for support. We can try and analyse why the contact links are broken.

This little gem is exactly what I was looking for!

It gives a very nice layout for a staff listing.

The CSS was very easy to modify to meet my needs.

Although it is a module, I as able to integrate it into an article using {loadposition} and I now have exactly what I want for this site.

Thanks to the developer.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review and for pointing out the fact that in can be used in other ways than just a regular module.
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Olivier Buisard
Last updated:
Sep 04 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Trombinoscope Extended
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